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  1. Then let's get you a government grant to work on it
  2. NE146: I'm still trying to figure out which ones. I can't be greedy, now. Bakasama "A bit" user unfriendly?
  3. Nathan: The sound samples for Armor Attack worked, but not the ones for Star Castle. Bakasama: Are you saying you wrote it? SpiceWare: Thanks for those tips. Mirage: Thanks. NE146: Thanks. Gimme a bit to figure out which ones I want. This community makes me feel all warm and fuzzy:)
  4. Okay, more errands to go and do...but I have changed the preferences back and will try those sound samples. Getting a disc with everything sounds good, too I went here, for another old chestnut, and none of these version so Bump n' Jump work: http://www.rom-world.com/search/?q=bump&am...&submit.y=0 I still don't know what made it suddenly work :/ Errands, will talk later...thanks again...this thread will be helpful to other Mac users and MAME noobs. Ah, Star Castle...if only there was a Cinematronics disc done by Digital Eclipse.
  5. Yeah, it works! I did this: "I typed docastle in the search box on the site you listed and it came right up with a file for Mr. Do's Castle (set 1). Downloaded it and placed the ZIP file in the ROMs directory, ran an audit on the games and it worked when I selected Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) from the list." And it worked. I guess I got lucky with the Mr. Do you offered. I also went to the preferences and pointed EVERYTHING at the ROMs folder...dunno if it helped or not, but it worked I went back there, hunting for more games, and many of them so far, don't work. I also can't seem to get the sound working on Star Castle or Armor Attack. But, Phoenix worked, and so did 1942, and another old fave, The End. Well, MAMEOSX is working, not perfectly, but it's working. That giant list it comes with is a pain. I can't say for sure what made it start up, as after Mr. Do worked, then 1942 worked, too, afterwards Thanks to everybody here It's still really user unfriendly
  6. Thanks. I gotta run a couple errands, but I'm gonna give that a try.
  7. Just read the "parent sets" comment. So, this website, with all these ROMs... http://www.rom-world.com/ ...it's useless? I went to the preferences, and for "disk images, samples, and artwork," I switched those all the "ROMs" too. Hit refresh, did a search...didn't work. So...what's the point of this? There are websites with loads of ROMs, but there are no parent ROMs to go with them? What are you supposed to do, then? Is there a website which offers ROMs that are the parents...which have parents...ARRRGH! I don't even know what to ask for!
  8. Well, there's 10 games in my ROMs folder, which is in the mame foler, in my application support, in my library. No good games show up. I do a "refresh" and they don't show up. I search for them, and they don't show up, and I did a search and there is only one "roms" folder, and that's the one in the mame thing. Dunno what to do
  9. Thanks. My "good" list is empty, even though I put three games in the ROMs file. I will go to this thread: http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/10/11/how-t...-games-in-os-x/ find their link to the ROMs. get a bunch, and put them in the ROMs file, because it seems the three games I have must be invalid
  10. Thanks again. I'm trying... Here's the path...library, application support mameOSX, roms. I go to preferences of mameOSX, and tell it to get it from the ROMs folder which is in the hard drive... Won't work
  11. Argh! Found this nice thread: http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/10/11/how-t...-games-in-os-x/ Still doesn't work.
  12. I appreciate you guys trying to help. Kripto, you may be my best bet, if you use Mac.
  13. Nathan: I appreciate you sending me to the support forum, but that place is a bit of a mess. I did read some of it, though, and it seems that MacMame, MameOSX whatever just doesn't work. I have the computer, I download it...it doesn't work. They're talking about clones and parents and stuff and I can't figure it all out. The MameOSX website does not offer a step-by-step guide to making it work. I don't know why anybody would create it, if it's so hard to use. I did copy the app to my hard drive, opened it, and it doesn't work. I copied the whole folder thing, and tried to add games to it, and it rejects them, right from the hard drive. I'll wait for a couple more responses and go back to ignoring MAME for Mac. If I want those games, I gotta get a PC like everybody else :/ Thanks anyway, though
  14. I'm still poking through it. Some games load 100%, then I still get the error message. It's a wicked list of games...sure wish they worked.
  15. Dowloaded...opened. Got a TON of games to go with it. It did an audit for about 20 minutes of all the games. Select. Try it. I get error messages. For all of them. Are the games all bad? I tried to add one I had, and where does it go? The folder rejects it. Can anybody still wanna help
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