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  1. I just bought a NanoPEB. I bought a 32K side car a few years ago and fried the RAM because (like a dummy), I didn't realize the card didn't have a 7805 or anything to regulate the voltage. Looks like the NanoPEB doesn't either. Which is a little disappointing. Shoot...I bet it wouldn't be too hard to remove the jack and put a tiny board in it's place with a properly regulated jack. Note to designers...please regulate your power! Sometimes we make a mistake and plug in 12V DC wall warts in these things without thinking! (yeah...shame on me but I did it)
  2. Thanks to the both of you for some great suggestions. I probably didn't make much sense. I tend to get these ideas in my head and they kinda explode out into forum messages...I read them back and think..."what was I thinking??" lol OK, so the real point of the two goals was that I wanted a completely "vintage" TI setup with a PEB. Like we had back in the 80's. With the ability to print, play on BBS's, etc. Also, to load/save stuff to actual disks. I believe I mostly have that now. The only exception is the newer SAM memory card that is 1 MiB. I would love the get the 32K version that was released in the 80's but that doesn't make practical sense because I have the newer card. Still, I'd like to have it. But at $80 for one...I'll pass for now. So that's my vintage setup....the setup I bring out time to time and pretend it's 1982. Then there's the "every day" TI. The TI I will actually use most of the time. On this TI, printing is just a whim...I don't have to have that with my every day TI. BBS support would be nice. I already have that WiModem (or whatever it's called). I went ahead and bought the NanoPEB. This seemed to be more practical for my needs. It has a real serial port, emulates three floppies and has 32KiB. The TIPI just doesn't appeal to me. I know it's a great product. I already have several RPi's. Now, let the fun begin!
  3. So substantially more than a "normal" home computer when you factor in inflation. 🙂
  4. Interesting computer. I get annoyed sometimes when the point of articles (like the Wikipedia article) references how it did X "half a decade" before the Amiga. One thing that isn't mentioned is the price. This computer seems to use some custom ASIC's and up to 72KiB of RAM. What do you think that would have cost in 1980? 🙂 Otherwise, I like the design. I love those "tank looking" computers.
  5. Adrian's Digital Basement is a new favorite of mine. He goes into much more detail than the 8-Bit Guy. I just wished he would branch out to the TI's.
  6. So, it's that time of year again when I can splurge a tad on myself. Some men my age buy a sports car. Some buy a boat. I want to buy some TI gear. ;-D Items I already own and use: FinalGROM 32K side-car FlashROM 99 F18A Speech Synthesizer I actually have a two-part goal. Goal One Fully load my PEB. I have the following already: RS-232 card (not tested) Disk controller and disk drive (not tested...hope to test this week) 1 MiB RAM expansion (tested...works...just need to put a heat-sink on 7805) Fire hose card/cable (tested...works) Possible additions: Quieter / slower fan Newer PSU (that transformer weighs about 750 lbs.) Ironically, I only want to use the PEB setup every now and then. That thing is a beast, weighs a ton and is loud as hell. But I love it. I want my "ever day" TI to be much slimmer. Which brings me to Goal Two Goal Two Streamline my basic TI-99/4A for general use and development. When not using PEB, I would like to be able to: Quickly load assembled programs from PC to test (i.e., I develop on PC and send file over to test) Get online (BBS mostly...not too interested in WWW) Use a printer (I have a few dot-matrix printers) Save data FROM the TI to "somewhere". I assume the Tipi would be for this? So I'm looking for suggestions on what to get for my goals. I'm also including books in this list. Basically anything for development is a plus. Also, I want to use more than just games. Gaming is great but I'm not looking for just a gaming console. Developing ON the TI would be a bonus. Thanks for any suggestions!
  7. Thanks for the offer. I've bought from polida2008 before but have not tested the chips I got from him. However, I also found a 9902 from a US seller so I went ahead and bought it. Not sure if that makes much difference but he said he got them as new parts a long time ago. Thanks!
  8. @FarmerPotato that's an excellent idea!! In fact, I know for a fact I have some legit SN76489's. Thanks for the suggestion. Keep in mind I have never programmed 99xx assembly so I may have more questions. 🙂
  9. I'm thinking about wire-wrapping a small TMS9995 board and I have everything except a UART for it. It seems the TMS9902 is the preferred route. But all I have are some 65C51's and some modern NXP DUART's. Before I order a (possibly fake) TMS9902 off eBay...wait two months to arrive from China...discover they are fake....rinse/repeat, I was wondering: 1) Is there a somewhat reliable supplier of them in the US? I only need 1 or 2. 2) How difficult would using a non-standard TI part be? Something like the 65C51. 3) Something different? All I want to do is run a simple serial monitor and tinker around. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. I had a very similar experience. We had no money. I had a few carts but that's it. No PEB, disks, etc. So the vast majority of "new" software I had was typing from magazines and whatever my 9-12 year old mind could come up with. I remember I had a small box I kept by my desk for people to suggest the programs they wanted and I would write them!!! HAHAHA.
  11. OK, my Atari 800 from cold boot...no carts....loads the notepad app. So from power up to typing would beat your TI because you have to load an app. Now, I would HARDLY call the notepad a word processor...so I guess you still win. LMAO!!
  12. Holy crap I've been playing this game off and on for 38 years (literally my first computer game) and I never noticed that.
  13. Oh wow. That's awesome! I will check that out later (can't FB at work). So I found a TMS9995ANL in my bin of CPU's. I have no idea if it's legit. I tried some IPA and hard scrubbing to see if anything came off (nothing did). So I thought I might try and wire-wrap a small prototype board. Unfortunately, I don't have any serial chips in the TMS family (9902 IIRC). So I may order one of those. The problem there is that there is no guarantee it will be legit either. Which sucks. I wonder how hard it would be to use a UART I'm more familiar with? Like a 65C51?
  14. I've been looking over the TMS9995 recently and was wondering if anyone is working on anything new with it?
  15. Sorry to pimp out my own repo, but I've been collecting various documents centered around the TMS9918 chip and it's family. Which includes the SRAM replacement schematic. https://github.com/cbmeeks/TMS9918 If there is anything to add to it, I would be grateful. 🙂
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