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  1. Great news - FPGAzumSpass, one of the FPGA titans in the MiSTer project, is working on a Lynx core
  2. I've got an UberGROM I could probably use to test something if that's helpful. If someone reminds me how to program it
  3. Works with the FG99 when PEB is not connected, random character garbage on startup with PEB connected.
  4. 'Race through the pyramid in search of the hidden treasure and weird nondeterministic behavior!'
  5. The cables first known to me as I came across a pair as 'Wow! These cables are Awesome!'
  6. With the PEB attached I can reset the FG99/system until the cows come home, get bored, go out for a stroll, and come home again - and it still doesn't work. or something like this if it does load (which is not very often). Spot the problem..
  7. Patched version ran, but did not work with my PEB attached. Freaked out after player select.
  8. <tentatively moves one failed Kickstarter to the Possibly Not Failed category>
  9. I just ran into this, at least I'm glad to find out it's not me or my card : )
  10. I ordered these same MOSFETs (exact part number) from Mouser a couple weeks ago to finally get around to doing the power supply refresh in my two main Lynxes (a Lynx I, and a Lynx II both with original McWill LCD mods) Both Lynxes are in fine working shape with no issues. I replaced the zeners with 1N5991Bs and then dropped in the MOSFETs, the Lynx II (first up) seemed to be working fine (quick basic power test) so I moved on to the Lynx I. While leaving the Lynx I on the bench for extended powered on testing for a bit I thought I smelled something odd. Sure enough the MOSFET was running insanely hot, with a thermocouple MOSFET surface temp was hitting 130C and still climbing. The board was so hot that the heat from the other side of the case seemed like it might melt the rubber button pad. Going back to do extended power on testing in the Lynx II the MOSFET also seems to be generating the same massive amount of heat, but the board and location is able to sink it immensely better. Surface MOSFET temps were still running away. Dropping the Lynx I's original MOSFET back in restored normal operation temps. I ordered the Lynx tune up parts from console5 which I think are these MOSFETs and they are installed (in both Lynxes) and working fine at around room temperature.
  11. Neat! Put me down for a red cart, all addons
  12. It doesn't look ideal on the surface, but if it's within chip spec it's unlikely to matter.
  13. I highly recommend the MiSTer if you're going multi system.
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