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  1. Rainbow Islands -- 1,531,980 Not even getting close to the end of the game, but this may be about all I get to do this week. May try another run or 2 of Cap. If I can get past Ultron, I'm sure I can squeak out a couple hundred thousand more points.
  2. You don't have to jump over it at all. You can just shoot it with the rainbows (takes a bit longer) and focus on not being under him. If you have the power up to let you shoot 3 rainbows, it's a breeze, really. you can shoot 3, wait until the boss touches them, and just jump on the end of the rainbows to make all 3 fall, doing lots of damage from a nice, safe distance. They don't have to fall "on the boss," it still counts if he's in the middle, and you make them fall.
  3. In all fairness to Duke, he kept that promise. So in a way, that's just a good role model right there, teaching our youth the value of always keeping your word.
  4. Rainbow Islands -- 525,970 This is shaping up to be a really fun game, now that I'm understanding more of "what the hell's going on here?!?" I know this game has "a multitude of hidden secrets," according to the link roadrunner posted, but anyone have any educated guesses/pure speculation for what I did to gain an extra couple hundred thousand more points by Round 6 than I got on my Round 7 and Round 8 runs? I kept the same strategies and play style, and didn't notice anything special in real time.
  5. Knack 2 I've had this since launch, but just now working it in to my play list. I had a lot of fun with the first, and this seems to be more of the same, so far, so not disappointed at all.
  6. Captain America and the Avengers -- 491,501 Eh... did a bit better this AM. Just can't seem to solve Ultron now. Guess I'll move on to RI and see if I can figure that one out.
  7. Eh, kind of. Some days I see it and get really excited – it’s gorgeous and I love the era being represented – but then I remember the times I saw gameplay footage, and how the majority of it was just walking while looking at scenery, and I’m out again. I’m sure I’ll pick it up, and I hope it delivers, but I’m just so bored with that Last of Us / Uncharted 4 / New God of War style of game where gameplay takes a backseat while the player just walks forward taking in the sites and listening to dialog. Then it comes back to Sucker Punch, and I get really excited again. 😁 I love all the Sly Cooper and Infamous games, so I’m hopeful they’ll deliver here as well. I don’t think it’ll have the steep learning curve/difficulty, though. They’ve always gone for accessibility and low difficulty in their previous titles, so it’d be a pretty big departure to suddenly cater to the From Software fans first.
  8. Captain America and the Avengers -- 452,801 Got my butt kicked at Ultron (stage 4 boss). He's a hell of a roadblock, but if you get past him, the next level is a breezy "shooter" stage with a nice, easy couple hundred thousand points to gain. It doesn't get difficult again until the final boss. My RI score was so sad, I'm embarrassed to post it until I improve. 😁
  9. On a positive note, if you ever need to apply for a job running errands, you can list "completed Witcher 3" among your qualifications.
  10. I think Whirlwind says it to Cap. Still funny though. Near the end, Cap asks "where's the laser," and Ultron says "Go ask the police!" 😁 A few years ago, I could finish this game on a single credit, but now, after 4 runs (2 were scoreboard worthy, even though one was under "try again"), my fingers hurt.
  11. This up for anyone to join, or gotta sign up somewhere? I've been interested in the HS clubs I see on here, but can never seem to catch them at the beginning and always tell myself "I'll get in on the next one." I've always loved Cap and the Gang, so feels like a good place to start. I checked out the pinned rules thread, but have 2 quick questions, please -- 1) Do I choose one of the 2 games to submit for this round? Or do I submit a score for both? 2) The rules say that games will run for 1 week each, but the message listed above says we have until July 12. This mean I need to submit a score for Cap by today (one week from the posting), and Rainbow Islands by July 12th (date listed above), or we have until July 12th for both (assuming we enter a score for both)? Thanks!
  12. Not sure which game to start next.  Looking at Knack 2 (loved the first), Hat in Time, or the Shadow of Colossus remake.

  13. No. "It seems you misunderstand the criteria that constitutes a bait and switch" seems more applicable here. However, it does stink for (and I certainly empathize with) anyone who didn't pre-order but would have if they'd known the extra details.
  14. Such as? You had mentioned Earthworm Jim and Story of Thor, so I'm guessing these are two that "look bad?" Any others? I'm curious to have a look and see what you guys are talking about that I'm missing.
  15. 10) Mario Tennis Aces (Switch) Such a fun game! If it was a barebones "tennis matches only" kind of game, it still would have been really good, but the inclusion of a campaign/story mode allowed them to get really creative and with "boss battles" and challenges, making it really something special.
  16. Never seen the movie, so I was wondering what that 3rd wheel was for. I was imagining it was a convenient spare. Get a flat, rotate the whole damn assembly and keep on moving.
  17. I've finished the main game and -- other than the initial test drives and the moments where the game forces you to use them -- I've never used any characters other than Shulk, Reyn, and Sharla. When I tried them out, it just felt awkward as you mentioned.
  18. I've never been one to give in to anger/rage when playing games, but got pretty close with 2 recent playthroughs of modern games 1) Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch. There's a "boat level with boss" in the later parts of the game where it all just falls apart. Controls got stupid to where it felt like they were barely working. Eventually, I just cheesed the boss fight so I could move on. Great game, but that part almost made me quit in frustration and say to heck with it. 2) Xenoblade Chronicles on Switch. This game gets a lot of love, but my take on it is pretty negative overall. But there was specific part where you were unable to damage an enemy until you activated a certain power. The way to build up the gauge needed to activate that power? Damage the enemy. That's a simplistic take on it, but yeah, I would have just quit playing at that point if I hadn't made a promise to finish that game.
  19. You may have gotten one of those "I don't really give a crap" kids working there who just didn't wanna make an effort to check. I hate when that happens. Sometimes you need to call more than once to get someone who know what's going on. Just keep calling, and it may take a while (maybe up to several months, depending on luck) but eventually, you'll get that one representative who'll say "Hell yes, we have them! Come on up and get one." Good luck! 😁
  20. Well, someone on your team dropped the ball there. Wait 'till Pat and Ian find out about this. Doooooomed!!!
  21. I'll cross fingers hoping they dont. We can cancel each other out 😊
  22. No way! No other controller has that feature built in where it drifts, er... automatically moves to the left for you. With any other controller, we actually have to use energy to press the left input, like some kind of savage.
  23. 9) Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition I didn't like this one at all. I think it may be the first time in my 40+ years of gaming that I actually said out loud "I f'n hate this game!" while playing. But I had made a promise that I would finish it, so I slogged through 42 hours of playtime, which seemed like a 12 hour game with about 30 hours of walking and watching cut-scenes to pad it out.
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