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  1. I'm a fan of Gateway 2000. Don't ask me why....I guess it's the cow logo. I'm not sure if this qualifies as "Classic Computing" but a while back I was at a thrift store and saw a Gateway computer (after they dropped the "2000") that was a Pentium 4, 256 MiB RAM and 1.5 Ghz CPU. It has two DVD drives and a floppy drive. It was dirty but it cleaned up nice and works great. It's a small tower model and I already had a PS/2 Gateway keyboard. Oh, and it only cost $4.99. So, one of the first things I'm using it for is to read many of my old IDE hard drives since my modern computer is SATA only. But when I'm done with that, I'm looking for suggestions. I thought about making it a bench computer for random work but that seems a little boring. I already have a 486 for DOS gaming (which I prefer) and I'm not into modern shooters. Another idea was to put some form of BSD on there (which I am a fan of) and use it for a small server. But that seems boring too (especially since I have better computers for this). I guess I could make it another DOS gaming PC since it's physically smaller than my 486. But I would have to drastically slow it down somehow. Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Frantic Freddie for the Commodore 64 is one of my favorite games for that platform. And with the recent release of Frantic Freddie 2, it got me wondering how well the TI could handle those games. I think the TI would be a great fit for that game. So, does anyone know if Frantic Freddie was ever created for the TI?
  3. That's actually what I am going to do. I don't know 100%, but I believe the system was expanded to 16K and Level II BASIC. I can't tell at the moment because the keyboard is having issues and the video timing is having issues. So I have some repairs on it. The keyboard ribbon cable was 60% disintegrated. Almost all of the traces were gone. So I am replacing that with a small IDE ribbon cable. The video problem is going to take some time. But it's still pretty easy to get parts for that machine. You know, despite the "Trash-80" moniker, the keyboard feels pretty great and the plastics are a little thicker than I thought they would be. I think I got a little lucky in that mine wasn't used much. Because the paint hasn't been rubbed off where your palms rest (unlike my CoCo 1). I also found a Radio Shack cassette drive recently that is in mint condition. For $4 at a thrift store. It's not period accurate (probably mid-80's) or Tandy but it's Radio Shack and the color almost matches. So I guess I match the "RS" out of the "TRS". LOL
  4. Are there any BASIC dialects out there for the TI that support labels? So, instead of "GOSUB 1000" it could be "GOSUB MYCOOLROUTINE"? Also, extra points if the BASIC approaches asm speeds for some things (like graphics). Thanks
  5. What's this Tursi's TMS9918A converter you mention?
  6. Hmmm. I cannot find where to edit my original message. Anyway, maybe the "Modern" restriction was unnecessary. If you know of older games written in BASIC that are fund to play and/or show off great technical abilities, then they are welcome too.
  7. What do you guys think are some of the best games made in the last few years that were done in 100% (or nearly 100%) BASIC? Any version of BASIC for the TI. Compiled BASIC OK. By "best games" I mean the ones you enjoy playing the most and/or show off impressive features.
  8. I think offering a bare PCB would be a great idea. Many of us have parts already and I certainly wouldn't mind sourcing my own parts. Plus, this give me the option of "buying it in payments". Meaning, that I may not have the money to buy the board and all components at once but I could spread those acquisitions out over time. Many times, I make small orders from Mouser and add misc components that I need from many projects. Thanks for all that you do.
  9. That's awesome. Speaking of April 1st, I almost shut down on this day. Seems like everyone and his brother try the next big Google April Fools' Day prank online.
  10. Are there any known Easter eggs in the TI-99/4A or some of it's software? With Easter coming up, I thought it would be fun to ask.
  11. Hmm. That's a tough call. I might pull my F18a out and use in my Coleco ADAM. But only after I have an MK2.
  12. You. Sir. Are a legend.
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