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  1. Selling this off because I'm a bit over collecting. I have no idea what kind of asking price to ask for but Please go ahead and highest price gets it. photo:
  2. Found this in an Australian gametraders and bought it for 10 bucks. I'm assuming it's NTSC since the colours don't match the screenshots on Atariage. How good did I do seeing it's an 8 on the Rarity scale?
  3. Can't offer you help but can tell you my original game boy screen does that too. It also doesn't affect the blue turn off line. now when I got this gameboy i got it off a friend whos dad had apparently stepped on it, cracking the screen protector (thus why mine doesn't have one on it.) So I'm guessing your's just been dropped or stepped on badly. Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one with rows of dead pixels.
  4. I've seen a few TV commercials on youtube, but not a lot of Print ads. So, ket's share some! To start the ball rolling, heres one I found in a video game magazine my friend let me borrow for a bit. Share yours here
  5. Found a really interesting poster in a book on how to Win Space Invaders a friend bought over. the Australian logo under Space Invaders reads " Indoor Amusement Games Leisure and Allied Industries"
  6. Well, unfortunately I live in Australia, meaning I cannot buy an overseas adapter due to the different plugs, so buying a generic AC adapter is my only option here.
  7. Where did you find these? At a Gametraders in Australia, they recieved a model I and II Lynx and a bunch of games. I bought the model II from the same Gametraders as well.
  8. Whole bunch of Atari Lynx games today. Ms. Pac Man Blue Lightning Electrocop Scrapyard Dog Dracula the Undead. The last 2 games coming in their box and ScrapYard dog coming with the poster/instructions. this this is frickin' HUGE!
  9. So I'm trying to buy a generic AC adapter for my Atari Lynx, so I'm getting a generic 9V DC 3.0W adapter as the Atari Lynx says, but I need to know what Amp it is. Can anyone give me this info?
  10. Got an Atari Lynx II at gametraders with a boxed copy of KLAX. What would you guys reccomend I get? I saw Ms Pac Man and Lemmings there, worth picking up?
  11. So while at my local GameTraders, I came across this funny looking thing. A Tengen cart with someone elses sticker on it? $10? thats a fair enough price to give this oddity a look over. So I get home and do a google search on it: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/archive/in...hp/t-70709.html http://www.nesmuseum.com/racermate.html Damn! And I found this in an AUSTRALIAN game store! Here are screenshots of my copy as it seems to have a different numbers than that listed on NESMuseum: So um, thoughts anyone?
  12. Another game I own had no time for Miner 2049er, but here is my score of 143530
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