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  1. You are correct in that it does require it. In this case I'm using the Left+Right trigger as the Up+Down was causing the system to see a paddle controller in use. There are diodes installed off each input so they can't conflict with each other on the controller side or from the main logic side as only the NOR gate logic I used is able to see it and trigger the Pause function.

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  2. Well all three of the ones I did during that little blog all has the exact same spec filter capacitor. 3300µf 16v caps. I ordered about a dozen off console5 last week when I was planning to go ahead and check out my Genesis PSUs. I suspect the jaguar PSUs are the exact same since they have nearly the exact same specs and heck even the casing on the PSUs are the same minus the Jaguar vs Sega stamping in the plastic. Likely made in the same plant and from the same company.


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  3. 2 hours ago, simbalion said:

    This is interesting as I never knew that these had capacitors inside them. Usually all I see is a transformer and a fuse with the rest handled inside the system.

    Oh yes many of them do and since the jaguar and jaguar CD power supplies look pretty much identical to the genesis model 1 units, I'm guessing those need to be checked next. Also the 5200 PSUs have large caps in them as well, but those are from an earlier time when caps were made much better and lasted much longer.


  4. The wrinkling on the manuals is due to the empty space between the disc tray and manual themselves. They bow inward and it causes them to crease and just not fold right over the years. I've started to save and collect pieces of foam from work that I can then cut into shape to match the foam that some games came with as a filler for that empty space.

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  5. While I haven't tried to cheat in the way you've specified, this is only something that would work on college level classes. When I was in high school, no food or drink of any kind was allowed in the classrooms. Didn't matter that we had snack and soda vending machines at each end of the school and on each floor.


    However, let me tell yo another way that also works, that I actually used lots of times...hehe.


    Some of you may or may not know of my horrible difficulties in mathematics. I had to struggle to get through college algebra and trig. In fact, I had to take both of those classes twice each to finally pass them.


    Anyway, we were allowed and encouraged to use calculators...especially the TI83+ series of calculators. These calculators are pretty basic in most of the algebra and trig functions they can do and require programs to do anything complex. Well, we weren't allowed to use such programs needless to say and our calculators were checked by the teachers/instructor before each test to ensure we weren't using programs on the tests.


    However, they only tried to execute the programs to see what they did, they never actually tried to edit any of the programs to see what they really were. So, while I couldn't program myself, I use the programming function to create programs comprised of text notes. I would have forumlae, notes, and even sample problems and their answers text into the calculator as a program. If you tried to run the program, it would simply error out immediately since it wasn't an actual program the calculator could understand. But if I went into the calculator editor program mode and start looking at the programs, I could use it as a cheatsheet and scan for forumlae and anything else that I thought might help me on the tests. It did...quite a bit. I was flunking my tests and then started to get Cs and Bs on most of my tests from then on. And none of the teachers/instructors ever knew about it.


    Oh...you might think it took forever to put these "notes" into a program on the calculator. Not true, part of the greatness of the TI83+ was that I could load stuff into from my computer. I had special docking software and everything for it. So, all I had to do was type it all out on the computer and then load it up into the calculator. Far as I know, this should still be something possible to do today. I know that most high schools and colleges still allow the use of a calculator even during exams, so creating your notes into a "program" that actually doesn't do anything, should be a safe way to "assist" you on such exams.

  6. Solaris is about my favorite game on the 2600. However, due to the insane difficulty of Solaris and the fact that I still question it is even possible to beat the game without cheating in some way, that Starmaster is overall the better game. And the review was really more or a comparison between Starmaster and Star Raiders. I also have a Star Raiders review and I thrash it quite a bit. Course...the 5200 version of Star Raiders kills them all?! :)


    Also I know quite a few people and I tend to agree that for basic space sim game like star raiders and starmaster, that Phasor Patrol I believe is considered to be the 2600s best game in this genre. However, I don't have a supercharger or the game...and haven't really messed with it in emulation so I can't comment on it myself directly.


    Thank you both for taking the time to look them over and I appreciate the comments!

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