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  1. Hey, my local Mom and Pop gaming shop brings in AtGames stuff from time to time, and they're unloading some old Flashback 6s right now. Anyone know much about that version? Online I see that the wireless controllers are "line of sight" and that possibly Secret Quest doesn't work because there are missing switches (leading me to ask why was it included at all). Anyone know if this one is worth owning if you can get it cheap/ Are the controllers terrible? Is there a trick to play games with missing switches (like Secret Quest)? I'm not incredibly picky about these systems, and having two wireless controllers on a system would make for a good system for me and my 7-year old on the living room TV (he likes Atari because I'm raising him right). Thanks for any help.
  2. This is my favorite thread this year. From wouldn't-it-be-cool-concept to sprite art, a possible engine discussion, and some music in two pages. The 7800 community is pretty great.
  3. When I first got that game in the mail, my wife said "what's that? A betting simulator?" Still my favorite joke shes ever made.
  4. Hat in the ring at least. PMC Random Mazes: 24,710 My 7800 has some issues with the difficulty switches not always registering (if I switch it and press in on it hard, it sometimes reads, if I just switch it, it may not read at all), so is there any potential problem with Ms PacMan? Should I be getting 5 lives there or is that a difficulty switch option?
  5. Agree 500%. I used to be like this first when I got into the 7800 back in 2004. I've always liked more new people coming on here to talk about the games from new perspectives. Please keep it up. :)
  6. I just started selling all my other systems and games. It was just as well. I only really play the Atari stuff anyway.
  7. When I buy games for a 30+ year old system instead of much bigger games for cheaper on brand new hardware where the games don't even take up any physical space or physically exist at all? Yes. Glass houses etc. :)
  8. Just curious: Does anyone order a game that has a box option and not select the box with it? I cannot imagine doing that. It would be like ordering your favorite drink and saying "and please serve it to me in an old shoe instead of a glass."
  9. Another suggestion if it's acceptable. At some point could we do another "variety pack" round of less enjoyable games like we have in some past seasons, where one round has 2 - 4 games? So stuff that's not as enjoyable (e.g. Jinks, Karateka, Water Ski, etc.) get combined together so we do play them at some point (otherwise I never, ever, ever break out some of these games at all). Maybe adjust the points so that each game is worth less than a full round. I also strongly second Dungeon Stalker, which is a fantastic one to save for the Halloween round.
  10. I've honestly spent almost no time with that one, which is odd, as football is a sport I absolutely love to watch. In the HSC post I linked to, if you real through all the pages you'll see that me and another few people started to really dig into Realsports Baseball and learned how to beat that one at least, despite it originally feeling impossible and deeply broken.
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