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  1. It's not any kind of requirement, it's simply how I have it set up to use the second card as an easy windows based transfer type of thing. Uhm, it works just fine - no bigdos or anything else.
  2. I use two cards on mine with ICD 6.5.5 First card has a 16MB TOS boot partition, and two ~256MB TOS partitions. Second card has two ~500MB FAT partitions.
  3. Correct Q: What does the switch S1? Power on/off switch in cased version, as both versions share the same pcb.
  4. He needs to be interviewed to present his evidence of innocence? lolz. Just purchase a cigar and a short length of rubber hose, that way you can cut out the middleman and blow smoke straight up your own ass.
  5. Thanks for confirming. I added some kapton and heat gunned the two LEDs off, now I am getting HDD LED activity light as expected
  6. So you removed D11 and D13 LEDs from the underside of the board (between the SD slots)?
  7. Yes, that's exactly what I thought. It's simple and effective Plus it allows me easy access to the cards since they are mounted far lower than if attached to the top of the case. An SD extension cable might work.
  8. I'm not sure it's that simple, would you mind asking Lotharek?
  9. Okay, J8 is most assuredly not 'between the sd card slots' on the 1.2 board as far as I can see : D However, I've installed a header to J8 and it is indicating HDD activity on slot 1 (pins 1/2) and slot 2 (pins 3/4). Black is pins 1 and 4 for the curious (as the LED is wired) Next question - how do we use just 1 LED for those four pins... I'm assuming a small circuit of some kind would be needed.
  10. Oooh, an actually good zombie shooter!
  11. I tried to log into his site but can't, and his email domain I think is bouncing at my ISP.
  12. Yes, that indeed was a big problem and one he used to start spreading his farce of a 'career' on. It also just completely disgusted me for several obvious reasons and made me cancel my subscription to a magazine I otherwise enjoyed. It's a shame that Darran did not listen after being warned 10 years ago about just how completely unsuitable Kieren was to be anywhere near this particular subject area/magazine...
  13. I added a header to J8 on my v1.2 US and it doesn't seem like there is LED driver voltage present there. I think we need to find out from the creator what the answer is. Yes, even though it looks like the LED is being lit by The Power of The Force, it actually isn't that bright and is a nice color match I think : )
  14. And then there was once again light, and rejoicing. Thanks @leech for undertaking this project
  15. Yes, curious about that one myself. My board also is a 1.2 and I see J8 (it has no pins in the header) on the board next to the JTAG. If J8 is still the correct spot on the 1.2, ideally I'd need the single LED to indicate activity on either SD card.
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