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  1. Good work, it could be very nice game to play, but for now it is practicly unplayable and has many bugs and crashes from time to time. But it could be very nice game with some chnges and improvements. I think that the game is too hard, and some gates are practically impossible to reach.
  2. You doing wrong because you take maximum Atari resolution available and whole atari palette, but you can't use it all in 8-bit Atari. There is no such graphic mode available there. Most popular mode was 160x192 in 4 colours. If you use this mode you will get something similar to those two images. First is made using dithering method of decreasing number of colours and the second is using nearest colour method. But if You use G2F you can get fifth colour by converting graphic to chars. So You can something like that: Then there is possibility to enchance this image even more using some tricks. For example changing colours in each scanline (with limitations of 4 or 5 colour per scan line) using interrupts or adding more colours by using sprites. G2F allow you to do this all things, but it is not that simple as it sounds.
  3. Great work emkay! The last picture looks great. I am really amazed what can be done with graph2font. I have never expected that a little Atari can display such a colorful graphics.
  4. Yeah there are secret areas. First secret is in the first bridge. It is placed on the left side of the bridge directly over the grenade thrower. You have to throw grenade there and a hole in wall of bricks will appear. I didn't find any other secrets but i think it must be somewere there.
  5. Hi Tezz! I want to refresh this topic and ask if You did any progress? Do you still working on that project?
  6. Ok! I compared those games. "Jump!" is realy technically the best of all (excluding boinxx of course). Triple parallax scrolling looks awesome. But I think the game lacks of playability. Movement is slow and game is monotonous. Another disadvantage is fact that after each fault you have to begin level from the begining. The game overall is not bad I can even say that it is quite good, but far far away from perfect. "Let's hope" and "Boing" are in my opinion more playable, but like heaven said, it is no real competition. Games are simply and have crappy graphics. Watching waht was already done in Boinxx I must said. That Boinxx runs faster and hes better animation of bumping ball. Music during the game is also big advantage. Playability will be strongly dependent of levels design, but i think Boinxx should give more fun than the rest. My opinion: I think Boinxx should be much better game in each way - graphics, music and playability. At the end I would like to say sorry for my poor English and language mistakes that I have surely made.
  7. I must say, that with the shadows game looks really impressive. I have a question. How many chars and tiles you can use in one level and how big one level can be?
  8. I noticed a small bug. After pressing joystick backward, a ball leaves some trash on the sceen. I have been running this demo on Atari800winPlus 4.0
  9. The biggest and most complete archive with games for 8-bit Atari computers is here: http://atari.online.pl Check it out, and have a great fun.
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