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  1. In other news, Woz tweets how Nox Archaist can save two bytes by using four transistors and a tuning fork.
  2. My current self: "Move woman, I want to play with that computer!" My 13 year old self: "What computer?"
  3. Sorry to revive an old thread (well, not that old), but these links seem to have been taken down. Anyone know where I can get them? Thanks
  4. I found those 6 books....asking more than I can spend right now. 😞 https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Book-Lot-TI-9900-Family-Systems-Design-Data-Book/324348169936?hash=item4b84a84ed0:g:YfUAAOSwK8Nflcg2
  5. I'd like to add mine to the list. I've owned this computer for many years but only recently learned of this thread. The computer works except for the keyboard. I think I need a new membrane for it. I don't remember how much I paid for it but I got it on eBay for well under $200 USD.
  6. Nice one. Consider yourself lucky. I can't find that book for anything less than a small fortune (for such an old/specific computer book).
  7. Sweet. I love finding deals like that. I bought an almost mint copy of Microprocessor Systems Design 68000 Hardware a while back for about $8 or so. Many times on eBay, you will see a vintage book for $60 or more but if you look, you can sometimes find listings that don't have a picture and you just have to trust the book is in good shape. It's really crazy how expensive they can get.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I actually found "Microcomputers Interfacing 1980 Bruce A. Artwick" on eBay for $3.98 with free shipping. I love books like that.
  9. I've been looking for a "how to build a TMS9900 based computer" book for a while but can't seem to find anything. I have a couple PDF's but would love original prints. One I have is "how-to-build-your-own-working-16-bit-microcomputer.pdf". Any others that you recommend? Thanks
  10. Sorry, don't mean to hijack this thread but is that due to TI's weird "no assembly language unless it's us" restrictions they had years ago?
  11. Ah, so they provide basic code for loading from disk. I'm new to TI and disks (always used cassettes and carts).
  12. I have the FinalGROM. I'm just curious as to what these carts have that the game needs. 🙂 Thanks.
  13. I don't recommend testing in a real TI because if these are fake, there's no telling what pins do what. For all we know, it could have a dead short across VCC and GND. I recommend you check out Noel's video on testing possible fake TMS9918/29 chips. Basically, he just builds a small circuit that will generate a colored screen. If that works, good chance it's real and safe enough to test in a TI.
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