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  1. I always thought that Atari 7800 version of Galaga is the best version that is possible on 8-bit system. I was wrong! This could be much better on older system. Its just amazing. Playsoft - please keep up the great work. I hope this project will turn into full game.
  2. There is video on Youtube with yours hack. Game looks excellent with new sprites and new colors. But problem with collision detection is serious. Take a look at the video how bomb which hit the ground before vehicle destroy it . Watch the video from time 4:48. https://youtu.be/D4E-DWB9800?t=285
  3. Green is much better in this version. About the new buggy design. Looks very nice, but there are some flaws. Vertical shots appears not over the gun barrel but few pixel to the right. Buggy is much smaller, so bomb dropped do not need to hit the buggy to destroy it. Bomb that hit the ground in front of the car is able to destroy it. It is hard to determine for a player if the bomb is going to destroy the vehicle or not . One small thing. Vehicle in game gained third wheel, but that small vehicle in right upper corner still has only two wheels
  4. Version a05c looks best so far. Collision detection is somewhat tricky. Vehicle is shorter so when bomb is dropped just before it the vehicle will be destroyed. I see that you are using just 5200 file version so sound and music is corrupted. Here is version with correct sound: http://atarionline.pl/arch/M/Moon%20Patrol%20%28Atari%29/Moon%20Patrol%20%281982%29%28Atari%29%28US%29%5B5200%5D%5Bk-file%5D.atr
  5. Ok! here is a mockup how it would look like. Buggy wihout the cross and gun barrel shorter by 2 pixels.
  6. urborg

    Moon Patrol

  7. Version a03c looks really good, and plays well. Good iteration of the arcade vehicle, so good that I started toi thinking if it is possible to make it better . I have tried to move few pixels . Is it possible to make buggy looks like that? Buggy looks more rounded. I added few pixels at back, and one in front under the front gun barrel. I also remove one black pixel near the gun and lowered by one pixel the horizontal bar on the vertical barrel. For me if I narrow my eyes the vehicles on left and right look almost the same
  8. urborg

    Moon Patrol hack

    From the album: Moon Patrol

  9. I 've been testing this version a01c. I think that front gun barrel is too slim. Bullets fired are much more thick. The barrel should be thicker and located in lower position, because now during shot bullets appear not in front of it, but few lines below.
  10. OK. Here is my first converted image: Source: Result after few hours of computations: output.xex
  11. Thanks Phaeron. Great port of an excellent game. Atari computers really lacks on pinball games so this one is really welcome. I played Midnight Magic a lot on 2600 and found it really entertaining. Always wondered why nobody had ever ported it to 8-bit computers. Btw. would it be a big effort to change shape of the ball to more rounded?
  12. If somebody hasn't already noticed. Atarionline site celebrate it's 7th birthday. New game called "Cropky" has been released on that occasion. some screenshots: More can read here. In polish unfortuantely, but you can always use google translate. Download here
  13. Still working on it. My list of 7800 projects is pretty long. I hope it is high on your projects list Are there chances to see it this year?
  14. Its on my list of things to do. It was mentioned in the original CGE release information here :- http://www.atariage.com/features/shows/cge2010_preview/expansion.html#joystick Hello. How the project is going? I'm still waiting for that device and PAL version of Robotron.
  15. Double Dragon on 7800 is really poor conversion. But it doesn't flicker like on NES or SMS. I think good games for comparision are Commando and Ikari Warriors. But remember to not compare games basing on static screenshots. In my opinion 7800 versions are better than NES versions. Commando for 7800 has a more colorful graphics and doesn't flicker at all. Nes version in comparison has a more detailed graphics as it runs in higher resolution, but has awful colors, and flickers a bit. Commando for 7800 has a Pokey chip build in, so sound is as good as NES. Result could be considered as a draw, altough I personally prefer 7800 version. Ikari Warriors - NES version has better graphics, more detailed and faithful to the arcade. When you compare screenshots NES is wining wihout any doubt. But 7800 version run smoothly, without any flickering and slowdowns even when it is more than 10 enemies on the screen. Nes version when it is a lot of action on the screen, flickers as hell, making it almost unplayable in some moments. NES has much better sound as there is no Pokey chip in 7800 version. So NES has a better graphics and sound, while 7800 version runs more smoothly and is more playable. I prefer 7800 version as well.
  16. Its a pity , as there is still no PAL version of Robotron 2084
  17. I heard that special dual joystick holder were being produced and sold for games like Robotron 2084. I wonder how it look like. Does anyone have such a device and can show a photos of it?
  18. This comparision is quite unfair as Colecovision is console of the second generation while Atari 7800 is console of third generation. It is obvious that Atari 7800 is a much more powerful hardware. This however can not be true in terms of sound capabilities, as this is Atari 7800 weakest point, but in everything else Atari 7800 is simply better. Colecovision vs Atari 5200 or XEGS would be a fair comparision.
  19. urborg

    Hot 7800 Pic

    Maybe not terrible, i like the overall design, but I agree that NTSC case is much more elegant. Thin rainbow and "Prosystem" inscription looks beters. I don't know why Tramiels did't want to save money and spend it on such a lot of paint to make rainbow so thick . Maybe thats a way they spend an amount of paint they save on black-silver crtridge labels . But PAL system is better inside in return - Asteroids game build in and better controllers.
  20. Thanks for the effort. It's definitely better now. I will be gladly using the new palette now. See the comparision But I think there is still a little more green on real hardware, though. Not sure about NTSC consoles, but on PAL console and TV definitely it is. Of course my photo of the screen is not 100% accurate. I think it can be a little darker in real as white on the photo was a slightly burned. But still wings should be more greenish and a little less brownish. See the second comparision.
  21. Here is a picture of my TV (PAL). Colors of the picture closely matches of that seen on the screen.
  22. So vultures in NTSC version of Joust are really brown instead of green? Anybody can confirm that?
  23. This is an image of Joust taken from an Proststem emulator. Rom is NTSC version. Some colors here looks quite different that on my real console (PAL version). When I play it on the real hardware the color of the enemy birds is definitely not brown, but nice juicy green. I wonder if this is a matter of badly matched palette scheme, or a differences between PAL and NTSC. I assume that green is a correct color of the vultures, because this color vultures have in arcades. What should I do in order to gat proper colors on the emulator?
  24. My 7800 is connected to a 29" CRT TV. Picture is quite good. Less sharp then from my Atari 130XE, but still good. I don't use original Atari cable that comes with a console unit though, as it catches jam from the outside like an antenna. I just bought a good coaxial cable (4 meters), plugs and make a cable on my own. Picture is much better, not crystal clear, but I'm satisfied.
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