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  1. WE ALSO DON'T CARE FOR PEOPLE WHO TYPE IN ALL CAPS AT OBNOXIOUS FONT SIZES Tempest I didn't type in all caps. Sometimes I use really small fonts too.
  2. Thank you for over 10 years! It has been nice to hang out from time to time. I appreciate this place.
  5. I just listened to these and they are AMAZING! Better than the music from 95% of 2600 games. Really only rivaled by Mountain King and Pressure Cooker, perhaps a couple others.
  6. That would work about as well as watching a 3D movie with one eye shut.
  7. I disagree on this. Yeah it is super simple, but it will take you around 6 hours to pull this off. After dealing with the monotonous game play for an hour or two, you will understand that flipping the score is a test of extreme patience. Monotonous, yes. But if it's doable by a 9 year old kid (me, in 1984) then it's one of the easiest games to roll over.
  8. Atari Telegame and Games, only $610? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320649120272 Zero feedback seller and 25 bids by 6 bidders. What? Is there an ultra-rare game in that picture that I can't see?
  9. The funniest part about this picture is that only the bra was photoshopped.
  10. After ten years of forum threads like "What's your favorite game?" and "What power adapter do I need?" the community jumps on a guy with a legitimate question? He probably thought it would be easier to see if anyone already had instructions for this project rather than try to figure out for himself how to wire it, what size resistor to use, etc.
  11. Just sing it yourself and someone else will Auto-Tune you to the Bing Crosby version.
  12. 6 or 7 months ago I called Vonage and was ready to cancel the service since I barely used my land line at all anymore. I had been a 3 or 4 year customer at the time I called. They offered me an ulta-low-price package that they don't advertise anywhere. I get 100 minutes for like $9 a month and if I go over that time it's 5 or 10 cents for additional minutes. We've never gone over.
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