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  1. I'm trying to register over at CAGDC, but it's a bit difficult. Seems like Mark prefers a reference from another gaming forum. I was pretty active over at Twin Galaxies, but they're in limbo right now so I don't have any way to contact any of the users there. If someone here is a member and wouldn't mind sending Mark a message for me, I'd certainly appreciate it. Let me know and I'll PM you the information. Thanks in advance!
  2. Jaymiester said he'd take the 10th set, so I may be a bit too late... but since your post said you need "at least" 10 orders, I'll take a set if you don't mind going over 10 (or if someone backs out)
  3. I have a N64 with missing case screws (the ones on the bottem of the system that hold the thing together) I found that I can order replacement security screws, but before I did that, I was wonderinging if anyone knows if (and what size) I can stop buy Lowes or Home Depot and pick up more standard type of screw? I don't have one to take and see if I can find a match, and I'm havning no luck finding the info via google. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Stinks I missed this. If anyone backs out, let me know. I'll take one.
  5. I'll say "yes." If you can get the price below 20 bucks for the SMS Face Plate, you'll have a guaranteed sale. I'll take the SMS shirt, and potentially a couple more if I like the quality.
  6. I bought 2 games from lordnikon. Communication was very smooth, shipping was prompt, and the condition of the games were exactly as described. Great seller!
  7. Hey. I sent a PM on Sept 1 but haven't received a reply. It says you read it but in case you forgot or something, go check it out when you get a chance. I'm interested in taking a few of those off your hands. Thanks
  8. Been trying to send a pm but getting an error. If nobody has called dibs on this yet, I'll take it
  9. Thanks a lot for the info. I've registered at pcenginefx to ask him, but I'm still waiting for the admins to approve my registration before i'm allowed to do anything. I'm eager to get this thing sweetened up a bit
  10. Thanks. I didn't know that about the 74 min cds. I think I'll switch to those for peace of mind as well. Would you happen to know where to buy a replacement laser? My google search came up with a couple different parts, and each has a comment or 2 claiming that it doesn't work. I'm not sure I have the technical know-how to replace the caps. I'll definately read into it though. Isn't that issue related to poor sound on the system? You think it's something that I should go ahead and replace, or is it not needed until the sound goes bad?
  11. I just picked up an N. America TurboDuo with several accessories and 1 CD Game, Ys 1&2. At first, the Video intro of Ys would skip randomly, and any burned CDs I made to test would take a long time to load, so I thought maybe I had a weak laser. I cleaned the lazer with a cd deck cleaner, tested again, and haven't found any issues yet. Still, due to the random nature and the reported Duo problems, I'm still a bit concerned. Anyone know of any surefire tests to find out if my system has a weak, potentially problematic laser? Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. I played the demo and loved it. Wanted to wait until I finished a couple of games I was playing before buying it though. With the discount though, I may have to go ahead and jump on this. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. Bought a 5200 trackball from him. Arrived quickly and in great shape. Very smooth transaction!
  14. Bought a couple systems with several accessories and games and everything was a smooth transaction. Would buy from again no hesitations.
  15. Great seller. Bought a system from him and everything went perfectly.
  16. Bought a system + games. Great communication. An extremely smooth transaction.
  17. Def not having luck finding one, so thinking the same as you guys. That "best" site is pretty sweet though! Wonder what I can do to make a temp coer until I luck across a cheap dead 5200 Thanks for the info!
  18. Know of any places to buy parts for the Atari 5200? In particular, I'm trying to find a cover for the controller storage part of the console. I've been googling, but coming up short so far, so I'm hoping some of you guys may have some awesome sources. Thanks for the help!
  19. I'm interested in the Saturn but I haven't received a reply to my PM yet.
  20. Yeah, what he said. The NES converted pads are much, much better to me.
  21. It is still challenging and rewarding to play on easy. The "easy" difficulty of the Wii game matches "normal" difficulty of the two GBA games IMO. I forgot about that. There was some sort of "glitch" with the US release where Easy was really Normal, Normal raelly hard, etc etc.... something about the way difficulty is higher on the Japanese release. It was a challenge, but definately not unbeatable. I never thought it felt "cheap," just difficult for all the right reasons (for me at least)
  22. If you get a chance, check out Radiance on Gamecube. Same high quality game, incredible story!
  23. Beyond Oasis and Maximum Carnage take advantage of the extra buttons as well
  24. Sorry you think I had something to do with the auction getting pulled. At least I think that's what was just implied. I promise you, I bidded on it and had absolutely nothing to do with Ebay cancelling your auction. I had a hint that it was going to happen for the following 2 reasons: 1) I've bidded on several such items before (flash carts and the like), and it usually ends with ebay pulled it. 2) I clicked on the item just before making my post, and it went to an error page As much as I was hoping to win this thing, or pay your wanted price in the event that ebay pulled it, I'll respect your wishes and not bother. I only hope you believe that this does happen with Ebay, and please don't label me as the type who would intentionally sabotage your auction.
  25. I placed a bid on it. In the likely event that it gets yanked from ebay, I'd be interested in knowing what you'd take for it. Thanks!
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