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  1. I don't really care about the 2600 core. I already have a dozen ways to play 2600 games on a modern TV. Intellivision, ADAM are top priorities and I will be stoked if the Intellivision sees a stable core on this. My wish list would be the Astrocade, Spectrum, AMF MP 1000 Dream Machine, TI 99, Apple IIe, other early computers as those do not have a lot of ways to play around using the technology of the Phoenix. C64 is not needed as there are a lot of ways to play C64 games and emulate the computer in a way that is close to the original. Also nice would by an Odyssey2 interface. 5200 would be a waste of time given the analog nature of the system. NES and beyond have a lot of support already from other projects.
  2. Where? I received no email link! I barely heard anything in 2019. If this is how communication is going to be, refund me! 👎
  3. I am interested in trading my secret game from 2019 for CV Gradius if anyone is interested. I'd also sell, but more interested in trading. Already re-upped and looking forward to 2020! Located in the US.
  4. I would definitely want a copy of this!
  5. Does anyone here know what the story is with this Enduro label variation? I checked Atariage, Atarimania and asked around and no one has seen it before or has any info on it. It was purchased off of a seller in Egypt if that helps at all. Apologies if this is already posted elsewhere and I somehow missed it: .
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