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  1. I was thinking something more like a first person shooter based on Skiing, Baseball or even Brain Duel. But yeah, doesn't seem to fit Cloudy Mountain at all.
  2. I don't understand Konami at all. Not just Metal Gear, but seems like they're sitting on SO MANY titles that fit that line of thinking, but they've been swept under the rug for some reason.
  3. I totally get it! Just a few tweaks here n' there, and that kiddie stuff like Finnegan Fox and Sesame Street can take on a whole new life to appeal to the badass side of us. I was gonna add some Cornhole, but "adult" cornhole has an entirely different meaning <blush>
  4. Yep, that's pretty much the key, really. I don't think their target audience is gonna care about the legacy games enough to be considered a "missed opportunity." Now if they were targeting folks like us primarily, them maybe.
  5. User choice would be best 😄 Choose your avatar... then have a Running Man, Dot, Triangle, something with a hat, etc....
  6. Maybe my reading skills are crap, but seems to me like he told you pretty clearly he doesn't know. The rest of your questions (in that post) could only be answered confidently if he already knew. 2nd question assumed the answer to #1 was "no" and the 3rd was a hypothetical that also seemed to assume "no" to the first as well.
  7. So, I played this game on PS1 for a few mins (and maybe Vita or PS3) and planned to come back to it, but now I can't seem to find it. I thought it was Wild Arms, but not of the videos for that game seem to fit. So anyone know what this could be from my very, very vague description? PS1 RPG Top Down View Game starts with you playing as some sort of bandit/thief in a tomb of some sort with spike traps, and a rolling ball/rock "set piece." Seems like the rolling rock thing chases you around a bit in a near Scooby Doo fashion. You have some sort of cutesy critter that's talking to you. Yep, that's about all I got. Any idea what it could be?
  8. TLDR: Put the TLDR part in the front of the rant. Put the TLDR part in the front of the rant, dagnabbit! 😁 By time we get to the TLDR part, we've already read what looks to be about 300 words or so.
  9. He may have to. That might be part of the plan that Kevin and team have come up with. Tommy's not in those meetings to vote against it, so joke's on him! See? When you're tied to a desk working customer service, nobody to blame but yourself. 🤣
  10. I don’t think you were around a year+ ago, unless you were lurking or a different account or something, but the “why not just get a Switch” had a LOT of back n’ forth on here. It was fascinating to see how, in a world has dozens or auto brands (offering similar services for the same market) hundreds of TV Manufacturers (offering similar services for the same market) etc etc, so many people drew a hard line at “Switch exists, so why would anyone want this thing?” Points were made. Lines were drawn. Tribes were formed. 😁 That's a very important point, too. There's a huge market out there for someone to capture. Maybe Amico will tap into enough of it to win success. If not, maybe someone else will be able to build off their failures and try again.
  11. After seeing my youngest (7 yrs) and ALL his friends going crazy for this game, not having some multiplayer rip off of this game would be a missed opportunity for Amico. From a design standpoint, looks like a quick n' easy thing to make.
  12. Plugging straight to my modem helped a bit. It started getting 98.2 Mbps. Better, but still nowhere near the speeds of my other gadgets. Nothing running, so I dunno. Thanks everyone, for the replies and info!
  13. Different people have different reasons. Can’t speak for everyone, but here’s a few real world examples I’ve seen for why people are “harping about this” -- Don’t own, like, or want any of the modern consoles for various reasons Aren’t normally into video games, but find the simplicity of Amico an appealing toy to spend some time with the family $10ish for a game sounds a bit friendlier for the “non console” family than $60 for Mario Kart and Arms The belief that 100% of the games will have multiplayer that just works out of the box is not something that the other 3 can claim. Some games don’t work easily with some controllers. Some require online connection nonsense. And to be clear, none of those are my personal thoughts. Just some reasons I’ve personally seen. Sadly, that sort of thing usually gets people all worked into a huff if they don’t agree and can’t stand that someone else might have an opinion different from theirs. I hope to be proven wrong, but I don’t think most of them will be structured well for single player at all. At most, they’ll be something you’ll play single player for high scores to compete with others via the leaderboards or something. I can’t imagine any of them featuring a fully fledged out campaign or anything, and will more likely be classic “pick up n’ play” stuff (not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing) But I dunno… just my thoughts, but hope to be proven wrong, as mentioned.
  14. Not sure what to play next.

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      How about GLOBAL THERMAL NUCLEAR WAR? yeah let's play that game... greetings professor falken... would you like to play a game?

    2. GoldLeader


      Hey you never updated us on what ya played next!   

    3. Razzie.P


      Haven't started yet.   This evening or tomorrow AM, hopefully.  Landed on PS5, and now it's a toss up between Shadow Complex Remastered, or Persona 5, which are both PS4 games, but they're in my library on PS5, so works for me.    Loved Shadow Complex the first couple of playthroughs on Xbox 360 years ago, and its not a very long game -- I've never played a Persona game, and I keep hearing tons of praise for that one.

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  15. 14) Demons' Souls (PS5) I had a bit of trouble deciding what I wanted to play, so I figured I'd just give DS a few minutes to see how it looked/played on PS5. Then it kinda hooked me in, I suppose. Kind of a bummer that the multiplayer was virtually non-existent, but it's a great remake/remaster/whatever it is.
  16. Ah, yeah… I remember that mess with the pricing. But, er… that wasn’t what you said though. I was led to believe something changed regarding their terms around us keeping our GWG games. What you said was Gotta be careful with those types of communication gaffes around here. 🤣 Some people take that sort of thing and run with it, dredging it up for years, proving it with links and screenshots, etc. Determined stuff! 😄 🤣 Kidding and joking aside, the funny thing (to me) about that mess was how Microsoft had sent some employees a memo a month prior, stating the intent to remove the paywall from Free to Play to be more in line with the competition – we all kind of new it was happening, already. So as an “apology,” they gave the masses something they were already gonna give out of necessity to stay competitive. Seems to have worked, so hats off to the PR person who came up with that one. Edit: I guess the XBox stuff derailed the thread a bit. Apologies for that, I’ll hush and let it get back to Dynablaster
  17. Yeah, after media and fan backlash (and Sony, in a way) left them no choice, for the most part. Things were getting’ ugly. Left to their own preferences, they simply said things like “Deal with it” More recently, Sony had to do some backpedaling as well, thanks to consumer and media backlash over their “Horizon upgrade” lies. Their prepared statements make it seem like they’re doing it because they’re such a good hearted, consumer friendly company. This intrigues me a bit, as I must have missed the memo – what changed with Games With Gold? I did a search and can’t find it, but as a GWG user, I'm interested in knowing if it got better somehow. My “introductory email” from 2013 clearly states I can keep the games I download, even if I no longer have a subscription. And my 2014 email introducing Xbox One games states that I can keep my 360 games, but Xbox One games will become unplayable if my subscription expires. Best I can tell, that’s still how it is now. Nope. That’s true. I haven’t seen their CEO (or most other CEOs) say much of anything, really, other than delivering their prepared statements. They usually can’t be bothered to stoop down and hang out with us commoners. Whether that’s better or worse is anyone’s opinion, I guess, but I absolutely agree that communication could and should be improved. I’ll apply that to all companies.
  18. Things change. Plans have to be adaptable. Maybe they initially wanted them to be exclusive, but decided that's not gonna work out. Not a huge deal, really. And really, that seems like a change for the better, to me. More software, the better. Remember when Xbox one was always online, heavy drm, and would "never work without Kinect?" Thank goodness companies don't always stick to "Plan A."
  19. They might get a little riled up over some language (and boobies, for some reason) but I don't think they'll mind the gun use. Well, maybe, now that I think about it. Real gun use is 100% ok, but guns in video games are the problem, if I understand it right. So, yeah... Good idea! Or they could just have the egg in a large "sling" or something and keep the gameplay/event exactly the same. Wouldn't even need to change it to shot put.
  20. I wasn’t really in the mood to play through Demons’ Souls again at the moment, but I picked it up on the cheap recently so I could have it when the mood strikes. Had a bit of a lull lately, not really thinking of anything I wanted to play, so I figured I’d give it a look to see what’s changed. Just a few mins, of course. I’m about 18 hours in now. 🙄 So far, it looks great, feels super smooth, but it seems a bit empty along the multiplayer side of things, which is a big bummer. In my 18 hours, I’ve only been invaded once, was only able to summon co-op twice, and have never been summoned to help anyone else (yep, I’ve tried a lot)
  21. After spending some time lately with Microsoft’s customer service, which I firmly believe is the absolute worst that I’ve encountered to date, it made me wonder – what’s your guys plan regarding customer service options? Phone call to speak to a live agent? Virtual chat with live agent? Email? Chatbot with “virtual assistant?” I’m not sure what Microsoft is thinking, but live calls are “on hold due to unusually high call volume” then just disconnected after a long wait. And “chat” options seem to be connecting me to another Xbox user, not even a tech rep, unless I’m missing a detail. Here’s a copy n’ paste from a different thread So I’ve been trying to fix the super slow download speeds on my Series X (link here if anyone happens to have a solution) My calls with their support number over the past few days have 100% been disconnected after waiting “due to unusually long hold times” So I decided to try their chat option. Best I can tell (and I could totally be misunderstanding what’s going on here) it’s not even using a customer service / tech support agent --- seems to have routed my question to another xbox user and said I’d receive an answer soon. When I got a reply a couple of hours later, they asked me to check my network connection. Did that, posted the results, waited. Waited. Waited. Gave up after no reply. I got a reply 4 hours later asking me to power the system off, wait 15 minutes, and back on again. WTF? Is this the new normal for their customer service? I sure hope this isn't' the new normal.
  22. Now, the site just says they they don't wanna talk about this issue. 😄
  23. Easy fix. Just reverse the roles and it'll be fine.
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