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  1. Hi @GreyHobbit, are you able to upload these to me via DropBox? You can then PM me the link and I'll make sure these get preserved in the archive?
  2. I'd imagine Jay11 is probably the seller (jhoover11), but not sure what he's trying find out from this post? Has the original buyer not paid up? Does he feel that he could have obtained more $ from the sale?🤨
  3. Hi, I also have a copy of Flying Tigers, but was only corrupt at the start of the tape. I've stitched my copy and CharlieChaplin's copy together, plus corrected a few errors that I noticed comparing against the .com version. Please see working version attached (CAS and also HEX for reference). Thanks Chennaults Flying Tigers (Discovery Games).zip
  4. Hi grant74, glad to be of help. Hope the XEX worked okay and brought back some gaming memories?
  5. I'd be interested to the see the original listing for Conquering Everest from Computing Today (May 1981) if anyone has a copy. Not sure if the original listing would be for the Atari or another system? Wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computing_Today) states that this UK magazine was owned by Argus Press (the same company that released the 1983 Atari release). I can't find a PDF of this particular issue, but have found a cover scan on the 'net.
  6. Yeah, I've found that rewinding and fasting sometimes help. However, I've found some games that I've bought are physically damaged (tape had been chewed), so combining CAS images has helped in obtaining a complete file.
  7. Farb, I've not kept the original WAV file as these take too much of my storage space compared to the CAS file. Also, I've sometimes found that if a tape is warped or damaged in someway then neither side of the tape will work. However, by creating CAS files of both sides and using WinHEX its possible to create a fixed version.
  8. Please find scans also of cover, cassette and instructions as requested by Farb. Enjoy! AtariGrub
  9. Great! Thanks for your help. Unfortunately it wouldn't let me attach a CAS or XEX, so I've zipped both together. To load the CAS, you'll need BASIC and then type CLOAD and then RUN.Conquering Everest (ASP Software) - BASIC load.zip
  10. Hi grant74, I've managed to convert the CAS to an XEX, which works in the emulator I use (Atari800 ver 3.1.0 modified for a8cas). My question is, how do I upload files on this forum!?
  11. Hi Grant74, I bought a copy some years back, but unfortunately I'm not looking to sell it. However, I did make a CAS file from it to use in an Atari Emulator if you want a copy? For reference, the first few lines of the BASIC listing state that it was first published in Computing Today (May 81) and adapted for Atari by G.A. Greenway © ASP Software. Thanks AtariGrub
  12. Part of my games collection, some of which I still own from the 1980's and the rest I have purchased from Ebay, etc.
  13. We also have a number of game manuals on Atari Cave. These are in text format to save on webspace, but I have tried to keep to the original formatting and text style of the originals.
  14. I successfully converted the Channel 8 Software title screen from cassette a few months back as I've started adding the Brian Howarth adventure games to www.ataricave.com. Please find links below for the Title Screen as a stand-alone file, plus as CIRCUS.CAS with its attached game file. http://www.ataricave.com/CIRCUS.CAS http://www.ataricave.com/CHANNEL8.CAS Cheers AtariGrub http://www.ataricave.com
  15. For an Alley Cat review and more go to www.ataricave.com and either use the Platform button on the left-hand menu or select Alley Cat from the drop-down menu. It's possibly one of the most original games you can play with a great variety of levels, although sometimes difficult with that flying broom sweeping you around!
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