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  1. To the best of my knowledge, I've never watched any of the AVGN stuff, but I (think) I understand what they're going for. Either way, doesn't matter to me, but as for the guy himself.... I stumbled onto a couple of videos where he was discussing movies, and was extremely impressed. The content was great. His delivery was amazing. No shtick, no character, no "edgy" language. Not sure what else he does outside of AVGN, but sure seems like he can create some amazing content based on the couple of things I watched.
  2. https://bit.ly/3wtWh1Q Castlevania: Rondo of Blood coming to Turbografx CD by Limited Run Games I'm interested.
  3. 9) Zombie Army 4: Dead War (XBox Series X) Ah, this was amazing from front to end. I've always liked the Sniper Elite games, despite their rough edges, and enjoyed playing the Zombie Army Trilogy co-op with a friend, but this one (part 4) feels like it's finally become it's own, full fledged game, rather than a spinoff that the others were. Difficulty was perfect (for me) pacing and atmosphere are spot on, and there are plenty of extras, in addition to a lengthy campaign. Played it on via Gamepass, but I wouldn't have been at all disappointed it I'd bought it full price.
  4. Double Dragon -- 103,100 Played enough over the past few days to where I can finish the game now, but I’m not sure where any point pressing opportunities are. May revisit a few more times to see if I can squeeze out some more. I was so disappointed with this game as a kid. Big fan of the arcade, then I picked this up to play with a friend, and nope. Then when I started playing, couldn’t do all the moves until you “learn them.” I remember thinking, these guys should probably already know how to fight before they jump in there. Plus, it didn't feel like the "real" double dragons. Where was Spike and Hammer with the matching bro tatoos???? Once I got over that initial butthurt, I liked it quite a bit.
  5. Little Nightmares is free on Steam, as well https://store.steampowered.com/app/424840/Little_Nightmares/
  6. 8) Dragon Quest (Switch) I've been in the mood to replay the first 3 Dragon Quest games, but instead of playing the originals again, I picked up the remaster/remake/mobile port (whatever the heck it is) on Switch. I have a great appreciation for the simplicity and straightforwardness of the original. Playing the Switch version for the first time didn’t disappoint at all.
  7. Bought a garden hose called NeverKink.  Within 10 mins of use, it kinked.  I feel deceived.

    1. Zoyous


      Just be glad you didn't get a NeverExplode!

    2. DragonGrafx-16


      sounds kinky lol

    3. jd_1138


      They really "got you".



  8. Trying to do a factory reset on my XBox One to get it ready to sell, but it's making me log in and download a huge update before wiping it all clean.

    1. ClassicGMR


      One last "sticking it to ya!" before it goes

  9. Since it's a list of games that "you feel are top 20," there are no wrong answers there. 😁 For feedback, though -- Wizards and Warriors and Zelda 2 seems to be lukewarm to most people. I love them (Especially Zelda 2), but they're not usually considered great. Getting a list down to 20 is brutally hard, as you mentioned. But seems like Contra and Ninja Gaiden should always be in a list like that. Maybe a bit of Dragon Warrior (3?) and/or Final Fantasy. I'll see if I can put one together later for kicks, if time permits.
  10. Kinda reminds me of this, but can't quite put my finger on why.
  11. I thought DA was still doing it. When I started DA:Inquisition a few months ago, it tried to guide me through importing my saves from 1 and 2, or clicking through choices to pretend I have saves from those games, so it acted like it was still gonna change the world a bit based on previous games. I really liked the Mass Effect games when I played through them originally. Didn't even mind the ending that so many people got "grrr..." about. But I doubt I'm ready to play through them again, just yet. Not enough time in the day for everything, sadly.
  12. Same! Those helicopters, man ... Then a jump right into 2 tanks
  13. I'll take the Justifiers + cart, if nobody else has claimed it.
  14. BreakThru -- 137,600 Barely made it (on my last life) but I did it! Missed a lot of points just trying to survive, but will probably do a couple more run throughs later to see if I can snag a bit more.
  15. Not saying you’re wrong or anything like that, but just sharing a personal experience -- that sort of thing was happening with me and my friends long before NES. When it was my turn to play games like Keystone Capers, Frostbite, Xevious, people would just get annoyed and leave. 😁 In hindsight, I guess it was a jerk-kid move, but seems like I could go forever on a lot of those.
  16. We looping this or is it a one and done, like the others? Generally, I like the 1 and done approach we've been doing, but this one seems like it's gonna be pretty short (15 mins or so) so either way's cool with me. I'm confident I'll kick its butt Tuesday, since that's my next day off. 😄
  17. BreakThru -- 119,500 Not sure how I missed out on this in real time, but I'm really diggin' this game! Played pretty much all afternoon evening friggin' day. Haven't been able to beat it yet, but got pretty deep into 5, which I think is the last, unless it pulls a surprise afterwards. How do you guys play it? Going for speed, or nice n' slow? I hang back as slow as possible until it's time to speed up for a jump. Also, anyone know how to kill the helicopters? Or even if you can? My strategy at this point is to speed up, zig zag, scream like a little girl, and pray I don't get shot. But I'm sure that's not right.
  18. Breakthru -- 58,600 Made it a ways into Round 3. No pic, though, as I didn't know I was on my last life. This one's gonna require a lot of memorization, as I'm not fast enough to speed up for the long jumps unless I know it's about to happen.
  19. I was a bit confused by that, too, but figured "to each their own." Seems an odd way to describe a (very popular) retro console on this forum, of all places. 🤣
  20. Whoo... I suck at this one. 😄 seems super fun though, so hoping to get some playtime this weekend Should be able to work up to a respectable score once I get the hang of it
  21. Same here. I had never played this one until it was mentioned here (I thought I had played them all), so I booted it up this AM and spent most of the morning playing.
  22. I don't normally ooh and ahh over "special editions" of games that have a lot of junk I wouldn't buy otherwise, but man... those Castlevania sets on LRG are really tempting.

  23. I am kinda curious about something, Tommy. This situation comes up with my employer often, so wondering if it’s happened with Amico – You frequently mention gathering data and feedback from focus groups to help plot a direction for Amico/Intellivision. Have there been instances where the test and survey results strongly suggest “we should do it this way” but you make a decision to do the opposite, going with your gut feeling and personal knowledge from being a video game fan as well as working in the industry for decades? If so, can you share any examples?
  24. Well, I wasn't sad... but now I see everyone gettin' paid except me. ... sigh ☹️
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