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  1. No they don't have the instruction manuals, the catalog and stickers are there.
  2. After Selling my complete collection of videogames, these are the last 2600 games i have for sale. They don't need to leave my house but if the price is right they will. The games are in very good condition, and i even think they are unused. For more information or pictures feel free to contact me.
  3. I haven't got a box. But the purple is also missing. Blue and red is purple, right?
  4. I have 43 unique and complete games. The Lynx still is one of my favorite consoles/handhelds
  5. Recently I came across 3 videogems titles in excellent condition. and today received 3 Bomb carts. Paid about $10,- for the lot.
  6. Is it normal that a 2600 jr has lost the color red in the rainbow, or is it a misprint? The word 'power' which is also printed in red is missing too.
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