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  1. New iPhone update killed the wifi on my daughter's phone.  Not sure if I hate Apple or just hate this trend of "every device needs to be updated to the point of virtual failure" these days.

    1. save2600


      Apple's been screwing up so many basic things with their updates for years. How some of this crap goes undetected before release defies reason. Yes, *some* of the bugs eventually get fixed, but typically have to wait until so many more updates before they finally address them.

    2. Albert


      Apple has made quite a few missteps over the past decade.  Their hardware and software have gotten worse, although it looks like recently they've started to turn around their hardware (the latest MacBook Pro is a nice improvement, as is the new Mac Pro, even if it's stupidly expensive).  Their software is much buggier than it used to be, no doubt about it.

    3. Keatah


      I had to disable all Windows 10 updates in order to have a stable, usable system. Like ya'll I don't understand the incessant need to constantly make changes.

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