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  1. Hiya, I'm after one for my CC2. Where did you get it from?
  2. Hi all, I'm getting a bit concerned that I have to keep unplugging controllers for the different games (2600 joystick, 7800 proline, 7800 joypad, paddles, driving, keyboard, lightgun) and might stuff up the plugs on the controllers (as their sealed) or the socket on the console. (Yes, I love my CC2! ) Is it possible to make a little break out box, replicating many 9 pin ports (just connect them in parallel) or would their have to be some fancy electronics between the ports as the controllers might interfere with each other. Just a wild and crazy idea!
  3. Gunstar, could you please post a circuit diagram? I've tried several of them unsuccessfully on a PAL 7800. Too bright or too dim or rolling picture. Mike, any news on the mod for us PAL folks in Australia, UK, etc.?
  4. Way cool, that veeeeery niiiicccceeee!! How does it stay in place? Double sided tape? Once I had a working board going (based on the info around the 'net), I was going to drill holes on the RF shielding and put the board on the inside of the sheilding. I don't think that I'm going to get a decent result with those circuits (I've tried so many of them without success), so it looks like Mike's board from 8bitdomain could very well be a goer. (Mike, can holes be made on each of the corners of the board for this method of mounting?) Would it be a good/bad idea to mount the board on the inside of the RF shielding (nice and secure, won't come unstuck when 7800 heats up)?
  5. Oops, sorry, posted the above to the wrong thread!
  6. Gunstar, Could you post some details of your mod? What are your components? I'd like to give it a go with a PAL system. Thanks,
  7. Gunstar, Could you post some details of your mod? What are your components? I'd like to give it a go with a PAL system. Thanks,
  8. Hi Everyone, Has anyone successfully installed one of these mods on a PAL 7800 ? I've tried a few of them now from the various websites regarding the NTSC mods, but none of them seem to be work properley. It is either too bright (rolling and fuzzy) or too dim. If I try to get the best S-Video picture I can for 7800, the 2600 is not good (and vice versa) when I adjust the trimpots. If you have a PAL 7800 and are happy with the mod, could you please let me know which board you used and which components were changed (if any) to make it work properley? Sorry I'm not a electronics guru :-( Thanks,
  9. Hi All, I am trying to mod my 7800 for A/V outputs, and I have referenced both Saundby's page at http://www.geocities.com/atari7800mod/7800...nstruction.html and also Lee Krueger's page at http://home.earthlink.net/~resqsoft/7800_mod.htm, but it looks like they both refer to earlier board revisions. My board is one of the later revisions (PAL system) and has a part number of C300633-001 and the rows of resistors next to the modulator that is mentioned in the two sites above is not present on this board. I have included two pictures (one of the full board and the other of the top left, around the modulator). Please excuse my lack of electronics genious, but I will be grateful if someone could assist me in determining the points where I can connect Saundby's circuit to on this board revsision. Thanks for your help.
  10. S

    Krokodile Cartridge

    So what are the advantages / disadvantages of the KC compared to the CC2? Will the KC work with a 7800 ?
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