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  1. The Complete OutRun Soundtrack Passing Breeze Magical Sound Shower Splash Wave Last Wave
  2. no problem. 😃 another cool thing is that the adapter will resize a pal screen to fit the TV.
  3. here's a fun one. I didn't like the MOD version that has been around for years, so I did my own.
  4. these videos are only in 480p at 30fps. but hopefully it gives you an idea..... the actual adapter outputs at 720p.
  5. the company, LEVELHIKE has a Playstation rgb to hdmi adapter that is very easily converted to the Amiga. here is a instruction pdf that I made for doing it. it works very well. I play Battle Squadron on a regular basis and don't notice any lag to speak of. hope some people can find this useful. the color of the sync line and ground line seems to vary depending on the version of the adapter. the current version seems to be yellow for sync and brown for ground. the new version of the adapter also has a couple of new features. 1, the chips now have heatsinks. 2, the adapter now goes to sleep if no signal for two minutes (flip the aspect ratio switch to wake it back up). Here's a link to the adapter on Amazon. HDMI Cable for Playstation https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MYVF61Y/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_V6KV839M5JJV8MH19MM8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Amiga HDMI.pdf
  6. Obliterator - Amiga 4 Channel. My Version Of The Obliterator in game Theme on a Classic Amiga 500+
  7. Vin's version of Battle Squadron inspired me to rework my version and clean it up a bit. I still think that Vin's version is better, but this is how I did it using the new RMT 1.32. Battle Squadron.xex
  8. I reworked My version of ActRaiser to Stereo and Cleaned it up a bit. 😃 Thanks again to VinsCool for all his hard work. ActRaiser.xex
  9. This is VERY Impressive. In My Opinion, it's much better than my version. It has some real style to it.
  10. just curious, Is this my version reworked or did you do this one from scratch? 😃
  11. Splash Wave reworked in stereo with triangle bass on right and 'C' bass on left. Splash Wave.xex
  12. Magical Sound Shower reworked in stereo with triangle bass on right and 'C' bass on left. had to do this one in 2 separate pieces (left and right) due to the limitations of rmt with the number of tracks available. spliced left and right together using audacity.
  13. are you going to integrate this into RMT for the exports?
  14. Unreal Superhero III With the New Triangle Bass. Just For Fun. 😃 Unreal Superhero III.xex
  15. sounds like a problem with the emulator. maybe a configuration problem? I'm using Atari800 on Linux mint with no issues. I also use Altirra with WINE.
  16. yes. I use the xex exports in Altirra and Atari800 (Linux) all the time. example. recorded, using Altirra: https://youtu.be/zMR2WNQzh3A
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