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  1. At some point over the past few months, my PSP battery became swollen, cracked, and popped the back off the system. Internet seems to think this is a "known issue." Any other systems (or controllers) have this "known issue" that I need to be worried about?

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    2. thanatos


      Pretty much all old rechargeable batteries can swell up.

    3. Andromeda Stardust

      Andromeda Stardust

      Lion batteries can leak or explode when they malfunvction, and in extreme cases catch fire to the device.

    4. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      It's a known issue in any device that contains a soft walled rechargable lithium battery pack. So most modern handheld game systems, wireless controllers, tablets, and cell phones. They're all at risk for going kablooey eventually. There are some exceptions thankfully, like the Nintendo DS/3DS systems which use hard walled battery packs.

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