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  1. I starting reading my Conan comics again, and found myself getting a bit miffed when the price on the cover changed from 15 cents to 20 cents.

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    2. Razzie.P


      Conan the Barbarian (the one that started in 1970 or so)   I've never considered myself an active collector of anything, just bought whatever I wanted to read/watch/play etc, but for comics, I have managed to horde up complete collections of Conan the Barbarian, Savage Sword of Conan, and Groo the Wanderer <--- kinda like Conan I suppose  😄

    3. Razzie.P


      The Savage Sword magazine was pretty special to me as a kid.  I'm not sure if the "magazine" format allowed them to get around the comic code restrictions or how they pulled it off, but I as blown away but how much those stories really captured the characters and world that I imagined when I read Howard's original stories.  The nudity and savage imagery was far and above what they were able to get away with in the comics books.

    4. GoldLeader


      Haha Malrak,...I So remember when comics were a quarter, the same as a candy bar...Sometimes I'd get a comic after supper instead of a candy bar, which we often did if we went out to dinner (not all the time mind you).   And I remember being almost perplexed the day I noticed both went up to 35 cents!

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