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  1. Funny, I got BSG working, but not the original. Maybe you need a different ROM?
  2. I can't believe it... Such a huge loss. He will be greatly missed. 😞
  3. I played it at this years show and included it in my video. It's basically a more complex Marble Madness with a character. I'd prefer the use of a trak-ball over a joystick though.
  4. Thought you might be interested in this interview I did these legendary Activision programmers!
  5. Gregory DG

    Gregory DG

  6. I'm excited about the Mini! Finally I'll have a TG-16! (Sort of...)
  7. I'm excited about the Star Wars cab! Something I've wanted since I was 13 years old! I discuss it and the other games here:
  8. Finally got around to playing Llamatron on camera, man I love this game! It's me playing the game and talking about it and the amazing controls!
  9. This one took me the better part of a week to make!
  10. Is the Arcade 1Up worth it or can you build one yourself for cheaper?
  11. Just watched this a 3rd time (wife controlled the 2nd) and I did get the 5 star ending. This time I watched the credits and saw Jeff Minter's name in there as Jerome F. Davies! Pretty awesome I think!
  12. Had to add my Raspberry Pi in there... Need more games!
  13. Here's my "consumer-level" version of a mod, just adding my Raspberry Pi into it with my Xarcade Tankstick (for now.) This is just the beginning...
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