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  1. Does it works with TKII-stereo if I will patch a PIC with the new soft? thx.
  2. Yeah, My Atari has really spaghetti wiring inside. Ultimate, Sio2SD, TKII stereo, Sophia and Covox. All packed in ITXcase. Thanks a lot for yours help!!!
  3. I added resistors 30k on covox l/r out, and sound is quite ok by covox and pokeys There's a little hum noise from genuine atari audio circuit. But it's evident I think on majority stock Atari.
  4. Connections I've made are correct for sure. I've connected covox to cpu pin39, too for check the difference. But distorted sound is only when pokey and covox outs are connected together to common amp input. It looks like covox signal is stronger than pokey. I've tried to put resistors on covox out but it doesn't helps.I'm not enough strong in electronic to know how to fix that.
  5. https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=192 Instalation of this covox is very simple. in my opinion. It's socketed under PIA. I've no idea what goes wrong. I've another one problem. Maybe somebody could help me. I connected covox and pokey to one output and sound on amp is very distorted. Separately it's all ok. Now to play covox/pokey I must switch cable to two joints.
  6. Hi! I have mounted Lotharek's Covox on the board.It's a great piece of hardware, but I'm switching covox to disabled in ultimate setup and covox still works. Any ideas?
  7. Hi guys! I have instaled Ultimate, TKII stereo and Sophia. What can it be that I can't go in ultimate setup by help key? After power on, SpartaDOS is starting. I can go to BASIC by BASIC command. If I go out by BYE test ram is starting and HELP key (exit) doesn't work. WHy Help doesn't work? I've tried to connect 4 and 6 pins on keyboard matrix but it doesn't work. This happend after instal the Sophia upgrade.
  8. It is solved. I removed only c78 on atari board and it helps.that is ok.sio2sd works fine. removing c77 extra makes sio errors. Is it possible to use tkii arrow keys as normal joystick? Will be an update of mousetari project? What changes in 2.0 firmware?
  9. Is there info if sio2sd works without problems with TKIIstereo board? I've TK-II stereo board mounted and I can't mount any atari image by Pajero configurator ver3.5. It should be that I pressed '1' key for example and image is mounting to D1, but it doesn't work.
  10. Hi! I'm switching off stereo in Ultimate setup but Stereo LED is shining still. Is that ok? Is that depend on Ultimate rom's version?
  11. Hi everyone! Works TK-II interface with ps2 mouse? Or with keyboard (2 keyboards) only? Sorry for my english.
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