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  1. Good news: Got mine in the mail yesterday, and two days before we move! Bad news: We'll be staying with my mother-in-law while we look for a new house and the 5200 is going to be in storage...
  2. Agreed. I was terribly bummed when I went to VGXPO last year and only saw a handful of classic gaming tables (and it seemed like only a fraction of those were dedicated to Atari...).
  3. Any chance on seeing boxes for SINISTAR available soon?
  4. Will there be boxed editions of Sinistar available at some point?
  5. Scihorror

    5200 Tempest

    This is going to be godly!!!
  6. Is there any information about Dungeon available at all (screenshots, etc.)?
  7. Awesome setup! The cabinet looks stunning and the old Atari posters really give the room that classic gaming charm...
  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love the marquees on the wall! -Ron
  9. 220,100... This is really bringing back some memories...
  10. 1st attempt: 53,350 I remember I used to play this all the time when I was a kid. Hopefully after a few games I'll be back up to speed...
  11. Speaking about new games, are there any updates on Tempest or Cloak & Dagger?
  12. I'll get this one started... 81,034 I'm sure I can do better after a couple of rounds, but I really need to get back to work!
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