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  1. I’m loving the look of this Metal Slug book guys
  2. Great to be in the Fatal Fury mood nice work Anthony
  3. Glad I watched the video about the docking bank, looks so cool but won’t fit my international version. Here’s hoping they make one to suit that.
  4. I simply need that Geese soya sauce! Wow!
  5. Happy anniversary to everyone who partakes in the forum and to you Anthony for pulling it all together it’s great to see such love for all that is SNK and NeoGeo “The Future Is Now”
  6. I will be watching the progress on this shmup for sure I am a huge Blazing Star and R-Type fan. Dreamcast or NeoGeo I’m in
  7. Love these beer coasters would go well with my pint glass
  8. I’m loving all the T-shirt’s, hoodies and jackets being shared here wow!
  9. Devil Angel looks tough as hell but wow
  10. Has anyone purchased from zen market place in the UK?
  11. Looks great will have to pre-order as well I think exciting times
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