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  1. Meh, should have just changed it to some weird symbol and we could refer to them as "the retailer formerly known as Auto Shack."
  2. Missed opportunity to pull a Mitch Hedberg and say "I came here as a hater. I'm leaving here as a hater, but I came here that way, too."
  3. Some of the articles I'm seeing are making it sound like Yars Return was a "rare, lost game from back in the day." I was confused because I always thought it was a homebrew, and seeing some of the comments here, that seems to be the case.
  4. Nice to see someone use that word correctly, for a change Three Amigos taught me well.
  5. Bucky O'Hare -- 176,100 Ugh... not sure whether to stop now or keep trying to beat this thing.
  6. 20) Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut (PS5) I played this for a wee bit when it launched on PS4, but decided to wait because I saw a “leaked” rumor that they were working on a PS5 version, so I finally got around to playing it, and I don’t (think I) usually say this sort of thing, but this game is easily one of the best overall game experiences I’ve ever played. Simply amazing! I finished the main story and most of the extra optional stuff, and while it had a couple of warts along the way (nothing major) it was about as close to a perfect “what I’d like to play” type of game as anything I’ve played in a long while.
  7. I have a pic somewhere in my mess of files of a pack of peanuts that reads "may contain peanuts"
  8. Bucky O'Hare -- 127,300 This game feels odd to me, and I'm not sure why. Haven't been able to beat it yet, but I can finish the 4 initial planets consistently now.
  9. Awesome! I'll have to check it again on my Mame setups. I don't remember the specifics, for the most part, but seems like something was crazy with the graphics whenever I tried to play. When you're playing via Mame, and the screen is "scrolling up," like about 2:03 in the vid, you're not seeing any issues in Mame?
  10. Three signs in the window of a restaurant drive thru asking me “due to national coin shortage, please consider rounding up”

    Google says this place makes about 6 million per year.  If they really wanna help with the coin shortage, they’re always welcome to round down.

    1. GoldLeader


      Perfect!   I've always got gobs of coins and usually joke "I'll do my share..."  (And pay with lots of coins...)

    2. Zeptari1


      Honestly, If they round up and donate it to a locsl charity I'm all good with that.

  11. Seem to be playing a lot of cornhole these days. And maybe fixing a roof, but not sure how to interpret that part, since they put some fun factor through it.
  12. This game was the main reason I bought the Astro City Mini. I never had any luck playing via Mame, due to graphics issues, but played quite a but since the mini.
  13. I have a shirt that says "I hated Billy Mitchell before it was cool" I don't hate him, though. Completely indifferent, really. But the shirt makes me laugh.
  14. Aw, man… my joke landed awkwardly, but it was in no way intended as a a knock on you (or anyone else) wearing Amico stuff. It was 100% laffin’ at the foozers who feel the need to make videos using that as “evidence” of some sort of foul play.
  15. One of those events could be the most fun ever if you play it right. Even if you’re not necessarily pro-Amico. 1) Go to event dressed head to toe in “I Love Amico!” gear 2) Do an “impressions” bit where you start with “I ain’t really biased or nuthin’ “ 3) Lay it on thick with 120% fan love for the system and games 4) Liberally use phrases like “Switch Killer!” and “Bigger than Minecraft and Roblox combined! 5) Allude to (but don’t lie, that’d be wrong) the fact that you might be an investor 6) Watch youtube and wait patiently for the shit to hit the fan I sure wish I could go to an Amico event. *sighs*
  16. I was a teenager when the movie came out, and I hadn't yet "discovered" Waits. But even still, I came out of that theater thinking "whoever the hell was playing Renfield" almost raised the bar so high the rest couldn't keep up. If you haven't seen it yet, check out The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. It's a series of folk/western shorts by the Coen Bros (O Brother Where Art Thou, Fargo, crapload of other greats) , and one of them is pretty much just Waits by himself as a Gold Prospector. Almost a literal one man show.
  17. I'm rather fond of U2 and Radiohead, myself. They came to mind recently, but not sure why. 🤣 All Time Favorites U2 Tom Waits Steve Earle Manowar Iron Maiden Bruce Springsteen Sugar Ray’s first album Great Big Sea Stereophonics Strong Dislikes Some song that goes “work work work” that my daughter always seems to find on the radio.
  18. I didn't know that was a thing, either. Now I gotta find time to test my Sega CDs to ease my mind.
  19. I love the verbiage, there. 🤣
  20. A few years ago, I plugged the incorrect power supply into my Sega Master System. It started smoking badly. Somehow, though.... and I'm not sure if I would believe this if it didn't happen to me, but the system still worked 100% fine after finding the correct power supply.
  21. I have a friend that was so impressed by a live show that he attended, he was convinced that 3 Doors Down was already "bigger than the Beatles" And no, he wasn't joking.
  22. Interesting. Do you feel that Switch carts will stop working after 12 years, average?
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