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  1. Looks worse than I remember. Arcade quality, indeed... Thanks for the info. bp
  2. I have the vaguest recollection of this game on my TI-99/4A from back in 1983/4. It was one of the last games I purchased for it, and I believe it was one of only two or so that I mail ordered, the other being Moonbeam Express from Moonbeam Software. Both of these games were Extended BASIC games, which would explain why I recall Aztec Challenge being so amazingly slow. I didn't enjoy the game, I recall. I sold the TI (not due to Aztec Challenge) and moved to an Apple //c a short time later. I have reacquired a TI system, more recently. Just FYI. bp
  3. Oh? So it wouldn't work right off. I have no scope. I have a voltmeter. Am I lost then? bp
  4. I still have the orig Playstation I purchased in 1996. It's worked quite well over the years. I modded it long ago. A year or so ago the occasional CD would not load or load slowly. I assumed drive was about to give up the ghost. Then the machine wouldn't spin at all and the display would flicker repeatedly. I assumed a PSU failure had taken place -- replace it with an eBay unit (with a blue LED) and that problem went away. But the CD-ROM drive problem got worse. Finally I couldn't load anything. It sounded like a spin issue. So, I bought a replacement new mechanism on eBay and installed it. I hear spinning and seeking, but the spinning doesn't last as long as it should and the seeking sounds stuttered -- as if it's having trouble focusing - not normal. So I looked and there was no other seller of such parts so I rolled the dice and purchased ANOTHER mechanism from the same guy and it's the same thing. Spinning that slows down -- I can hear like 5 spins per second before it stops, and it won't load anything. The seek sound sounds labored also. This is the unit and vendor I twice purchased for my SCPH-1001: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OPTICAL-LASER-LENS-MECHANISM-for-SONY-Playstation-SCPH-1001/360534474878 Does anyone have any advice here? For whatever reason I'd like to keep this unit working rather than buying a used, modded PS1. Thanks. bp
  5. Hmm. I purchased Thrust from John Dondzilla at classicgamecreations.com back in 2007. I thought it came with an insert for the screen, and so I spent an hour looking all over the room for it last night (I want to picture it in a game competition over at r/Retrobattlestations) and couldn't find it. I then dug around in email and see that Jonh indicated it doesn't come with an insert and that he was unaware of any being available. I guess it didn't come with one, for me anyway. But I've seen a few photos of an insert in place and it sounds like some of you have one. Is that true? Does anyone know where I can purchase this insert today? Also -- how is the mini game activated? It's hidden I suppose. Thanks. https://www.flickr.com/photos/blakespot/2380594010/in/photolist-9CCmS6-5HtBhz-4NTdCS-4CnaEj-4BgFzZ-4BfNv1-4ChSYg-4CnaGC-4CnaHW-4ChSUz-6i9aJV-51sc4F bp
  6. http://ataritools.fr...NIX-PROJECT.htm Did this ever get released? I was surprised to see no version of Phoenix for the A8. bp
  7. I have an Atari 800XL PAL unit with Supervideo XL mod that I paid a good bit for from Germany. The keyboard in it had a stuck key. I confirmed it was mechanical. Air did not help so I took the membrane loose. Apparently a mistake. Replacing after cleaning, only the function keys work. Reseated cable repeatedly. I was going to buy another unit on eBay and take the keyboard, but they are too expensive, so I will not be watching scene demos on this but shelving it, it seems. I can't afford a new one. (Someone is currently selling a PIECE OF FOAM from the box of a 600XL for $32....) Before I close the door on my A8 experience for probably a decade, I wanted to see if anyone had a spare keyboard for the unit that I could buy for a fairly low price. Probably not, but I wanted to take one more chance before I put this broken system away. Thanks. :-/ bp
  8. Hah. I've thought about such things. There is the Atari Falcon with an '030 on a 16-bit RAM bus and the Mac LC/LC II with an 020 (and 030 respectively) on 16-bit busses. I wrote this letter 12 years ago to the editor to RetroGamer magazine (which got published in issue 11, actually) in response to a piece they'd written. Take it as you will. - - - - - "I wanted to report a bit of an error in the Apple IIgs article that ran in issue 9. The author refers to the IIgs as a "16-bit" machine, akin to the Amiga and Atari ST. That comparison is inaccurate. The Motorola 68000 in the Amiga and Atari ST is a "16/32" bit processor in that it has an internal 32-bit architecture (32-bit registers, etc.) but sits on a 16-bit data bus. It does not communicate externally at 32-bits. The WDC 65C816 in the Apple IIgs is a "8/16" bit processor in that it has an internal 16-bit architecture, but communicates with the rest of the world in 8-bits. (Likewise the Sinclair QL uses a Motorola 68008 CPU which is basically a 68000 that, while sporting a 32-bit internal architecture, communicates with the rest of the system by way of an 8-bit data bus.) So if the Amiga/Atari ST is considered 16-bit, thenthe IIgs would have to be called 8-bit. If you call the Amiga/Atari ST 32-bit machines - which would not be an entirely wrong description, then the IIgs becomes a 16-bit machine. This is quite an important distinction that was not made clear in the article." - - - - - It's interesting that both the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive and the Super Nintendo were "16-bit" game machines of the same generation, but the former used a MC68000 and the latter used a 65C816. They can't both be "16-bit" machines. bp
  9. ...but that does make me ask. Does the 9995 in the Geneve have access to more Than 256 bytes of 16-bit RAM? Surely it must. How is the memory structured in the Geneve? bp
  10. Hah, well, there are a few other violations of that in the posts over the years. Perhaps more "8-bit" in spirit... :-) bp
  11. Thanks so much, mizapf! I've added this to my aforelinked christmas demo roundup blog post. Such a rare thing, that little program on that little platform. bp
  12. That would be swell. However long you think? Obv the full run-through and if it repeats or persists forever in some way, maybe overall 4 or 5 mins? Whatever you think. Thanks! bp
  13. I was hoping a video existed already. I am not currently setup with MESS to emulate Geneve, I'm afraid. Would be superb if you had the ability and inclination to do so, I must say. bp
  14. I had an Apple IIe and in the summer of 1986 I was able to get a Prometheus ProModem 1200A internal modem for it for my birthday. I later used that modem in a Laser 128 and then an Apple IIgs. My next modem was an Avatex 1200 on an Atari 520ST. The Supra 2400 was the first faster-than-1200-baud modem I got, and that was on my Amiga 2000 in ~1989. Fastest modem I ever had before switching to cable was the Cardinal 144e on my DOS PC. Switched to cable forever in 1997. bp
  15. I've done another roundup of interesting vintage holiday home computer demos I've found out there online (videos). Sixth or seventh year now, wow. Have a look, if you like the sounds of square-wave jingling bells. (I must inform: this year I found no new Atari demos, but there are quite a few in the (linked) collections of years' past.) http://www.bytecellar.com/2018/12/13/have-a-helping-of-8-bit-holiday-cheer-2018-edition/ Ho ho ho. bp
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