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  1. That actually looks just like part of the VDP test pattern that comes up when using a diagnostic rom? Only it has a few colored boxes that appear within the green stripes pattern.
  2. There are two projects I'm aware of that were looking into it: Tim Worthington who has created the NESRGB and 2600 RGB solutions was looking into one for the 7800. But there hasn't been any news on that in several years. SainT who developed the Jaguar and Lynx Game Drive flash carts is also working on a 7800 RGB solution. Last I heard on that project was months ago and he was getting prototype PCBs made. I've not heard or seen anything beyond that. Techncially for the 2600 side of things, you could likely adapt Tim's 2600 RGB to that, but that would only be for 2600 games and I'm not sure how that would impact the 7800 side of things. @PacManPlus I think the best solution would be to have a section on the upper back of the shell that has slats on it so that different plates could be slid in that would have pre-made holes for whatever was needed. For instance if someone wanted full RCAs, you could have the three 1/4" holes in place for that. If they wanted RCAs for composite and audio and s-video, then you add in the extra 9/16" or 14mm opening for instance for the ones I use. But with 3d printing available, you could have the opening have the flat side to help keep the s-video jack from twisting over time and stuff like that. If they want TRRS jacks, then you just provide a plate with again some 1/4" or whatever for 2.5mm or 3.5mm TRRS jacks. This way the jacks and wiring can be done without the bulk of the case in the way and then the plates slid into the upper housing during assembly.
  3. I meant along the back and not the sides. I'm not a fan of my cords coming out the sides of my consoles. I've not measure the temps as I only have a temp probe I can use with my meter, but they get hot enough that you don't want to keep your finger on them for any length of time. It is a drop in replacement to the original VR. Look up Traco 2-2450. They aren't cheap, but you only have to desolder the original voltage regulator and then use needle nose to pinch the metal ends of the heatsink that go through the rivet holes on the 7800 PCB. The entire thing will pull out. Solder in the replacement DC-DC regulator in its place and that is all there is. When I offer it as a service to my clients, I don't even charge labor for replacing it, only the cost of the part really. Should try printing that up to see how well it works. The original 7800 cart sleeve is a modification off the 2600 one in that the dust pegs on the sleeve are only fractionally as wide as they were on the 2600 because the dust tabs on the 2600 sleeves are located where the extra pins for the 7800 cart pcb fits in. As a result, of this, Atari also added plastic to the base of the sleeve with both a shimming piece with a threaded hole on either end and a threaded opening on the bottom of the sleeve to screw it down in place along with some plastic tabs to snap the sleeve onto the PCB. The tabs are usually enough to hold it in but it still has some slop to shift around without those screws in place. But the plastic where the screws go, interferes with the dust pegs on tigervision carts (Likely a few others), and the supercharger. So if the snap tabs could be made more rigid without breaking and perhaps some plastic straight tabs added to help keep it aligned, that would eliminate the need for the extra plastic and screw so that could be opened up and allow for the carts to seat in fully and work properly. Course you need to widen the inside of the sleeve as well to accommodate the different thicknesses used in the carts that make many of them a tight fit currently. But if you remove that heat sink you should be able to make room along the upper back of the shell for RCA and s-video jacks and maybe even one day in the future, an 8-pin or 9-pin AV jack for RGB solutions.
  4. Good point, my UV power indicator would be even more interesting in a case like this. Might have to add more of them along the inside of it or something.
  5. I like it, and it could be modified to already have openings in place along the back in some way for those with AV mods that might need to be brought over. In regards to heat, you not only have to worry about the original voltage regulator, but the MARIA and 6502 also can get really warm. Especially the CPU. The RIOT and TIA don't really start to heat up unless you are playing 2600 stuff but even then they don't get as warm as the other two do. I even thought of installing heatsinks onto the MARIA and 6502 on my 7800s as a preventive measure. So another thought might be to at least add vent slits on the left hand side of the shell to help vent that out? But, you can eliminate the heatsink and original voltage regulator and remove that part of the heat from the equation if you replace the original linear VR with a DC-DC switching regulator. While you are at this, have you thought about redesigning a new cartridge port sleeve to allow better use of 3rd party 2600 games? If you made the snap tabs on the bottom larger and thicker than the originals that were used, you could do away with the screws that the original uses, open that part of and that would allow tigervision carts and the supercharger to fit without issue at that point as well.
  6. BTW I recorded the whole play session last night but it took me over 2 hours to get through the game LOL! I also time it just now in the video. The wizard didn't appear back in the room on the second attempt for over 30 sec. (34sec according to the video time).
  7. Well it seems that the Wizard's room is following in the same sequence as any normal room. First time I enter it, the Wizard shows up. If he defeats me, I'm sent back to the other side of the map and have come back. I'm certainly going to be way more than two screens away or at least have to go through more than two screens to get back to the wizard again. As a result, just like any other room, the wizard doesn't appear when I first enter again until sometime has passed and then he is just suddenly there to come back and try and finish me off again. So it does follow the same pattern as any normal room would.
  8. 1384 is the best I've done so far. Screen 25 really took me a long time to get. I had to reach out to VHZC to get assistance with that one. The others I know are possible in faster times but I just can't seem to get the timings down on this version like I could with the 2600 version. Still, I will keep trying.
  9. I also have Child of Eden but for the PS3. Never actually fired it up to check out though. It is one of many...MANY on the backpile to hopefully be played before I die games.
  10. Well one thing I was going to mention is that the s-video kit I use on the Genesis has adjustable trimmers for the Luma and Chroma signal output. Because of this I can dial it in on my flatpanel and CRTs before I send them back to my clients. There are also kits that just use stock resistor values that lock in that can't be adjusted and I'm now wondering if that might be where the issue lies? You're 32x doesn't use a trimmer and is just using a standard 3904 to amp the luma output from the 32x to a usable form. The Chroma doesn't have much of anything on it and it just straight off the encoder pin. So that makes me wonder if the reason my Genesis systems and those I've done for others work on the Tink2x without issue is because of the trimmers on those more expensive kits that I can use to dial everything in? Same kit with the trimmers was used on your SMS too.
  11. Well I kinda wish I had known that when I had that Tink2x Pro on loan about 2 weeks back or so. I could have tested one of several Genesis systems I have with s-video installed into them to see. But everything else that can accept s-video has worked fine with my Genesis systems. Then again, the Genesis and Saturn are the ONLY two consoles I have where their 240P signals will actually work without scaling on my Sony Bravia. Everything else is a no go without the OSSC in there to fix them. What is the specific issue with the Genesis on s-video through a Tink2x? Black and white picture? No picture? Scrambled picture?
  12. Yes I'm sure that is the case here after having gotten hints about this a month ago. I just haven't picked it back up to try and find it. But I do have to say that I'm not a fan of games that have stuff like that, where you can't really see it either. Heck, I missed one object that was laying on the ground because I mistook it for the ground terrain. Only saw it stick out more when I played the game through VGA output. Even on the McWill the item blended into the ground and didn't stick out to me.
  13. For me the visuals and he music is what hooked me in. The enemy shots are what are hard to see in the chaos of the game sometimes, but the idea is to immediately lock onto as many of them as you can to rack up the most points and take them out before they have a chance to launch their attacks at you. The bosses are also very interesting in that each one requires different tactics to defeat them. I mean, ultimately you just shoot them in a vulnerable spot but the game mixes up their movments so much that each one feels quite different from the last. My only gripe is that the last boss is really much too easy. Basically just focus on getting as many shots in the middle as you can when the opening is there to do so and when it isn't just focus on keeping the large black things from getting too close to shoot at you. The rest of the stuff can usually be ignored in that final battle as they don't really hit you much. I think the second boss is the most difficult in the game across all of the versions I've played. But yeah for me, the graphics and music are what keep me playing it. I'm not actually much of a fan of rail shooters but Rez is the definite exception in this case for me.
  14. It is only more difficult in that it isn't a linear in the maze anymore. I know that sounds crazy, but now that there are more openings in the rooms, I find myself using and studying the map screen more than I did previously. There are also some odd things that can occur where you are at full health and then suddenly a few enemies bounce oddly around the corner of an obstacle and now surround you and your health drops drastically at that point taking in multiple hits from multiple enemies at once. Almost like it is multiplied on the damage they are doing to you? And you know me, I wanted to find all the wizard's magical artifacts and explore every room so it just takes me longer anyway. But yes I do feel the game is harder now. One thing is that in later levels, the enemies appear to start to move faster, they aggro towards you much more often and in groups, and at least on last nights playthrough, I was getting a LOT of minotaurs and those guys are bullet sinks... Okay in thinking about this when I should be working I think I figured out the issue with the Wizards room and his not showing up. The way the game works now, all new rooms you visit will have monsters as soon as you enter them. But if you leave those rooms and go at least 2 rooms away and then come back, those monsters won't be there initially and won't start to reappear until some time has passed while you are in the room. It is this mechanic that allows a player to quickly travel back to a point they were last at on a maze level so they don't have to fight everything again. Same thing is happening in the Wizard's lair. You first enter it and because you haven't been there before, the wizard shows up to kick your butt. If he is successful, you are whisked away to a random room on the opposite side of the map maze as a ghost and have to find a gravestone. Because of the distance you have been sent and having to get back there, it is making that room empty just like the others before it until some time has passed that the wizard finally shows up. I'm pretty sure that is what is happening here.
  15. Played through the game last night on normal. (Thats the only level I've played the game at LOL!). So two issues came up although they were not game breaking: 1st issue is one that has been around for a while. If you are in a room with gates and then pause just as they are starting to open, you will frequently end up with the gates being stuck closed. Or so it seams... if you pause to go back to the map and come back out, then the gates will be fully removed from the screen at that point so you can proceed. But it does happen often and has been something that happens for quite a while. Again, not game breaking but just something that can throw someone off if they aren't sure how to deal with it. The 2nd issue was a new one and I thought at first it was game breaking. Here is what happened: I got to the evil wizard and was trying to defeat him. He killed me and as expected, I was teleported to a random room on the opposite side of the map. Made my way back to the evil wizard only this time...the room was empty and I must have wondered around for about 20 secs or so locked in the room with nothing to do. I was about to shut the system off or reset it when suddenly the wizard did appear and the fight was on. I was able to defeat him this second time but yeah...I was quite worried there for a bit on why the delay? Any ideas on this? I do have a complete video capture of that gameplay session but it is QUITE long as the new difficultly in the game as compared to the past makes it take a bit longer to get through than it did previously which is of course, the point of the changes. If @BydoEmpire is interested, I can try and up it somewhere so he can review the game play for himself to see if he spots anything else.
  16. Does that PAL version still have the FM encoded within it? And I still need to pick up a copy of Bank Panic for my SMS. Not sure if there is a difference between the card version or cart version of the game as I've seen it under both formats?
  17. I disagree... I've found many items and have unlocked quite a few areas, but have not found a way to access most of those areas. I've been given the hint that there is a room I should have unlocked that I have access too, but I've yet to figure out where the door for it is. I'm told that once I'm in this room, that a lot of other stuff will likely then fall into place so that tells me I might actually be close to the end of the game?
  18. I do not have the PSVR setup so I've only played it the old fashion way LOL. But I was able to beat the game on PS4 although I don't think I've unlocked all the achievements for it. Long ago I also was able to fully beat the game on the DC but don't have that save on my VMU anymore and have a new one I started a few months back that I need to play through again.
  19. You only have a 32x that is s-video upgraded. Your Genesis is not unless you had that done separately since I did your 32x? Having said that... The Genesis with an s-video upgrade does work just fine on the Tink2x classic at least. I've got at least one client that uses a 2x classic with his Genesis that I upgraded to s-video about 2 years or so back. And the ONLY reason that @SearsRoebuck's 32x works with HDRetrovision cables and also has s-video is because I had to modify it to strip the sync signal and route it back to the composite output pin for the HDR cables to work since they rely on composite sync to operate. But you have to kill the actual composite output from a 32x in order for the s-video to work properly. Until recent discussions on the 32x not working on tink2x devices came up, I wasn't even aware this was an issue. I've never had an issue with the s-video on my 32x through the equipment I have in my game room, so it was an unknown to me.
  20. I still remember when I first saw and played this game and was in awe. It was at the 2002 CGE at the AtariAge party before the day of the show. Al had one or two DCs setup and while everyone was talking and drinking (Some actually helping to glue and assembled boxes and games). But one of the DCs was a PAL model with the PAL version of REZ loaded up on it. I played it most of the time I was there and thought it was awesome. When I got back from the event, I looked and wanted a copy for myself but even then it was expensive to me and I didn't have an easy means to play it. Fast forward to many years later and I happened upon the jpn release of the game for a cheap price at a retro game store in the Houston area as I recall and have played it quite a bit since. I also own the PS2 version, but there is something about the DC version I just seem to prefer playing. I also have REZ infinite for the PS4 and in fact purchased the PS4 just for Rez Infinite. I really like the game and have the OST from it that I purchased several years ago in my rotation while at work.
  21. The one I use was actually a little more expansive than the one I posted as I use it for mixing audio from lots of different sources when needed. The one I have allows for individual adjustment of the Gain and EQ for each input vs just the one setting on the one I posted.
  22. Carlos, If you have a stock 7800, then you won't need the extra power cable but you do need to purchase a separate power supply to use on the Dragonfly cartridge itself. That new power supply would then power both the DF cart and the 7800. The DF cart comes with a small passthrough power cable designed for stock 7800 consoles. On the decision for PokeyMAX and YM module, that is up to you. You can purchase those extra to be added to the cart, or you can use your own pokey chip to install into the cartridge if you already have one or can source one somewhere. The YM module is not required for any game at this time.
  23. I use a larger version of this, but this is what I was able to purchase locally to use for this purpose: https://www.amazon.com/Behringer-502-Premium-5-Input-British/dp/B000J5UEGQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Behringer+Xenyx+502+5-channel+Analog+Mixer&qid=1620739234&sr=8-3 But what I've also done for some captures recently, is to run one audio cable from my 7800 AV outs into one channel of the inputs on my Extron, and then run another cable from the Avox and plug that into the other channel on my extron. That works fine for me. Naturally, you get 7800 audio in one channel and Avox from the others, but in editing I combine the two channels into a single mono channel output for the video in the end. I've also played my games that way and it is okay. But an actual mixer like I posted or even the simpler one that @Karl G posted will allow you to adjust the volumes from each and mix them properly to get audio from both channels at the same time.
  24. Well, RF seemed to be the same with your older version board in the Intelly 2 that I installed for a client. On my Intelly 2 I removed the RF and mounted my RGB output there instead. But I have discovered that if you also want composite (CVBS), you have to leave the RF modulator in place. No idea why but it seems to be similar to the CV in that composite results in a blank or scrambled looking picture unless the RF modulator is installed. So, I would advise that if you already have composite as I did in my model 1 and still want to use it. (I did because the jacks are already installed), then RF must remain in place. BTW @the_crayon_king I sent you a reply to the latest PM chain we have going. Seems you have been talking to @YannAros and now I need you to share your OSSC settings for intellivision use when you get a chance.
  25. https://atariage.com/forums/forum/6-buy-sell-and-trade/
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