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  1. Hi Probe, are you going to release the fixed version?
  2. ...And protect from heat, because it can also be a reason of yellowing
  3. The only thing you can do with yellowed keybord is ... get used to it
  4. Are you going to turn it on, in order to check if it still works? Because if you do so, it won't be longer "never used" machine
  5. I think I have done it. When I have more than 7000 points bells start to falling much quicker, and in result after just two or three jumps I lose a life. My final score was something about 7450 points.
  6. You can convert text written for example in Notepad to Atascii format using emulator Atari800Win. Try out an option Misc/convert/ASCII to ATASCII. If you have Basic program in txt file, you follow this scheme: 1. save file as f.e. program.txt 2. Choose option in emulator Convert/ASCII TO ATASCII, and choose file program.txt to convert. Then you choose option "EOL only" and save it as f.e. program.bas 3. Use tool MakeATR and add file program.bas to an ATR file. 4. Attach ATR file to Device D1 on emulator 5. Run Basic and type ENTER "D1:program.bas"
  7. Thanks. The title graphics looks great. It is hard to believe that 8-bit Atari is capable to display something like that.
  8. Try this out: for competitive gemeplay: Seawolf II International Karate (or World Karate Championship) Archon Archon II:Adept Dynablaster Bruce Lee Mig Alley Ace Pitstop II Barbarian for cooperative gameplay: Mario Bros Zybex Tube Baddies Mig Alley Ace Gauntlet
  9. About pang you can read here: http://atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml?sub...&ct=nowinki
  10. The whole article? Maybe you try to use some electronic translators?
  11. All Mirage Software games have status freeware, as far as I know.
  12. OK, I think your solution is even better
  13. Hi Heaven I have some comments about handling weapons, armors etc. in Beyond Evil. In Diablo there were eight items categories that hero can wear. It was: weapons, armors, shields, helmets, boots, gloves, rings and necklaces. In your game there are 3 I think most important categories: weapons, armors and shields. In Diablo all items that you pick were stored in inventory. So you can carry for example three different armors, change them any time you want or sell in the village. I think it would be good if in Beyond Evil also all items comes to inventory, so there will be weapons as well as armors and shields. Now you can use only one weapon. When in inventory 3 categories of items would be available, you can simply (I think its simple, I may be wrong ) make a rule that hero can use one item from each category. So, one weapon, one shield and one armor. You have to change than also the way of dropping an item, maybe hitting space and than a letter of an item you want to drop. If you decide to change a way of working of an inventory menu to one I describe, you can probably easily add new types of items that hero can wear, if it is possible.
  14. New game "Do akcji" has already appered on Atari.online.pl. It was never published before. Game was written in 1994 and recently it was succesfully recovered from old casette tape. Here is link to a game: http://atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml?ct=...+Akcji#Do_Akcji and link to the article: http://www.atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml...&ct=nowinki
  15. C64 is specialised gaming machine. In comparision to 8bit Atari it has better sprite system, better graphic modes, and SID music chip which is easy to program and get nice music. Weak point of the C64 is poor, only 16 colors palette. Atari has a faster main processor, but worse sprite system. So any better games must use software sprites which consumes a lot of computing power. A8 has worse graphic modes, but 16-times larger color palette, which means you can achieve many colorfull efects, but drawing more color on screen is not as easy. Pokey is more flexible than SID, but I think it is harder to achieve nice sounding effect. Thats about hardware. The rest is marketing. Atari made a lot of mistakes in this field and that's why many software titles wasn't ported to Atari.
  16. Nice to hear it. It seems that project is coming in the right direction
  17. Great game. It looks very nice, sound is also good and it's addictive as hell Hard to believe that it is only 1KB.
  18. I played the 14 build and here is what I think: 1. For now no possibility to escape from the room before killing all monsters don't change enything, because when you runing out of energy escape don't do anything. There is no place to escape, because there is no place to rest gain more energy, etc. But in my opinion it is good even if there will be some place to escape, because if you can escape at any time there will be no challenge. 2. Hero is now taller and now it is really problem for him to come through the door. I think it should be fixed. 3. I wonder if hero movement speed has decreased in this version, or it is just a feeling caused by the fact that hero is not animated during the movement? 4. Indications of the hitting is not a problem for me. I think flashing screen is not a good idea, because during longer plays it can be tiring for eyes. 5. I discover some gfx glitches. Hero loose his armour for a while when coming through horizontaly placed doors. A "shadow" of the hero is visible on the stat and equipment screen. Probably you konw about it, ro maybe it is even fixed for now.
  19. The chracter faces looks great. I can feel the climat of the game. I confess that I've never played this game. Apple computers were in Poland almost completely unknown. However, after reading this topic and watching screenshots I cannot wait to play this game.
  20. I agree that self test is usually useless. I think it was added mainly to easy demonstrate computer features, (displays graphics and plays sound) than to test something. Only the keybord test are usefull, but there is possibility to check keybord under basic editor, so even that part is not necessary. I buyed some time ago 130XE about which seller wrote that is 100% working because it comes through all "self test" tests. When it arrive I run it and run self test. Everything was OK. But after running some games I discover that computer displays corrupted sprites - it had broken GTIA chip. Self test don't use sprites so everything seemed to working. After replacing GTIA with one dismounted from a dead 65XE I got fully functional 130XE.
  21. If you have working 65XE mounted on 130XE board you can probably easy upgrade its memory to 128KB using chips from 130XE. You need to relocate memory chips (in 65 xe there are empty spaces, because only half of the memory chips are mounted) and chip which is memory driver for an extended memory (in 65XE you have only 3 resistors in place when this chip should be mounted). I don't know if it is possible in 800xl because I don't have such a model.
  22. Hi :!: I spend some time playing and testing some things. As I noticed (correct me if I am wrong) the labyrinth is always the same, but game randomise in which room there are monsters to beat. But when I come to the room and see a monster, then when I step back and enter the room again there is huge probability that I see different monster than I saw just a second before. As I suppose type of monster is randomised with every enter to the room. To eliminate this you would need to remember which monsters are in every room. But maybe you can add a rule that you can enter next room only after killing monsters in previous room. In this way a linearity will be an advantage because you need to remember only which monsters are in first "not cleaned" room. You can draw "cleaned" rooms with opened doors, and "not cleaned" with closed doors. But if you add the rule that you can leave room (this mean also retreat to the previous room) only after killing all monsters, There will be no need to remember even "a state" of the last room. I think it could be a good solution, also to a gameplay. Another thing. I am on the first level and after killing few monsters I can have a long sword, and heavy plate armour. I think on the first level only the weakest weapons and armours should be possible to find and buy, but best weapons available to buy should be one step better than those you can find, in order to make players collect gold to buy it. On the higher levels when monsters are harder to beat they should drop better weapons, and of course more gold.
  23. OK. Linearity is not so bad at all. I know that Atari has many limitations and the biggest is memory. So You need to choose which part is more important. As I was suggested before. I Think there should be no possibility to come "through the enemy". Enemy should stop movement of the player. And there should be animation of smashing sword, when you touch the monster and press fire. I don't know if it is possible to code a fighting with more than one monster at the same time. As Belboz said - fighting against horde of monsters was fun in Diablo. Maybe You could consider adding some enemies fighting with ranged weapon. For example you come to the room and one monster is attacking you and few other are standing in corners and shooting to you with bows. You can fight with that one that is atacking you, or try to eliminate archers first. For me, essence of playing Diablo was collecting weapons and gold, then selling things and collecting money to buy some better equipment, and building up a character. Quests was also interesting. For example find something or kill specific monster. Maybe there should be some kind of base in the begining of each level, when you can return to buy/sell things, heal your character, repair wepons, and maybe talk with somebody. I don't know if 64 KB (or 128 KB) can hold all this things.
  24. Hi! I have spend more than 2 hours playnig the game and here are the results. There are some bugs in the game. Dropping a weapon is not function properly. When I drop a weapon it disappear from inwentory but when I press ESC and "I" again it comes back and I cna't drop it no more. When inwentory is full some weapons disappear and ther is no posibility to drop nay weapon or pick a new weapon. I attached a save state. After gaining a level, after improving stats, sometimes an arrow don't disappear. So after gaining new level I can see two arrows which is confusing. You can see it after loading attached save state. I can't see a difference between better armour and worse. Armour class 38 should be much better than 10, but I don't even notice any difference. What I get by improving strength? I don't notice what this stat improve. Somebody mention about monsters dropping two items, one before death and the second after the death. Disappearing half of the plate also were mentioned. My suggestion about gameplay: Fight is now not very ineresting. You just stand, keep fire pressed and wait when monster die, watching the health bar in case you need to press space to drink potion. Dungeon is now linear. Each room has two doors, maybe it could be more interesting if dungeon were more complicated. Gold is useless for now. Maybe there should be some places where you can enter a shop, where you can buy/sell weapons and maybe also repair if you add duration stat as You mention. BTW. New GFX lokks really immpressive. atarisav.zip
  25. I think that more than one monster to fight in simulatnously could be very fun. But You should change the style of fighting. There should be no possibility to come through the enemy. The monster should stop a hero movement. It would be very nice also if there were a possibility to contorol which monster you are hiting when few monster is fighting with you. For example: two monsters are atacking a hero one from left and one from down. There should be possibility to choose in which direction you are hiting with your sword, and it should be visible like for example in archon. In my opinion there should be in every room one to few monster which are atacking you and after defeating them no more monster should appear. In that way after enetering a room you will see what you have to face and decide to fight or retreat. It is my imagination how Diablo-look game should work
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