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  1. Targ by Exidy? Edit: Never mind. Targ is the predecessor to Spectar.
  2. Hi, Milli. I just stumbled across your eBay listing and purchased a copy. Again, congratulations on your achievement!
  3. Got it. These will be added to the new ADAM Resource website.
  4. Oh, wow! Another Coleco ADAM website I didn't know existed. Great work!
  5. I'll take an open source platform any day over the politics surrounding the Super Game Module.
  6. Agreed. If it's in good working condition,it should easily hold its value. You might even make a profit if you change your mind and sell it.
  7. When I get back to Florida, I'll purchase a copy.
  8. Congratulations! That's an awesome achievement!
  9. Spoke to my dad today and we discovered that a few of his designs are missing, including the 32K cartridge board. UGH! He says that he has it backed up somewhere, but most of his stuff is back at his house in Tucson, Arizona. He's presently in Maryland with my mom caring for my grandfather who is 93. So it looks like the hardware side of things is going to have to wait while I kick off development. He did say one interesting thing, though. He mentioned that it would be helpful if the Coleco ADAM had a USB port, but he never developed it. Of course, I agreed. Right now I'm just planting the seeds. If he sees that I'm making good progress I might be able to get him involved again. I will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves.
  10. Thanks to Electric Adventures for your informative Let's Make A Retro Game series.
  11. Classic game development is a throwback to a time when a single programmer could design and code a game. That's what I'm going for here--a personal challenge. Other aspects such as testing I'll certainly need help with. Then there's production, marketing, etc. which could involve many more people.
  12. I will not be supporting Opcode's SGM. The Ultimate SD Wafer Drive is a possibility, but I need to research it further. I'd like the game to be able to run on ColecoVision, Coleco Adam and CollectorVision/ColecoVision HD consoles. Modded consoles/emulators should also work fine since little of the OS7 BIOS will be relied upon.
  13. The thumbnails look amazing! Sierra Online was a huge inspiration for the type of games I wanted to make back in the day. King's Quest is another I'd love to see ported.
  14. Yes, the very one. It started out as a Coleco ADAM project, but considering the intended audience, it would probably work better as a (multi/mega) cartridge release. In addition, a minimal 32K RPG is also in the works for ColecoVision. (Call it the ColecoVision 32K challenge, if you will.) I will see dad/Mark/pops on Saturday to discuss my plans. I suspect it will take multiple attempts to get him to warm up to the project. We'll see. If you have any questions for him (within reason), I'll pass them along during my visit. And yes, politics shouldn't prevent developers from gaining access to vital components to release their games.
  15. That's exactly the idea, but focused on new challenges. I can't promise anything, but I can at least make use of his unused cartridge board design. It would be nice to have brand new Micro Innovations products once again, especially cartridge boards that are readily available and don't get caught up in politics. Again, this is a starting point, which may lead to bigger things. We'll see.
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