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  1. :o THAT is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Ciao!
  2. I just recently beat the original Halo. While just a skotch over-rated, it still kicked major ass. Played multiplayer with some friends, and all of our characters were named after characters in Iron Maiden songs. The Trooper (myself) never once died without his boots on. The Clansman repeatedly melee'd me in the back of the knee, even though he was on MY FRIGGIN' TEAM! And onto Halo 2... ...played co-op with my friend (Ryan, a.k.a., The Prisoner.) and we were sorta dissapointed. The invisible walls were probably the biggest dissapointment, as well as the lack of care put into the aiming/firing system. I was driving the warthog, ran into an invisible wall, got out, and was immediatley ran over by MY OWN VEHICLE. Multiplayer gives the original Halo a run for it's money, though. Sa-weet! The first time we played it (same four.) we used rather pointless names. the rather embarrasing first kill of Halo 2 multiplayer we ever witnessed was Jesus Christ being killed by Pubic Lice. Ciao!
  3. You know, I'm trying to like the DS, but it just dosen't do anything for me... ...I liked the Game Boy. I liked the Game Boy Pocket. I loved the Game Boy Color, I was dissapointed with the GBA, and since, I've lost intrest in Nintendo's portables. Of course, I'm not getting a PSP, and probably not getting whatever Microsoft's offering is. Ciao!
  4. We've all seen threads like "Atari 2600 vs. ColecoVision vs. Intellivison, and the like, but I can't say I've seen a strictly CV vs. INTV debate. So which is your favorite, and why? I have to go with the ColecoVision. It looks futuristic, but still has the occasional childish games to toddle back to. The BC games, Campaign '84 and Zaxxon, among others, keep me entertained forever. Plus, it seems so much more nostalgic than the Intellivision. Ciao!
  5. Those are cool... ...I can't see it that well, what does the "Official Hacker's Liscence" one say? That "Burgertime puts me in a pickle" one is too funny. Ciao!
  6. I remember marathon gaming sessions of "Streets of Rage" and "Golden Axe". Those were hella-fun. Ciao!
  7. My favorite version of Montezuma's Revenge? Eaisly the Apple IIe. My favorite version of Choplifter! is definatley the Sega Master System version. Ciao!
  8. The Coleco Gemini. Just kidding, the original Heavy Sixer. Ciao!
  9. That is sick and twisted. Funny, no less, but sick and twisted. Ciao!
  10. In the olden days, I definatley did. Now, well, I only have an Xbox, but if I had something else, chances are I wouldn't buy the same game across platforms. Ciao!
  11. My favorite non-Atari console? The Sega Genesis/Megadrive by far. Ciao!
  12. Mega Turrican!!! That was it!!! Thank you very much, I've been looking for this game for a long, long time now. I just downloaded it on emulator, and I'm playing the hell out of it. This game is much harder to play on a keyboard, though... ...I remember getting the biggest kick out of "hooking" my sister up to the Genesis at my friend's house and "excavating" in her brain . That's entertainment you can't buy. Ciao!
  13. I've been looking for this game for quite some time now... ...problem is I don't know it's name. I remember when I was about 9 or 10, me and some of my ever-mischevious friends would trick my sister into believing that some of the levels were her internal organs, and we were shooting the "viruses and diseases" and whatnot... ...so here's what we remember: * - It was a Data East game. * - Being a Data East game, when you started it, you'd hear a semi-manly voice say "DATA EAST!" * - The main character was a white robot-looking thing. * - I remember the main character being able to stay underwater forever without needing air. This was a big deal to me, as all of my games required the player to resurface for water. * - There was one whole level where you were just falling, and falling, and stuff was falling down with you that you had to shoot. * - I don't seem to remember there being any weapon upgrades. * - Several of the levels had slime/snot/other nasty stuff dripping off the platforms. Please help, I have a burning desire to play this game. Ciao!
  14. If all the consoles and double-enders work, I'd say it's an excellent deal! Motorodeo is pretty fun homebrew, too. I don't care that much for BMX Airmaster. Ciao!
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