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  1. Ok, it's the r140 fix i've done... sorry about that. Will try r19 then.. thanx!
  2. Thanx! Yes, it's the R19 modd I've done to get the switch between 50/60 Hz. Will check up the RC filter some day when I get hold off two jaguars... if there is nobody here who allready have this info ofcouse
  3. Hello everybody! Does anybody know the difference between a NTSC Jaguar and a PAL Jaguar in video hardware? (Not necisary the RF unit..) When I use my modded NTSC (K14 series Jaguar) I get color on my TV at home when running in both 50Hz and 60Hz (yes, I've got a 50/60hz switch on my dev-jag ). Now when I'm away and using another TV-set I can't get other then black and white picture. So my question is, is there a way to modd the jaguar more so it becomes a "real" PAL machine? The system clock seems to be differnt, but has that something to do with it? Isn't there some nice small resistors and capacitor to switch?? :-)
  4. Hey! Thanks for all the nice replys, although the demo isn't much to talk about, but it was a nice start for me =) But is it time to have a demo comp for the jaguar here? 96kb or so? Just an idea.. /Spock
  5. Yepp.. it's a quite nasty level! :-( I've given up on it. I've used the cheat to play levels beyond, but haven't saved. Been very near a couple off times, but It involves getting AI droids or/and jump.. some times you just have "luck" and get it as the first power up =) I've tried to warp it, but I've also given up on that aswell =) Perhapps one should make a new atempt on it this summer... =)
  6. Well, thank you! =) It was my first program on the Jaguar and I'm been on the lazy side lately (personal reasons), but there will be more releases further on. Have been looking on several things, but now the focus is on building a dev-platform for games. Ataris dev tools and all is good, but unfinished, therefore I think many games just use 15% off the jaguar and hence is quite bad. I still don't know how brutal sports football made release. =) There is one game planed. Theres alot of things one would like to do, but there is simpley not enough time to do them all. More demos is coming aswell. I can't say a date at this time, but I will ofcouse post here when I know more =)
  7. It's the only controller that doesn't hurt my fingers. I can play all day and It's just because it's a little big I think. You get a good grip. The Jaguars joypad and Sega Dreamcast is the best controllers I think.
  8. Sorry to hear that. I Had a 40Gb IBM drive as so many else, but I been lucky. it's still functioning but all my friends (about 10 drives) all collapsed. Now in januari 2003 I bought the first seagate 80Gb drive, and then later in the summer I bought another one and put them both in a raid (1+0), I did that because I knew that heat is not the best friend off harddrives. But disspite my efforts (even had fan) one drive collapsed and now the other one also collapsed. One week after, my friends seagate collapsed... I'm never going to buy seagate again. Gave them a second chanse, but... My tip: Lotsa cooling, just a couple off degrees about absolute freezing should perhaps do the trick? If using raid, don't budget with 1+0, but with an extra drive with parity. It's really anoying when you can't save any data just becouse one off two drives is a little sick Always backup important data to a memorystick. I have a 512Mb stick wich is excelent. But loosing data is part off computing I guess... resistance is futile
  9. Hmm... Born Atari =) I First saw the Jaguar when visiting a friend. My first reaction when seeing T2K was "what the f**k is this crap??", then after playing the game... I spent the summer (94) picking berries and selling to collect the money needed to buy a Jaguar. One jaguar, AvP, T2K and one extra controller was the order... the cost was about 4500 SEK.. Then when I was hooked, I bought the new games as there were comming out... what a fool I'm been/(am) =) But it's just now I started to develop on the jaguar after getting hold of a alpine board from nick at 1632systems. Actually got the board for some years ago, but It was not working. After month of testing a wierd memory fault was revield.... so I replaced the bad 2Mb with good 4Mb... nice
  10. oops... sorry. Just wrote the link without using any html... I thought, but this forum seams to translate anyway =) I'll try to remember that the next time I send a link
  11. oops... sorry. Just wrote the link without using any html... I thought, but this forum seams to translate anyway =) I'll try to remember that the next time I send a link
  12. Hi again! Now the demo is avail in mp4 format at www.dhs.nu for those who have no opportunity to watch on a real Jaguar =) (.. or direct link http://files.dhs.nu/movies/demos/tng-96k_intro.mp4) /Spock
  13. Just a quick note. Demo was done for PAL and if you try it in NTSC it will work just quicker and the scrolltext will not be above the tunnel, it will be on the tunnel. keep on hacking! /Mr spock
  14. hi! Well, it is based on the 3D example by Atari. The one with three worlds. The castle, the radar and the spaceship? Anyway, I started with the fuji logo and it came in .3ds format I think or I had it converted to it at the Fuck convention in Falun. The other object was done by symmetry in blender and converted in a program called 3d converter I think. I don't think it's the best program availible and it could be one source to the problems with converting objects. It works but perhaps is not as stable as one should like, there is some glitches and I think it is the TNG logo that has some normal that is off. And that is really the key, having objects in 3ds with good normals else the 3ds convert util that Atari supplied with the environment (www.cs.umu.se/~mat97jkn/tng/) will not succed in converting. However, I didn't succed in saving color info with the objects so this I did by making the 3dsconv output a .s file and then I edited the color manually. This demo was done in very short period of time so it can be improved in a lot of ways, although I quite happy with the scrolltext concidering the speed hack that it is. And Matthias, if you have problems reading the scrolltext, I recommend you get some glases or you recompile the program with a diffrent scroll speed You can do that by changing the value in the .inc file =)
  15. Hi! Now finally it's time to release the little 96Kb intro I did to the DHS 96Kb intro comp. It's nothing fancy but my first real program to the jaguar. All source code is availible to download, see link below for more info http://www.cs.umu.se/~mat97jkn/tng/96kb_demo/ CU /Mr [email protected]
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