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  1. From what I understand, the five post version, which is what mine and the OP's are, is in the first revision of the Mega STE. But seriously, I just took a drill bit to it and removed the center post entirely and filed it down a bit to make it smooth. Works like a charm. On mine, what would happen is the 5V and 12V lines would "pulse" - I wasn't sure if recapping it would help, so I just went ahead and replaced it. I don't mind replacing caps on motherboards but getting near PSU's for that purpose freaks me out a bit... Mains power is no joke.
  2. I recently bought that PSU also, and Bradley’s instructions say to remove the center screw hub, as it makes contact with leads on the bottom of the PSU. I took a drill to the center standoff on the metal mounting plate for the PSU, solved that problem.
  3. I absolutely want one for my 130XE!
  4. I got mine working when the cable arrived a few days ago. At first, it would work for a few seconds, then lose sync, then it would work... Over and over and over. I jiggled the cable a bit and all is good now. I may have a short somewhere in my SCART cable. Which firmware does your OSSC have? I'm running 0.81 on mine. This is by far the best image I've gotten out of my 1040STe other than using my SC1224. I now have a ZX Spectrum +2 and the STe going though the OSSC's SCART connector using a Hydra 2 SCART switch. I'll add a PC Engine to it soon. My STe does exhibit ghosting over any cable, so I'm going to perform the upgrade mentioned here: http://exxoshost.co.uk/atari/last/VIDEOFIX/index.htm- I did something similar to my Spectrum and that cleared up its output.
  5. I have one, and the Best multisync cable. I'm not terribly impressed with passing through that cable to the OSSC - ST High doesn't look right, and ST Medium seems to be missing lines. I ordered an SCART cable and I want to try that through the OSSC. I'll post an update when that gets here.
  6. Im going through this process right now. I picked up a ZX Spectrum 128 +2 on eBay, and Im making a power adapter. I also bought a Spectrum to SCART adapter, and an SCART to HDMI adapter. Its quite the process, unfortunately.
  7. Thanks for your reply to my email Matthew! My machine isn't going anywhere so whenever you have them is fine.
  8. I have one of these on my Mega ST2, and one I move between my Amiga 500 and Atari 130XE. They're fantastic devices. I use it to do all of my BBSing. Paul has said he's not going to produce any more of them for a while, but you can also look into something like the RetroNET that Andrew Armstrong is making: https://backofficeshow.com/retronet/
  9. Answering my own question, I'm pretty sure it's for the blitter. I just got my own Mega ST 2, and when I opened it today, I noticed it has the blitter and 4 mb of RAM, not 2 mb!
  10. That is an amazing find. That accelerator looks awesome! I bet it's nearly impossible to find one of those for my Mega ST 2 I just got. What's the empty PLCC socket for? I just got my Mega ST a few days ago, and I haven't cracked the case yet. Will be doing that in a few days when my Marpet XtraRAM 8 shows up
  11. This sounds really awesome to me. The only thing I'd really want is an easier way to attach a modern display. I really don't want to stick to small CRTs.
  12. I really enjoyed watching that video - thanks for posting it! I've worked on C codebases on the PC that took this long to compile too, so I can really relate. Sometimes I wonder if I was a better programmer when I didn't get near immediate feedback on everything I wrote.
  13. Huh, I hadn't even considered that I'm working off the version on the AtariWiki: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=ValFORTH- it crashes emulators too. Maybe it's just a bad copy. I wasn't having much luck with figFORTH either, but it turns out that has something to do with my SIO2SD adapter. When I switched over to loading it off my AtariMax MyIDE-II, it works better. No such luck with valFORTH though. Thanks!
  14. Hi there, Has anyone had luck with valFORTH? I'm trying to use it on my 130XE with an SIO2SD adapter. With the ATR in, it boots properly, and I get to the main screen. Any command I enter causes it to freeze though I can hit reset and go right back into it, but nothing seems to work. I had been reading the docs to it, and I like the idea of their enhanced editor. Maybe I should try fig-FORTH 1.4S instead? Thanks!
  15. I just bought a MyIDE-II from him. He shipped it really fast and everything. I would buy from him again.
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