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  1. Looks pretty good. Is there a list of the 350 games somewhere? Would love to see someone playing Marble Madness on it. Also, for the old classic arcade games, how's the emulation handled? MAME or something else??
  2. As long as they include the deck protectors, I don't think the replacement artwork is necessary on wave 2 models. I mean really, you get a minty new control deck with a protector from day one. Unless you really abuse the thing, you'll be fine. Sure there's always a chance you'll get a flawed deck out of the box and then you'll have to deal with support and get a replacement, but as is, I see no reason to have the extra artwork. That said, Space Invaders is my 5th A1UP cab. The previous 4 were all good, played on a daily basis and taken care of, and when deck protectors came in I put them on and saved the artwork as it wasn't needed. The artwork was included before for those that had wear and tear. I've had only one issue and it was quickly resolved. I requested the new PCBA's for Rampage and Galaga and they sent them out quickly. When I installed the new Galaga board the monitor died. I checked all the connections, made sure it was grounded, etc., and no luck. So I thought maybe I got a bad new PCBA and swapped the old one back in. Nope, still dead. A1UP sent me a new one and 10 days later I had a new monitor assembly. Now my Galaga with the 1.0.5 board has the Galaxian colors fixed and 6 digit high score saves on Galaga and is better than new. If you're a fan of Space Invaders I think you'll be pleased with the cab. My only complaint so far is the sound is way too loud. I'm deaf in one ear and even on the low settings the sound is too much, especially when the UFO makes an appearance. I remedied it by placing a ceramic coaster over the speaker but then I couldn't hear the heartbeat thumps of the invaders marching. So for now I've got the cloth I use for wiping down fingerprints handy and folded and placed over the speaker. That works better for me although the wife says it's still too loud, haha.
  3. A couple more pics, showing how the deck protector now comes in the box. It's taped on top of the control panel. Just remove the tape, peel off the protective film, and good to go. Before assembly, and after checking the parts and making sure I had everything, I connected the control panel, plugged her in, and did a quick play test to make sure everything worked. It was like Space Invaders Cocktail, haha.
  4. It's Space Invaders, I had to get it. Ordered online, shipped to my door, got it Tuesday. The FedEx guy even carried the box up a flight of stairs for this old man. Yeah, would have been nice if they'd have included at the very least, Space Invaders Part II. But as is, I'm extremely happy with this cab.
  5. That Space Invaders looks awesome, oh, and very nice score on Pac-Man. Which pattern(s) do you use to get such a high score?
  6. I'm up to three now, picked up Galaga this morning for $249. I know some Walmart's were marking them down even further, but my local store had them back at $299. So I bought online for store pickup while they were still $249 there. Now I see online is back at $299 as well so I made it just in time there it seems. So I got both Pac-Man and Galaga at the Black Friday price and the Atari Deluxe at $325 as I had a store credit at Best Buy for $75. Overall, I'm happy with what I paid and I'm happy with all three cabs so far. Also of note, my Walmart had finally set up both a Pac-Man and a Galaga for play in store in a center aisle. Before, and all through Black Friday weekend, they only had a Galaga up way in the back and it had the plexiglass cover over the controls so you couldn't play. IMO, if they had done that before they might have sold a few more.
  7. Those two games were a big draw for me and the Atari 12-1. Gravitar is awesome, tough as nails, but a great game and plays great on these A1UPs.
  8. I tried my local Walmart today and they still have a good amount of Pac-Man and Galaga. I didn't count them but it looked as though they had more of Galaga so besides the one I bought maybe they sold a few more Pac-Man. But they have bumped the prices back up to $299. I was hoping to get Galaga at or below the Black Friday price of $249 and toss one in layaway. And to complicate matters I could order one online for that $249 and choose in store pick-up but then I couldn't put it in layaway. I thought about getting a manager and showing him the online price, in hopes they would price match it. They probably would but then I thought they're going to say since it's a Black Friday price I can't use layaway anyway. If I had the cash now it would be a different story but I'm waiting til later in the week when my once a month fixed income is fixed. If I can find a Galaga then for $249 or less, it's mine.
  9. As someone who has the Atari Deluxe 12-1 I gotta say that Asteroids Deluxe Costco exclusive looks sweet. I like the artwork, bezel, and control panel much better. Wonder if it saves high scores for Asteroids? The 12-1 does for Asteroids Deluxe but not for Asteroids so I'm guessing this one will be the same. I'm not a fan of pre-assembled, there's no way that would fit in my small car where as the Pac-Man box fit like a glove, but I can see the draw there. I would also like it better had they dropped the spinner games and in their place put in a trackball and Missile Command and Marble Madness. That would rock.
  10. My Walmart had 20 Pac-Man and at least 20 Galaga. I would have bought one of each but could only afford one, so walked out with Pac-Man. Got it home and assembled, very nice cab, joystick works great. The red trim is a nice touch, surprised that it wasn't paint but T-molding. Hoping to get Galaga before they are gone but it'll have to wait until after Christmas, will definitely be picking up a Space Invaders when they come out here in the US. These things are awesome for the price.
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