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  1. Since several people have asked, my investment on what you see above was about $2,500. This was about 15 years ago - I don't know if that's a low point, but certainly lower than today's prices. I don't believe I could entertain any offers less than $3,000 for the entire set (plus buyer paying shipping.) I actually think the value is in excess of $3500 if I were to break it up and sell them individually. Maybe more. I don't know the current value on some of these gems like the Battlespheres (which were still a very pricey $180 each when I bought them new.) Now if someone wants to offer me $3500 for the lot, or a similarly high value where they take most of it (maybe you don't want the controllers or you already own a couple of the rarer games that would increase the cost), then we can talk. As indicated I don't want to break it up but will if needed, although I don't particularly want to be stuck with all the common stuff either. Then again, maybe there's a beginner here who would want all of the basics and I can still accomplish what I want without making 74 individual sales. Ideally I work with one person; I'm willing to work with four or five if it means selling it all off and getting the value I want out of them. Given that I'm not up on current values, I ask that anyone asking for parts (like the Battlespheres) also provide me a price you are willing to pay, so if I do decide to break it up, I can work with the member making the highest offer first. There's really nothing I can do with any of you telling me you want X number of games (but don't indicate which ones) or don't give me a price on the ones you do.
  2. I've been working through my closet, selling off my old video game stuff that I don't look at or hook up to play anymore for the last several weeks on ebay and I'm coming up to my Jaguar collection, which is perhaps the jewel of my gaming collection. Jaguar didn't have a very large catalog, so 15 years ago I was quite serious about trying to collect every single game, and got quite close. There's a few rarities I know I'm missing (Air Cars comes to mind) but I have a copy of almost every game and some of the earlier demos, including really special ones like the BattleSpheres, Protectors, and Scatboxes. I know about how much money it took about 15 years ago and so fully expect to make my money back. What I'm not sure is how much. I would greatly prefer to sell this all as one set, because its easier to sell one big lot than piecemeal and because I'll feel like my effort to collect all of it will be retained by the next owner. (Great opportunity to go from zero to hero in one purchase!) Although if no one makes a serious offer (i.e., exceeding my original investment) I will instead consider breaking it up and selling the rares to those that want them with the rest going to ebay. Note that none of this has been tested in 14 or 15 years, but I intend to test everything over the next week or so. Send me a private message if you're interested in making an offer. I'd very much like to give a serious collector first shot at these because I suspect one of you reading this would appreciate it more than the average ebay bidder. Even if you're not interested but have an idea about how much someone should pay for all of this, I would appreciate that, too. Should no one step up here I'll sell it on ebay and would appreciate some insight into current value. I realize I don't have any history here but to prove this is a legit sale see the picture below or checkout my ongoing ebay game sales. I hope these are enough to prove I'm not a fake. I am based in USA. I can ship internationally. Be aware that a set this large (3 full sized boxes) is going to be quite large and heavy. PayPal is an accepted form of payment for me, but given the large value of this set I would happily take a check or postal money order. I also have a Jaguar and Jaguar CD in boxes that aren't pictured. I figured those were regular fare and might just go to ebay where the common fish can fight over them. FIRST COLUMN: Alien vs Predator Atari Karts Attack of the Mutant Penguins Breakout 2000 Brutal Sports Football Bubsy - In: Fractured Furry Tales Cannon Fodder Checkered Flag Club Drive CyberMorph (1994) Defender 2000 DOOM Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls SECOND COLUMN: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Evolution: Dino Dudes Fever Pitch Soccer Fight for Life Flashback: The Quest for Identity Flip Out! Hover Strike Hyper Force International Sensible Soccer Iron Soldier Iron Soldier 2 Iron Soldier 2 (CD) (Black version) Iron Soldier 2 (CD) (Yellow version) I-War THIRD COLUMN: Kasumi Ninja Missile Command 3D NBA Jam T.E. Pinball Fantasies Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Power Drive Rally Raiden Rayman Ruiner Pinball Skyhammer Soccer Kid (this box is not so good) Super Burnout Supercross 3D Syndicate FOURTH COLUMN: Tempest 2000 Theme Park Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Troy Aikman NFL Football Ultra Vortek Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding White Men Can't Jump Wolfenstein 3d World Tour Racing Worms Zero 5 Zool 2 Zoop FIFTH COLUMN: ProController 2 Standard Controllers Baldies BattleMorph BrainDead 13 Dragon's Lair Highlander: Last of the MacLeods Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands Myst Primal Rage Space Ace SIXTH COLUMN: JagLink Team Tap Memory Track BattleSphere BattleSphere Gold with Demo CD Protector Protector: SE with Native Demo CD ScatBox Classic ScatBox Deluxe TOP ROW: CyberMorph (1993, loose, with overlay) Barkley Shut Up and Jam! (loose) Bypass Cartridge (loose) Soul Star Demo CD Native Demo CD (loose; originally came with the bypass cartridge I think) Atari Big Disk CD
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