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  1. Hmmm, so what I thought was correct then. Pin 1 should go to pin 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, and so on yes? Damn...well, would plugging this in have potentially damaged my Amstrad GX4000? Now I'm worried I may have damaged the console, since Scart carries electrical signals along it. Would this cable from Retro Gaming Cables be guaranteed to display the Amstrad through the Framemeister? https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/packapunch-range/euroscart-male-to-euroscart-male-rgb-scart-cable-packapunch Or should I give my two 8 din to Scart cables a shot? Would those work? Or do I risk damaging the system by trying to use them as well? Brief edit: I did open the cable, on one end at least, and everything appears soldered. Again, not an electrical engineer, so I don't know what should go where color wise on the cables. The cables looked all soldered, but a few had more bare wire than I care for. (Note: I haven't soldered yet, but in my mind, I would want the plastic housing the wire almost flush against the solder joint. Some of the cables had more wire exposed than I care for. )
  2. I'm currently running 2.03a on the Framemeister. I am wondering if that is an alpha firmware? Maybe I could try downgrading to 2.03 and see if that helps things? I have two Euro Scart 8 Din to Scart cables, for my Turbo Duo and PC Engine Shuttle respectively. Both work with the Framemeister without issue. I'm not sure what the pin out on those cables are, but would trying one in the Amstrad GX4000's 8 Din port work? Or would that potentially risk serious damage to the console? Given that Scart has voltage going through the connection? So, what it sounds like what you are saying then, is that I need a cable that does composite video. The Male to Male Scart to Scart cable I listed I think is full RGB. So is the problem the cable? Or the adapter going into the Framemeister? I could also try doing a continuity check on the scart to scart cable I have, see if the cable itself is showing up ok. Unfortunately, I am unable to create my own cable. I don't have the tools or the space necessary to even consider doing that, living in a cramped apartment and all. What cables and adapters would you recommend I get? I could potentially buy the Packapunch Scart to Scart from Retro Gaming cables, but I am not sure if it is any different than my own. It also looks like Retro Gaming Cables UK is out of stock of both of the Euro Scart adapters for the XRGB Mini. Edit: Did the Continuity check on the Scart to Scart I have. This is likely due to inexperience, still learning electronics and am basically new to it. I know enough basics to do some basic wiring etc for minor electrical. But, Scart is out of my league. A bit of confusion though is occurring on my end, as I expected each pin to go through evenly. Example, pin 20 should have continuity to pin 20 on the other end of the cable. What I am finding is that pin 20 has continuity to pin 19. And others that seem out of place. But maybe it is correctly wired and I just don't know better. For example I check one of the top pins on side of the cable, and I don't find continuity in the same place. Rather, continuity beeps on one of the lower bottom pins on the other side. So, is it the cable? Or is it wired correctly and I just don't understand scart wiring worth a wombat's snooze in the desert?
  3. Well, got the Amstrad GX4000 in. Thing is absolutely brand spanking new. Blemish free and was still in the plastic. Very happy with that. Had a huge hassle with Amazon getting me the correct adapter, and in the end even though it isn't labelled like yours Bill, I pulled out my Multimeter and tested it and it seemed to be valid, and it powers the console without little issue it seems. Problem is, I cannot get the Amstrad GX4000 to display on my HDTV through the Framemeister. The console only came with the RF output. Not exactly ideal, since it won't fit into anything I can use with the Framemeister. I've been using this cable, a Male to Male Scart connector, and have that going into a Euro Scart adapter that I got directly from Solaris Japan when I bought my Framemeister from them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DYEN1NQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 That cable goes into the Scart port on the back of the console, and into the Framemeister EuroScart RGB input adapter. Now, the issue. I get sound...but nothing else. I've tried setting many of the options to make it work. 1080p 50 and set video to both standard and external. The fact that I get sound makes me happy, but, I'd like to confirm this console is working fully somehow. Right now...I'm hoping it's just a setting. If anyone can help me in determining what settings I need to place on the Framemeister to get this console to display on an NTSC TV I'd be very appreciative. If the profiles don't work, then that means it's a cable issue most likely...barring a bum console. Which I don't think this is, it's brand new and never been used. If it is the cable, can anyone recommend me a good Euro Scart cable to purchase that will be guaranteed to work with this? From what I understand the Din to Scart connection is also possible, but, that was for the monitor. Plus I'd have to power that signal output through the monitor power as well yes? So, it may be best to go with a Euro Scart cable that will work for this if any profile settings fail. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks again for all of the assists.
  4. Awesome Bill. I googled the Model Number and came up with this. https://www.amazon.com/NKC-12VDC-Adapter-Supply-LJY-186/dp/B006GEPUYA So, I'll go ahead and place an order, and when I get my Amstrad GX4000 in I'll let everyone know! Thanks again, everyone, for all of the help. You folks are awesome.
  5. Thanks everyone. Sorry again, work has been beyond brutal. Bill, were you able to determine what brand of third party AC adapter you are currently using for your GX4000? Ideally, I'd like to get the one that you use, as you have verified that it works. Everyone is talking about the CPC, which I assume is basically like an Everdrive. But, given the rarity of Amstrad games, it would make sense to get one. But if I do, I would definitely need to use a reliable power supply. Since yours work, I'd rather take the confirmed route so I can be sure I don't damage the system with the CPC in it. Also, how would I go about ordering a CPC? Anyone have a link or anything? And yeah Carlsson, a lot of the issue is just finding one that works. That is why I am hoping Bill can give me the info on his, and I can just google and order that exact ac adapter. Would save me a lot of hassle. I've already spent way more money than I want to on a fruitless battle trying to update the firmware on my OSSC due to it not liking anything other than a 2 gig plain old (and damned hard to find in stores, if not impossible) Micro SD Card. Since my Firmware Revision on my OSSC is .73, and not .74 when they have taken care of that issue apparently, let's just say it's been a frustrating experience. So, if anyone can help me by just linking a known working third party ac adapter, which I am hoping Bill can, or at least provide the model number etc, it would save me time, money, and yet more frustration and potential headaches down the road. Thanks again everyone for the replies. I really appreciate it.
  6. Carlsson, that is a phenomenal resource you provided me. Thank you. I will definitely make use of that. Thanks CatPix. Sadly the CPC 6128 is out of my price range. Some of the ranges I am seeing for price is around 200 dollars plus. Ironically, I've seen GX4000's a bit cheaper than that. I did think of picking up a CPC Flash cart down the road, in which case a power supply other than the standard Amstrad GX4000 is an absolute must as I don't want to fry the system. I managed to thankfully get an Amstrad GX4000 recently at less than that. Just waiting for it to arrive right now and I want to make sure it works, etc. Out of Curiousity though CatPix, would that 8 pin Din to Scart cable you linked work on the Amstrad GX4000's Monitor port? Bill Loguidice, will I need to do anything specific with the framemeister settings? I own one, so, that portion isn't a problem. I just want to make sure that my Framemeister can display on my hdtv the signal that the GX4000 is feeding it without any kind of sync issues, etc. I have heard some say that you don't have to worry about the Pal signal so much if you use the Scart port on the back of the machine. Is that actually the case? I have a 10 foot shielded High Def Scart to Scart (Male to Male) cable that may foot the bill if that is the case. It's the cable I linked in my first post. And aye, I know full well what I am getting into on getting the system. I know there's not much out there that is truly enjoyable, say, in comparison to the NES etc. But, it's still a piece of console gaming history I want to own and actually play on. Also Bill, do you have any links to a phone charger that might work? Sadly, my local Radio Shack closed recently, so...no going to them anymore for the odd and ends and bits and bobs of electrical needs like I used to be able to.
  7. So, a bit new here. Long time lurker, first time poster. I need a bit of assistance, if some folks are willing, on getting this particular setup working. I am interested in purchasing an Amstrad GX4000 console. I collect old gaming consoles and have a deep love and appreciation for all things gaming. Thing is, this is a PAL system. And will be my first one ever, once I manage to get my hands on one. There are two issues I need to deal with. And if folks have direct links to what I can get to resolve these issues, I would deeply and immensely appreciate the help. First is the power. Since this is a PAL system, the plug will obviously not be able to work here in the US without a step up/step down power conversion device. Personally, I'd rather avoid this step, and find a normal plug that would plug into the system and be able to power it, without frying it. From what I have read of other forums, the type of power source I would need would be something along these lines: 9V 750mA/1A with a 5.5mm/2.1mm connector, positive on centre. Would there potentially be some kind of plug, or is there anyone who is aware of what kind of plug that could work to power the system, that I could buy here in the us? One that is guaranteed to not fry or cause damage to the system? The second issue is the PAL Signal. What exactly would I need to make this work? I have both an OSSC, and a Frame Meister (XRGB Mini). I have a Euro Scart Adapter for the Frame Meister that works, that I got directly from Solaris Japan when I ordered this. The HDTV I have is the LG42LD520, which supports refresh rates up to 120 hz and has a PC mode support. But, since it's a US television set, I'm not sure if it will work. I also have a Scart to Scart cable that I will link below. The intention was to use that cable for the gscartsw to feed into the OSSC or Framemeister, but, I am curious if it would work for the GX4000? Or would I need a different cable? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DYEN1NQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Would the Frame Meister work in place of a PAL to NTSC Signal Conversion? Or would I still need to purchase a PAL to NTSC Signal Converter? If so, which power cord and converter would be recommended? If anyone has links they can provide to those devices if I do need them, that would be awesome. The end goal is to get everything hooked up, and connected, with as minimal input lag as possible. Ideally, this would use the OSSC, but since the OSSC will be feed a PAL signal and Output a PAL signal, and my tv may not support it, I may have to rely on the frame meister instead. Thanks everyone. I hope this post is not too much noise. This seemed like the best place to post this. I am hopeful that someone can assist me.
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