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  1. This information is greatly appreciated. One of the carts I am most interested in is Pinball Challenge (#17), identified as being programmed by Rick Maurer. It is obviously a breakout game, but named after pinball with bumper icons on the box. Was this a marketing decision?
  2. Is there a list of known programmers and the videocarts they programmed for the Fairchild Channel F system? Hopefully this information has not been lost to time.
  3. Are you still making these? I am interested if so...
  4. Thanks for this! I was just trying to download the old templates that are now gone. Started using textmate, but I use Xcode for iOS programming and am used to the IDE.
  5. Did anyone ever figure out how to get an XBOX360 controller, specifically the joystick and/or d-pad to work with Coolcv on retropie? I'm starting to bang my head against the controller...
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