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  1. Anyone know what is new in the Legends Flashback (2018) firmware v.2.8.4 that was released on Dec 2?
  2. It already does Sega CD after updating with the official released firmware.
  3. Yesterday, I found a loose Atari Falcon 030 at Goodwill for $35.00.
  4. They are obviously copying the Hori N64 pad from Japan: https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-64-Hori-Mini-Pad-Controller/dp/B000031KAG .
  5. You are supposed to push it in until it clicks. To get it out, push it in again and it will spring out.
  6. Thanks to you, I was able to confirm that Sega CD works on the Super Retro-Cade. Thanks
  7. My problems with it started after I installed the firmware but, at this point, it doesn't matter as I returned it to the store that I bought it from for a refund.
  8. After a few days, I think that firmware killed my controller port 1. The start button doesn't work anymore as well as the C button no matter what controller I try. The controllers all work fine on controller port 2 which is how I am able to start games. I wonder what the warranty policy is.
  9. Disregard the above post (which I can't edit). I just had to plug the Atgames controller into the controller port and that fixed my problem with the Sega Genesis controller (which is preferable because the MODE button on the controller has the same function as the MENU button on the console).
  10. I just tried this firmware and my genuine Sega 6 button controller's Start button doesn't register anymore. The included Atgames controllers still work fine, but I preferred the real Sega Genesis controller. My mistake for using that firmware update.
  11. Here is the page that has upcoming products listed: https://www.msientertainment.com/copy-of-products. They list Namco, Midway, and a WWE product.
  12. Read the press release and tell me that this version 1.1 is not a disappointment since they announce the possibility of firmware updates and dlc in it only to backtrack on it after release and say that there will be no firmware updates: http://retro-bit.com/super-retrocade-press-release
  13. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the supposed improvements to the machine's software that necessitates it being called a version 1.1.
  14. They are not great when the only way to get said update is to buy a brand new system.
  15. I was looking at information on the Super Retro-cade and I saw the newest review on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/RetroCade-Classic-Console-Retro-Bit-Carrying-nintendo/product-reviews/B079SL9Q2N/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews on an updated version 1.1 of it. I guess us original owners are left out in the cold with the improvements and new games.
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