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  1. Our trailer hit this week, cracking 100k views in one day! We'll be premiering in Boston on 4/26 at the Somerville Theatre.
  2. Hi again AtariAge: For those keeping tabs, we just posted a new update over at GameStoreDoc.com. We got a lot shot this past month, some of it over in Clifton, NJ and Salem, MA. The winter and spring will be our buckle-down-and-edit period (along with more shooting), but for now: pictures!
  3. Another month, another update! This is pulled from our ongoing IGG blog, available here: Hello once again from the team at Not For Resale! A belated happy Halloween to all! As always, we’d like to bring you up to speed on the progress we’ve been making on the film. Here’s what we did this past month: This October we made our way to the 11th annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Oregon, a convention centered around the culture and collection of classic video games. During our three days at the convention we were able to meet up with old friends from the Video Game History Foundation and make new ones with Kelsey Lewin, co-owner of Pink Gorilla Games in Seattle. One of our main interests in the expo’s was the opportunity to talk to vendors and enthusiasts directly about the market for physical media in 2017. Collectors, panelists, and academics in attendance took time to chat with us about the changing nature of how we access media and why so many people would come out to a convention when they could shop online. It didn’t hurt that the Expo had a near-complete collection of the entire Atari 2600 library in box on display, either. We had so many interviews to cover that we brought on some extra hands in the sound department just for Portland (a wise choice, looking back on the material we covered that long weekend). We take pride in our documentary’s efforts in the sound department and it will absolutely show in the final product. November and December are bringing us back on the road for some trips we need to keep hush-hush on for the moment, but in the meantime we’ll be working diligently behind the scenes to continue to bring the movie together. Thanks again for the support, we’ll see you soon here and on Twitter & Facebook. -Kevin J. James, Not For Resale Director
  4. Hi again Atari Age! Here's an update from our recent trip to California. We flew out there a few weeks back to get some interviews for the film. I'm going to copy/paste some text from our IndieGoGo page here to sum up what we got up to: First off, we are proud to announce that Kinda Funny, IGN, and Podcast Beyond veteran Greg Miller has joined our film’s ranks! We were invited to the Kinda Funny studio to sit down with Greg for a discussion on the evolution of digital distribution and what it means for physical retail. As a long-running commentator and someone who exists outside of the worlds of retail and game development, we’re excited to have Greg’s candor and perspective as part of Not For Resale. Previous face of GameStop TV, future host of the Nintendo World Championships, What’s Good Games Co-Founder, and freelance producer extraordinaire Andrea Rene was next in our line of California interviewees. Andrea recalled the early days of the 7th generation of gaming consoles and explained why she still had some boxed copies of games she could easily be playing through digital means. With a desire to talk to a retro gaming collector, we spent a night talking with none other than Pat Contri, an enthusiast of all things classic gaming, published author of Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library, and, of course, our executive producer. Getting the perspective of someone who’s closely watched the trends of the enthusiast market made for a great interview. We’ll be sure to see Pat again next month at Portland Retro Gaming Expo where we’ll run into our next interviewee... Curator of the Video Game History Foundation, Editor in Chief of Lost Levels, and all around gaming historian Frank Cifaldi made some time for Not For Resale during our California trek. Frank’s talk at the 2016 Game Developers Conference and efforts in the arena of digitally archiving tangible game media brought him to our attention early on in pre-production, so we’re glad to have him on board for the film. His pro-emulation, progressive stance on the medium highlighted the benefits of digital access to games. This October we will be making a trip to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, so if you see our crew on the show floor be sure to say hi! Until then, we’ll do our best to keep everyone in the loop on our production here, on Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks again. -Kevin J. James, Not For Resale Director
  5. So, we're at the final day with Not For Resale's crowdfunding campaign over at GameStoreDoc.com. If you've been sleeping on backing the movie, now's your chance to get a thank you, a blu-ray, and other goodies. Thanks for everything, Atari Age. I remain pleasantly surprised at how constructive and helpful everyone has been about the movie thus far. We'll try and deliver something people want on their shelf.
  6. We just hit 85% today, going into our final weekend of fund raising at GameStoreDoc.com. We have a few games and blu-rays signed by James Rolfe we're giving away as perks, but they're going pretty quick as of this posting. 5/8 are long gone as of me typing this.
  7. We just swung past 70% of our campaign goal this morning. What a whacky percentage to post, but a good one nevertheless! Things are trucking along well behind the scenes. We're scheduling with Psyonix Games and Luna Games in San Diego this week for a trip in September. Our campaign ends in just under two weeks, so if you want your name in the film or a copy of it you should swing over to GameStoreDoc.com soonish.
  8. Here's another ~1 minute clip, this time from Toronto, Ontario at Iceman Video Games. This place was hard to leave. We must have 4 hours of video from this one stop alone.
  9. Big thanks to Metal Jesus Rocks, Pat Contri, and Lazy Game Reviews for their shout outs this past week. On top of that, we landed James Rolfe to interview for Not For Resale. We're down to the last 11 days, so now is as good a time as any to back the project if you'd like a copy of the movie, exclusive footage, a credit in the movie, etc. We're over at GameStoreDoc.com.
  10. Here's a new clip from Lost Ark Video Games in Greensboro, North Carolina. This place had an original Pokémon Snap machine complete with hordes of printing paper. You could even bring in your own N64 cartridge and print stickers from it! Dan (the owner) had some thoughts to share on just what made a game valuable to his customers. Take a listen and, if you like what you see, we could use your support over at GameStoreDoc.com.
  11. The weekend was pretty good to us- we hit 32% of our crowdfunding goal! We also had the good fortune of getting mentioned on Pat Contri's CUPodcast, too. He gave his thoughts on the movie along with some positive & constructive sentiments about the subject matter. We've got a little under three weeks left with the campaign, if you're interested in a perk.
  12. Hey, to each their own, but the team on our movie has a perfect track record with crowd funding if that helps. Everything we've worked on has made it to market within our earliest deadline estimates.
  13. We've been talking with Joe Santulli from the Museum about doing just that!
  14. Thanks! We're going to try and have one 30-60 second clip up a week during the IndieGoGo campaign. The next one should be from Lost Ark Video Games in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  15. Absolutely. You're not the first person to bring up the Expo to us. Depending on how well our crowd funding efforts go we're likely to hit the western half of the US sometime in the autumn.
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