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  1. Those original binders are so nice When I contacted Tom Carbone quite some number of years ago though he did still have original copies of Universe, unfortunately he did not have any of the binder copies.
  2. Excellent, sign me up for one cart/disk combo box then
  3. Any chance of getting a cartridge and a disk version in one box?
  4. Excellent location choice.  Was just relistening to that album a couple of nights ago.

  5. Loaded it up to give the VR support a try. They really need to work on it as the performance is horrid but it is really cool to stand on these worlds and actually sit in your ship
  6. If I was Nintendo I'd say that too - who wants to be held responsible for people and their $8 horrible Chinese random junk drives?
  7. I've got two USB flash drives in the front of my WiiU, one for WiiU games and the other for Wii/GC games. Quite handy...
  8. That monstrosity on the right looks like it was made out of melted cheese and black shoe polish by an imbecile.
  9. Mega link updated https://mega.nz/#F!A0sh2KoJ!IhAlzGhEcmAH8jfORRXPXg
  10. There hasn't been a core port yet, but that FPGA should be plenty powerful enough. The DE-10 Nano is a heavily Intel subsidized development board - the raw FPGA (Cyclone V SE) price alone is like $260...
  11. Not on the MiSTer... https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki
  12. Check out the Unread Content under My Activity Streams, and set it to Condensed view - it's pretty good.
  13. I played this a bit after it came out. I initially looked at it for a few minutes and kind of bounced off of it, I'm sooo glad I went back to it - it's such an amazing game...
  14. Mega link updated https://mega.nz/#F!swNmUYoR!MexQSyM41U2RWZjbqQu7eg
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