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  1. The console unit I have (PAL) has a build Asteroids game, which is usual. When I launch that game there is "copyright 1989" statement in that game. So I think it could be 1989 when PAL version of the 7800 was released. 1989 - its pretty late release. I don't know if the unit comes from United Kingdom, Germany or France though, if that can make any difference. In Poland 7800 wasn't distributed in that time.
  2. It is a fake make by polish hackers. It is just a poicture, and a password question, to make people think that they will be able to play the game if they only know the password. You're lucky you got a disc version. The tape version was loading few minutes and display a picture, then were loading for about 10-15 minutes and ask for password. After typing it computer hangs. I know some people that were loading it for maaaany hours once by once trying to guess the password. Really terrible joke
  3. Atari 1050 doesn't support Double Density. It's pretty old Floppy drive. It support only single density (90kB) and extended density (130kB).
  4. urborg

    PAL 7800 Assist?

    I can test it, but i live just on the other side of the Globe in Poland. But if it work I can buy it cart from you, because I don't have it in my collection now.
  5. Given you can buy an NTSC to PAL converter for around $30, why would you spend your valuable programming time/talent converting these? because the converters don't work very well+you would need to buy and import an NTSC 7800 Better option then using converter is to buy NTSC 7800 and compatible TV set. Many PAL TV's can work in NTSC mode as well. Converter just make PAL signal with NTSC signal by skipping some frames as I suppose, what can result in less fluent animation.
  6. Three copies which was not sold on Allegro left. Two of them I just put on Ebay.
  7. I got mine a little over a week ago. Box was a little crushed, but not too bad. I just loaded onto my MyIDE cart as an image. It looks like it works. I have not played with it much yet. I was writing to you on PM, but with no answer. Please let me know what ebay nick is yours because i don't know where to send a new box.
  8. I was googling and serchead this forum as well, but do not find schematics. I know that I'll have to replace cords and plugs. I just going to buy a cable in electronic shop and standard rs232 plugs to make new cables, because I don't want to destroy the joypads.
  9. I got mine a little over a week ago. Box was a little crushed, but not too bad. I just loaded onto my MyIDE cart as an image. It looks like it works. I have not played with it much yet. Was the inner game box sqashed as well, or only the outside box? Can you send some photos of it? I can replace it by sending you a new one.
  10. I'm serching for schematics how to mod a standard Atari XL/XE compatible joystick to work with 7800. Does anybody has it or maybe know where can it be found? I want to mod a pair of joysticks because using a joypad is not very comfortable for me. After a 15-20 minutes of playing my left thumb usually hurts so much that I have to make a break. I'm just not used to such a controller. My kids also can't play on joypads, because it is to big for their small hands (4 and 6 years old). I've got plenty of old joystick from Atari XL/XE computers Some game like Galaga can be palyed on Joystick and this is far better than a pad, but I want to have a possibility to play all the games, including 2-button games, using a joystick.
  11. I don't know why Robotron 2084 was never released in PAL version, but its a real shame, as it is a really great game. I wonder if it would be difficult to make a PAL version of the game and reproduce such a cart, considering that source code is available here.
  12. Plutos and Sirius are still available to buy?
  13. Yes! Growing you colony as fast as possibile especially in early years is defintely key to success. Forget about earning money in the first 6-7 years, just invest everything in more factories, labs, airstrips, building machines, etc. Good advice is always to have much more people than you currently need, because when you colony grow fast there is need for more people in almost every turn, but people are not always available. Even when you hire new colonists you have to wait until they pass a quarantine. When I play usually after 5-6 years I have all area explored and all the resources I am extracting is not enough. My factories consumes more than that, not speaking about resources needed to build up colony. In that moment I'm investing in big warehouses and airstripes and buy every resources there is available to buy. In warehouses I keep reserve for keepeng production for about 3 months, and rest of it I spend for building up a colony. Good advice is to have about 1.5-2 more airstripes than factories in order to be able sell all the production and buy raw materials to continue production run.
  14. For me Galaga is one of the best 7800 games if not the best one. Graphics are good, sound also is OK. Animation is smooth and gameplay is very close to the arcade version. If someone camplain about difficulty - there is 3 difficulty levels. The third one is as difficult as arcade. Other are for noobs who could complaint that it is too difficult for them . The only real thing about this version is the graphics. Altough it is very good, NES had better graphics and I think this is a case of most complaints. NES Galaga runs in high resolution what make graphics look just arcade perfect. There is a little sprite flicker sometimes on NES version though, but it is no big deal. For me 7800 Galaga is good enough and I don't care about graphics beeng slightly worse then in NES. I'm afraid that if Galaga were running in hi-res it could be worse game as it is, becouse it can loose smoothness and gameplay. There is known that rendering hi-res mode cost Maria a lot of it's power. I'm not sure if 7800 has enough power to run a smooth action in this mode.
  15. Does anybody received a package? Some should have arrived till now.
  16. I have put two more copies. No problem with shipping Worldwide. If there will remain some of the copies from Allegro, then I can put it on Ebay as well.
  17. About 10 last pieces of Kolony 2106 collectors edition have left. I put few of them on Ebay auctions. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.pl%2F%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm570%26_nkw%3Dkolony%2B2106%26_sacat%3DSee-All-Categories Few others are available on polish auction service Allegro: http://allegro.pl/item1181116999_kolony_2106_edycja_kolekcjonerska.html
  18. I've bought a 7800 console (PAL) and now I'm looking for some games for it. I prefer loose cart, as I'm not a collectioner, but just want to play some games and have fun of it, but might buy boxed versions too if the price is fair. I'm looking especially for classic positions like: Galaga Centipede Food Fight Dig Dug Pacman Ms. Pacman Donkey Kong Donkey Kong jr Mario Bros Planet Smashers Tower Toppler Crossbow
  19. I wonder what was the differences between 7800 models. As what i've read recently i assume that (correct me if I'm wrong): 1. Only early NTSC models have expansion port. 2. NTSC models has "thin rainbow" design, and PAL models "thick rainbow" design 3. Only PAL models have Asteroids game built in 4. NTSC models comes bundled with joystick-like controlers similar in shape and design to 5200 controlers, whilst PAL models comes with nes-like pads Are there any other differences between various models?
  20. Desert Falcon looks good, especially compared with rather poor Atari XE version. Ballblazer - Pokey chip inside, but music do not impress me at all. I'm an Atari XE user and I've heard hundreds of much better tunes. Maybe that's the reason. I'd say it is a waste to put Pokey chip inside, only in order to play this music.
  21. I'm curious which are most graphically and technically advanced A7800 games. I wonder what A7800 is capable to do with its hardware. As I see Alien Brigade looks good - colorful graphics, nice animations. Commando looks as advanced game too - many sprites, colorful graphics as well. Basketbrawl is also impressive with huge sprite characters, and nice use of colors. Any other types?
  22. So NTSC Rampage works fine on PAL machine?
  23. I'm new owner of the mighty 7800 console and I wonder which games weren't released in PAL. I've heard that Robotron has no PAL version . What about the others?
  24. Atari 7800 was beaten by NES and even by SMS, but... 7800 was the only console which could possibly save the world from NES domination. In 1984 it was an excellent piece of hardware. In 1986 it was already too late, due to nintendo's contracts. But even than Atari was doing nothing to promote it. Tramiel didn't want to spend money on promotion, instead he cut the price of the unit as low as possible. Console sales were not so bad as many thinks - they manage to sell about 3750000 in total. But for cheap console nobody want to produce good (expensive) games. Many games were projected to 32 kb cartridges, which results in poor quality. Tramiel wasn't interested in consoles and didn't want to put money and effort in promotion or development. Result of such an attitude we know...
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