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  1. Got it and set up yesterday. I wasn't sure exactly what all the update_all script would pull in rom wise. I had put that in the scripts directory after flashing the mrfusion.img. Turns out I had plenty of room on that 8GB card and then did just like you said, ftp in and add stuff. Got it all going well and loving it, already looking to get that 128MB SDRAM for the Neo stuff.
  2. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll run Mr. Fusion first. I'm guessing 8GB is enough room for all the cores and then with the space left (if there is any) I can cherry pick what roms I want, even if I have to add those manually.
  3. I've been watching the MiSTer news and gathering info for a while now. Finally ordered, just the DE10 Nano Kit and a cheap USB hub to get me going. They should be in my hands in a few days. Any tips for a MiSTer noob on what script(s) to run and what will fit on the pack in 8GB SD card?
  4. Things like random disconnects from arcadenet, which for some reason is needed to local stream. This happened around 4.0.0 I guess, and it's still there. The arcadenetlink app is a buggy mess. Yes, it no longer bricks computers if you try to uninstall but it also is needed to local stream. And when the session is over the only way to quit the app is to force quit. You're absolutely right, I can choose not to upgrade and I usually do just that. I learned my lesson months ago to take a wait and see approach to the weekly updates. I was in beta and still communicate with some that still are. They give me a head's up at what's coming and what to look for. I'm not a youtube influencer so I can afford to not only sing the praises when it's due, but sing the blues when things break. Look, I love my ALU but all I'm saying is I wish they'd spend as much time fixing things that need it as they do pushing out new features. Add as many features as you like, I may even use some and it's always nice to have options. I just don't see the need to do it on a weekly basis, there's no rush.
  5. Yeah, that's fine. But while you're adding features on a regular basis how about fixing some of the nagging bugs that some of these features introduce? Those seem to get overlooked sometimes in the push to add more.
  6. I do not understand the push for weekly updates. Don't get me wrong, the added features are nice but it feels like someone on the "team" thinks that if a Wednesday update is missed that's a bad thing. No need to rush. 😀
  7. Not the addon tool, but it's been added to a modified mame 2003+ core now and works beautifully on Windows.
  8. Hey @Bill Loguidice any news on when sample support is coming for the Windows AddOn Tool?
  9. Mine from Walmart was shipped to my door. It came UPS and the UPS guy put the box on a dolly and brought it up a flight of stairs for me. The box and cabinet were in great shape, no damages at all. I would not hesitate there. People seem to think that in store pickup is better but I disagree. That box is not going to get any better treatment in handling on it's way to the store (not to mention what the employees in the store will do with it) , you don't have to go pick it up, and if there's a problem you can always return it to your local store or have UPS come get it. My problems have all been with the internal electronics, notably loose connectors that were easily fixed and a bad USB cable. I found 2-3 loose connections, one was a ribbon cable that was so loose it fell off when I touched it and a HDMI cable that wasn't pushed in far enough. The USB cable running between the USB board and CPU was my real problem. After 10 days or so my USB ports quit working. First, I found a loose connection there and re-seated it which didn't help. Closer inspection revealed a frayed cable caused by an over zealous application of one of those plastic zip ties used to hold numerous cables together. Cable management only works if the cables work, heh. I managed to tape it up and get it working. I'm waiting on a new cable (at my expense) to arrive to fix it proper, Amazon sent me the wrong one the first time, but so far I've had no other issues.
  10. For a factory reset check the faq, you're not pressing all the right buttons....https://www.atgames.net/arcades/faq/ 1. Power off the arcade. 2. Press and hold down START + MENU buttons, as well as the recovery button via a pin. 3. Power on the arcade. 4. Release the recovery button once the LCD turns on. (the blue light will turn on) 5. Not in the FAQ, but keep pressing the start+menu button until you see the AtGames logo disappear and then release them both. It can be a bit tricky if you've not done it before. That said, if you have the image file correctly named there's no need to do a factory reset which by the way doesn't erase your personal login or wi-fi info anyway. It just puts you back on version 1.xxx of the firmware. Once you plug in the USB stick with the firmware and the Legends reads it correctly a window will pop up prompting you and ask if you want to do the upgrade. There's no need to boot with the USB stick in for it to work. Have you tried any addon games? Did your Legends read those from the USB Stick without any problems?
  11. Available now if you want it. Link to open beta here.... https://www.atgames.net/arcades/release-notes/
  12. Yeah, here's to hoping it's a mistake. I would be all over a Burger Time cab, Karate Champ not so much. It might be the same 4 games but in this case, and for me anyway, looks matter.
  13. For now anyway, there's no way to remap controls for this so you're stuck there. Hopefully, they'll give us a way to do it in a future update to the addon tool. I'm hoping for this and sample support and then the addon tool will be better than it is right now. Which as is, the best feature on the ALU IMHO. Not arcade, but try Williams Arcade Hits for the Genesis. It's pretty good, totally playable with dual sticks on the ALU, and easily added with the addon tool. To be fair, the countdown timer wasn't really taking away from your balance. So even though it was counting down, it didn't subtract from your total. It's already been fixed. As for the other issue, yeah, that's a biggie, supposedly fixed now but I'll wait until more people actually try to uninstall it before thinking about trying it.
  14. This a pretty cool feature. There's a video on the tube of a guy showing how using the right MAME core gives better (not perfect) sound on Donkey Kong. But man, look at that whacked out screen. It's around the 5:30 mark... Here are some pics I took using the new "Pixel Perfect" mode. It's far from perfect, but it's an improvement I think. Before... After...
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