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  1. Micol Advanced Basic GS will probably do everything you want. It's text mode though. http://boutillon.free.fr/Docs/Programmation/Micol_Advanced_Basic_4_5/Micol_Advanced_Basic_4_5.html
  2. Are they already gone? Bummer. I really want one!
  3. I'm noticing that it says 8.67 PB, as in petabyte. Either that's a bug, or your card is bad.
  4. The Marpet Xtra +8 for the Mega ST is likely not what is wanted here - I have that board. It uses the Mega ST's expansion port, and requires TOS 2.06. The RAM is alt-RAM.
  5. I used this combination for a while. The GBS-8220 isn't perfect. You will see weird artifacts on the output. The Best cable is fantastic, but, without something like a GBS or an OSSC you're going to need a monitor that can do 15kHz. Nowadays, I use this ST to SCART cable with the OSSC, or I plug it into my Sony PVM. That turned out to be the best solution for me. I also use a TOM rev2 mouse adapter with little trouble. I find the original ST mouse to be annoying slow.
  6. Thom is right on the fig-FORTH implementations, but there are a few implementations that can read DOS files: X-FORTH, VolksForth for example. They both have an INCLUDE" word, used like: INCLUDE" D1:MYFILE.FS"
  7. I'd love to help with getting some of this over to the wiki, is there a process I can apply for edit access? 😀
  8. It would be awesome to add this detail (and extra toolkit!) to AtariWiki!
  9. Yep, that is correct - MOVE $0570,$C4,-4 It must have something to do with the U1MB.
  10. I must have something configured differently than you do, or my ROM is bad. My setup is: Altirra 3.20, U1MB with latest firmware, SIDE 2 with latest firmware, PCLink device, using OSS Basic XL ROM from the SIDE 2 firmware, and EXTEND.COM provided in this thread. That nets me the "Line Not Fnd" error from before. If I configure as U1MB with latest firmware, with no SIDE2, and use the OSSBasicXL103.car or OSSBasicXL103.rom from AtariWiki, it locks up when I RUN the program you listed in your screenshot with no output.
  11. Okay, that worked - the GTIA test worked. Something is still off, some of the extended statements are broken, specifically call and procedure:
  12. I can certainly understand that. Okay, that gets further - it doesn't lock up anymore, but it doesn't quite work right either. I've tried with your change of the offset in the MOVE command, and without (Move $0570,$c4,-4 and Move $0570,$c4,4) It shows the menu when you RUN"D1:EXTEND.BXE", but if you pick the GTIA Test, it starts to output what looks like tokenized source instead of running it.
  13. Oh, if it locks up, then you're not getting any further than I have, and you're clearly much better at this than I am!
  14. I did see you say this in the same thread, so that's where I was thinking there was a patched version. I don't mind using the OSSBasic103.car image instead of the one inside the SIDE2 cart, if that makes a difference?
  15. Ohhhhhh okay, I wasn't sure if it was fixed and I was just missing something or not. I'll go play with Action! for now then, thanks!
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