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I've been playing video games since I first discovered my mother's old Odyssey 300 in the closet one day in the late 70s. Received my VCS in '82 and had a home console ever since. I briefly stopped playing console games starting in the late 80s and was pretty much a PC gamer exclusively for the next decade. Thanks to my discovery of emulation in the late 90s. I got back into playing console games again first by rescuing my original 7800 from my parents and been collecting ever since. I still game pretty much ever day and on the weekends and switch often between PC games and console games. As I've now got an entire room dedicated to my passion and history for home video games, I dubbed my game collection "Ivory Tower Collections". It really is a perfect name as the game room and playing of games is where I escape from our 'normal' reality, and temporarily visit my own. Welcome to Atari Age and thanks for visiting my profile!

Remember... Be excellent to each other and Atari on!

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