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  1. Wow! THX Moonsweeper Wish granted! I really wanted to see the clock. OK AA community keep it coming!
  2. This is some more Saratoga CA score stuff! I also have this funny inter-office memo about an Atari employee complaining about Warner personnel! Can't find that right now! I don't know how rare this is, but its worth a look! Checkout some of the items like the football jersey (#69 on back costs extra 😜) Laser engraved clock sounds nice as well! Warner/Lauren fragrances. Probably polo in a different bottle. Love to see a pic of all these items! ENJOY!
  3. Yeah sell the sheets for historic purposes. They will definitely stay intact. They'd look great framed! When I was typing the OP, I didn't know the term for a row of connected PCB's. Ahh Sheets!
  4. Found these at an Estate Sale in Saratoga CA (Close to Sunnyvale) back in October. This is how the pcbs would look after the printing. The Estate was from an Atari engineer. I found these the second day of the sale, so I could only imagine what was there the first day! I also found a Atari Company store itemized price list. I'll post that later. Anyone from the Bay Area go to that sale?
  5. My friend worked for Imagic in the early 80's. He was getting rid of some old belongings and showed me an untitled vic 20 prototype cart. He said he worked on moonsweeper for the commodore, I always figure c64, but this is obviously a vic-20 cart. I wish I could get access to a vic 20 and see if its actually moonsweeper. Anyone know a good place in SF Bay Area to test old cartridges?
  6. Anyone/any business in the mid peninsula have a system I can test 11 games?
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