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  1. The cart sleeve is not attached to the cartridge port. It only sits over it. There are two screws that are covered with small squares of masking tape (Usually) one on either side to the left and right of the release tabs. You remove those screws and then press in on the tabs to remove the cartridge sleeve. That is all that needs to be removed to be modified in the manner I stated.
  2. You can also remove the ceramic filter layers...so I've found I can get a little more life from the filters by remove a few layers and getting a cleaner part of the filter. Combine it with another and I can extend the life of the use out of a filter.
  3. Oh well...guess I will need to purchase a second one then since I totally removed the PIC off mine and tossed it... (Kosmic Stardust style)
  4. I uhhh... found a digital backup possibly based off the Columbus Circle release... But I think my actual cartridge came in the mail today. I won't know until the end of the week as I'm currently out of town on business.
  5. Last time I ordered 2 kits back in July, I received them in late September...
  6. It absolutely will reduce your bill. I actually have nearly everything in my house on smart eco power strips. Those are the ones that cut power to all outlets on the strip until the master device is powered on. In my case the TV is usually the master device. So if the TV is turned on, then all other devices power on as well. When I'm done playing, I turn off the TV and all devices attached get the power cut as well. In the winter my power bill averages about 50 - 60 a month and I have a lot of electronics plugged in. Difference is, they aren't still sucking power when not in use because of the way I have everything setup.
  7. I really isn't that noticable if you did it the way I suggested but just routing out the corners. Also helps if you remove the sleeve from the main board which, I'm assuming you did?
  8. Again it was discussed that the columbus circle release was to be region locked. But as you stated, that cart has been dumped and it does indeed work on anything. Also.. I have 16-bit Rhythm Land and it is NOT region locked as it works just fine on all of my consoles. Well, the cartridge is a JPN MD shell so you have to have a modded cartridge slot or use a 32x like I do, but the game will work on an unmodded console from what I've tested. My guess is that the disclaimer on the original pre-order pages stated that it was only for Japanese Megadrives and I believe that is what started the thinking that Ultracore would be region locked.
  9. Mine is apparently coming via DHL and the tracking still shows that DHL doesn't have in their possession yet, so I've no idea when I will be getting it. Having said that...*ahem*; I am playing my "digital backup" of the cart while I wait for it to arrive.
  10. In ITC#64 I talk about a common issue that plagues many Sega Saturn gamers today. That issue is none other than the gave save juggling required between external game save carts and the Saturn when the internal coin cell battery goes dead. Sure you can change the battery, but aside from Dreamcast VMUs, the Saturn has to be one of the most hungry 2032 battery eaters that exists. In this video I show you that this can be remedied by removing the old battery backed sram memory chip that the games save are stored onto, with the use of a non-volatile ferroelectric or FRAM memory chip instead. This mod doesn't take long to do, but as the chip is semi small and an SMD device, this isn't something I'd advise for beginners. Still an inexpensive and very worthy/needed upgrade to the Sega Saturn. Enjoy and thank you in advance for watching!
  11. -^CrossBow^-

    WTB: AtariVox+

    Are these a newer revision of the AVox+ ?
  12. Quite familiar with this. I actually do this to about 90% of the 7800s that I've worked on for AV mods and repairs. I did this most recently on a 7800 that didn't work with the activision titles like Space Shuttle and Robot Tank, but once I clipped the right leg off the capacitor, those games were working. But get this, 2600 Dark Chambers still worked as did Stargate (Another game possibly effected by this). So near as I could tell, the only game to still have issues was 2600 Decathlon, but that game can be problematic regardless. Also, this timing circuit was specifically added for supposed compatibility issues on 2600 games and does not affect any 7800 games or Homebrew games I've tested. I have two 7800s easily on hand with one of them having this capacitor clipped and it hasn't been an issue for any games I've tried it with. It will even play decathlon but can take a few tries to get it to come up.
  13. I have tried this kit several times. This kit seems to mimic the Turkey made kit with the exact same components just on a smaller and differently laid out PCB. There is another kit I also tried once from an ebay seller, but had various issues with that kit. It too seemed to mimic the kit from Turkey, but used all SMD components and was on a white PCB. But it was a very hit and miss setup. I ordered like 3 of the kits and one only produced a black n white picture while the other two worked but there was delay before the picture would come up of a second or 2. It was very strange... But the Retrofixes kits are good and are what I would order now if the guy in Turkey is no longer in business.
  14. The reason it stopped being produced was because components it relied on to work weren't being manufactured anymore and becoming more expensive to acquire.
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