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  1. I ordered both the FinalGROM99 and the C4CPC cases. Both arrived in a timely fashion and were well packaged. I am really happy with the cases and will definately purchase further cases in the near future. Paul Herbert
  2. Hi Lee, Thanks for the quick response. Yea the joysticsk are plugged into the left side plug. Maybe they just don't work. If this was the case I was hoping to just use the keyboard but I can't seem to find any keys that respond other than the 'a' key. Mmm. Thanks funkychimp
  3. Good morning, I bought a Ti99 off eBay. The Ti came with the original Ti joysticks (two into one port). I am using a FinalGROM 99 with my Ti99. When I load a ROM, any game, the joysticks don not appear to work. Are all games playable via keyboard or do you have to use joysticks? My keyboard appears to be working without issue as I have tested each key in Ti Basic but the keyboard does not appear to work with any game I load. The 'Q' key appears to work for fire in some games but not others. The E,S,D and X keys do not appear to work for direction. The Alpha lock key is in the up position. Any help would be most welcome. Kind regards funkychimp
  4. Hi MacRorie, How do I preorder an Utimate cart from the next batch? kind regards funkychimp
  5. Hi, Is it still possible to purchase one? Thanks funkychimp
  6. Hi, How do you know where in the queue you are or if you are in the queue at all? I have registered for the pre order news letter on the website while back and have not received any updates? Thanks Funkychimp UPDATE Sorry, I just noticed the new queue check link on the site. 230th in the queue. But hey I'm in the queue
  7. Hi all, Just declaring my interest in purchasing this card. I've just picked up a t99 from eBay and am looking forward to starting my Texas adventure. I take it the official purchase details will be announced on this thread? Thanks Funkychimp
  8. Hi, Please can you put me down on the pre-order list? Flash cart plus case. Thank you Paul Herbert
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