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  1. I did not read the entire thread (please don't kill me). Is somebody selling these controller boards either assembled or as a kit?
  2. I just installed the Sophia RGB mod in my 5200. When I opened the 5200 I saw that all the main DIPs on the motherboard were already socketed. And one of the pins on the GTIA was bent up so that it was not inserted into the socket. I checked out the GTIA pinout and saw that the bent pin is the trigger 4 input. My 5200 is a two controller variant. So I guess the GTIA trigger 3 and trigger 4 pins are unused? What do people make of the bent trigger 4 pin?
  3. Good to see continued jaguar support from the community!
  4. I'm patiently waiting for new orders to open up...
  5. One of the pins on U38 was making intermittent contact due to PCB damage when the original U38 fried. I added a bypass wire and now everything is working.
  6. I replaced the main power switch. REG1 is outputting five Volts and I hear some audio noise when I turn on the power. So I am certain I fixed the audio issue. But the Jaguar is no longer powering on. Arghhh! This is ridiculously frustrating. The main switch Ohms out fine on both sides. I'll have to make some DMM measurements on the U38 side once I calm down. Right now I'm liable to douse this thing in lighter fluid and put it out of my misery.
  7. Negative. I purchased it knowing it was broken. Clearly the former owner plugged in the wrong power supply as U38 was completely fried when I got it.
  8. Yes, I agree. I I don't think the non populated C40 has anything to do with the missing sound. One side of the switch (pins 1, 2, 3) seems to work as intended. Closed pins show less than an Ohm. The other side of the switch (pins 4, 5, 6) is no good. All resistances are in the MegaOhms or open circuit range.
  9. Also, for completionist sake, I am using an AV cable to connect video and sound. I removed the RF output from this Jaguar. So I cannot test that ti see if it has sound. The AV cable audio functionality has been verified with another Jaguar.
  10. I did some probing with my DMM. There was only about 0.7V input on REG1 and 0V output. So that explains the no sound. I also noticed C40 is not populated. Now the power switch seems to have died. I only get power for half a second when I click it on. Then the LED goes out . If I cycle the switch off and on I'll only get another half a second of power. Is the Jaguar power switch know to go bad?
  11. I have a Jaguar console I'm trying to repair. The previous owner used the wrong power supply and damaged U38. I replaced U38, reg1 and all the electrolytic capacitors. The console works now except for no sound output. I do not see any further physical damage. Any suggestions for how I can fix the sound?
  12. The original Atari ST didn't have the built in floppy drive. So the STF is definitely a separate hardware build. I've got no idea why your emulator doesn't allow vanilla ST as a choice.
  13. Okay, so maybe TOS 2.06 would be good to have. Though I think I've seen posts that say some games don't like running under TOS 2.06?
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