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  1. Ugly as they are, wouldn't it be better to leave the stickers on, preserving them "as is" for those who are thinking of them as collectibles?
  2. Do you like Legacy? I saw the original as a kid, and many, many times since, but I gotta say... I like Legacy quite a bit more.
  3. They'll get to that after finishing their next book, "Pinhole to SLR -- An Ebayer's Guide To Camera Usage"
  4. The way you and Swami are going at it, "some day" could be this week.
  5. Yep, I thought so to. Funny though, people were pretty adamant it was going to fail, too. So time will tell.
  6. I do agree with that you're saying, but in all fairness to SteveColecoDude in this particular case, he and the user he replied to were actually talking about those other threads, not this one, which kinda goes along with what you're saying there. I dunno y'all, other than the bunch of ants, that sounds like things improved GREATLY! 😁 RIP Rodney!
  7. That type of info is something I’m waiting to hear, as well, as it is something that directly impacts whether or not I'll shoot for a 100% physical collection, or only pick up digital copies of the game I wanna play. Not specifically just the part about transferring, though – Mostly, I’m curious to know what steps are in place to ensure these games will work in the future at all? For example, if I buy a 100% physical collection, store them like the hoarder/collector that some of us are known to be – will they even be playable 20 years from now if I try to play them for the first time, and servers are gone and/or the future’s version on the internet no longer works with Amico? Or we will be collecting, buying, selling boxes of trinkets but no games? I had asked some time back, and got an answer like “we have something in place that everyone will be happy with,” which is cool and all, but now that they’re for sale, seems like something that should be ok to share with us folk interested in buying.
  8. I backed one of those 2 days ago! My backer reward for my specific tier was 3 Sno Cones. Or shaved ice... I don't know the difference.
  9. I found codes for XBox Live Gold (14 days free) and Game Pass (1 month free) at the bottom of a console box. Not sure if they've ever been used, but if anyone want to try, you can have them. Just send me a message. Edit. These are gone.
  10. I installed the recent Avengers game on XBox Series X (its on Gamepass) and quit after about 45 mins or so. It was pretty, but felt about as bland and boring as any game I've ever played. Doubt I'll come back to it and give it a chance. Also installed Castlevania: Harmony of Despair and quit after about 10 mins. Had no idea what the heck was happening in that game, and couldn't see anything. I may come back to that one, though, and see if there's some camera controls or something that'll make it a bit more playable to me.
  11. Mostly It's not verbatim, but I was 100% thinking of ol' Delmar and that brilliant line.
  12. No. You quoted me out of context by choosing only a select part of text to imply a different meaning. I’m sure you understand this, but oh well. Like this, see… Thanks for admitting it! ☹️ Absolutely! Nothing to deny there. Well, I’d prefer it to ALSO have physical media, to be clear. Or even without a traditional physical media, I’d simply prefer a method of ownership that helps ensure the games will still work properly 30 years later, to appeal to the hoarder/collectors who enjoy that sort of thing. And maybe this current NFT method is the perfect best of all worlds, but any questions asked about how they’re “future proof,” goes unanswered or receives a vague “we have it all worked out… everyone is gonna love this” type of reply. Not true. So, denied. My agenda… there isn’t one. Do I think not having physical media is a mistake? I’m not adamant at “yes” or “no,” but I’d definitely lean toward “yes,” if asked. But my reasons for leaning towards “yes” have absolutely nothing to do with Kotaku, piracy, or anything I’ve discussed in this thread (until my previous NFT comment, that is)
  13. Ah, my bad. I was not, as the kids like to say "in the know." ... at least I think they say that. 😁
  14. Not sure how that's "fake info..." I'd be interested in knowing too.
  15. My memory is a bit fuzzy, so apologies if I'm wrong here, but I think the Super Nt and Mega Sg initially had the same type of mess, where they sold out fast and people couldn't get one -- website crashing, horror stories galore, and then they came back a bit later and were quite easier to get. And I kinda got the impression that would be the same for Pocket, so hopefully you'll get a shot to pick one up during a future stock.
  16. So, I'm confused -- are they nearly sold out? Probably not? I figured they'd go pretty quickly, but with all the noise I'm seeing, not sure what's what anymore.
  17. Not exactly Amico related, but if you don't mind --- what's a Lineman do? 😄 I've been kinda curious ever since you posted that pic where you were, if I recall correctly, hanging from a helicopter at work, listening to video game soundtracks.
  18. Yeah, usually guys are complete tools in there, then when they get banned they cry "all I said was..." but I gotta say, seems like you got a raw deal there, unless there was something that got deleted before I saw it. Not seeing anything from you that seems it should have warranted a ban. Sorry, dude. ☹️
  19. Most of your unhinged rant came across as sadly amusing to me, but that one part where you "quoted me" had me curious, bc that didn't sound at all like anything I was thinking. So had to find out what kinda silliness I was spouting, to see if I really misspoke and said that or if you were just lying, and I found that I said this -- Which is quite a bit different from your accusation in your claim to support your agenda about my claim to support my agenda.
  20. Man, that Razzie.P sounds like a real Snidely Whiplash type of sumbitch. 🤣
  21. 16) Metroid Dread (Switch) Eh, I did not like this one at all. Controls just never clicked with me. So many odd bumper/trigger combos I felt like I was playing a modern Fifa. I mentioned this in a different, “Metroid Dread” thread -- I can max out the score on Contra, beat Battetoads, and do a "no hit run" on the first 2 Dark Souls games easier than I can consistently do moves like double jump (or space jump or whatever it's called) in this game. And I wasn’t really exaggerating much. Something just feels so “off” about the maneuvers in this game. I can do the double jump/infinite jump thing with ease and nail it 100% of the time when in a open area, no enemies (like teleport areas) – but you throw some combat in there and that framerate drops, it’s like the timing of things just goes random. Same goes with wall jumps, grabbing ledges, etc. Just never seemed to work right for me. Sad thing is, nothing was really “difficult,” in a traditional sense. Bosses followed the same, easy to predict patterns. Nearly every death in my game came from inputs just not working properly. Those wannabe Stealth sections can piss off and die. They weren’t tense. They weren’t fun. They were just something in the way of getting back to the game. The later part of the game starts throwing a crapload of the “same” boss over n’ over – like they ran out of ideas or something. But that’s ok, mostly… they were simple, fun fights – but at the end of each, there’s some horseshit quick time nonsense that just kills it for me. I say I died 50+ times on those, with about a dozen “perfect” fights, no damage taken, but died because of the quicktime crap. Oh well, rant over. If you’re a diehard fan, excuse my venting, please. 😁 Hopefully this one is everything the Metroid fans wanted it to be, but it was a pretty sour experience for me.
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