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  1. I hear the 3do has different/better cut scenes.. but all the versions are quite samey.. I've played it on pc, Amiga, megadrive and now the jaguar. It's always a good game regardless of the console I think.
  2. Thanks kal.. I was wondering if it was my cartridge or of it was a common thing.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion that's a weird way to change the volume.. So inside the game I pause and press b or C a SFX or music volume control appears and I can change the volume however they were both at maximum unfortunately. So I'm still at the same point the game is very quiet.
  4. That could explain it.. I'll try it out and report back, that's a handy link thanks
  5. Thanks.. I'm not sure if I've actually tried that! I've definitely went into the game options from the title screen and adjusted it there though.. There's even a SFX test menu
  6. It's definitely a weird one, admittedly I don't have a lot of games for the jaguar but the ones I do have work fine, it's just this one game. I'm confident it's not console related (I have a couple)
  7. Hi all I recently got flashback for my jaguar however the sound is very low ..I have to turn my telly up to over twice what i usually listen at to hear it properly it's most annoying. I've tried a couple of jaguars pal and NTSC as well as RF output and scart from the back of the console. Is it just the game or is my cartridge somehow faulty. Thanks for any info in advance
  8. There is actually a sticker over where normally the model number would be..I thought it was from a shop or something it is a K number and barcode.
  9. Hi all I was just repairing another Atari jaguar console, when I noticed that it had a couple of extra components that I've never seen populated before. Namely a ADC near the joystick ports and a couple of extra smd caps on the rear. it also has an EPROM instead of a bios chip. It all looks factory fitted to me. I've not turned it on yet I have to replace a couple of the power ic's Is there a list or any resource/information for the hardware revisions of the Atari jaguar?
  10. I having previously owned a jaguar in my "youth" should know better.. But unfortunately the cheapest game I could find was cybermorph .. So I own it.. But only for troubleshooting purposes. It's a horrible game! I just bought AvP though ! Yay ... Just need to get the bloody console working now.
  11. Thanks for the reply and the link to the parts! I did not think that this part would be available. I checked continuity between ground and VCC at several points on the board, there does seem to be a short I'm getting 19 Ohms of resistance between VCC and GND so I'll need to investigate that, oddly though there's no short on the Audio parts of the circuit (Reg1, DAC or the amp stage)
  12. Hi all, new guy here! Was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I'm having with an Atari jaguar. I bought a faulty Atari jaguar off eBay.. it was reasonably cheap compared to a working or boxed one! It was pot luck the guy had a bunch of them with different faults (old shop returns apparently). So when it arrived there was a sticker on the bottom which said "no sound" great I thought! It'll just be a reg1 replacement. We'll things are never that simple, so I power it on and checked the output of the u38 switch mode supply. 5v great, reg 1 also 5v .. but still no sound.. I break out the the ocilloscope to check the DAC is receiving data. And that's when it all goes pair shaped.. nothing but noise was coming from the DAC and that's when I burnt my finger! The game also crashes / freezes after a minute or so. The DSP (jerry) is overheating.. There's also a buzzing noise which goes away after 20-30 seconds. I initially thought it was the inductor for the switch mode supply but I think it's the DSP. There's a lot of connections too and from the DSP is there anything that could cause this or is it a faulty DSP? Is it a common fault? Any help would be appreciated!
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