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  1. Drac030. Yes, it works if you do not start TD.

    Try with TD ON to see, what I reported. I wrote about it 

    Before these (alpha) release The TD was not functional,

    or SIDE3CLK.SYS was missing from CAR. The TD could

    not be activated. Now it works perfectly with a following



    I found yesterday, the using of TIME and DATE

    command freezes  the SDX after TIME/DATE modification

    pushing ENTER. If I push RESET, SDX is not coming back,

    just the cursor on Top-left, but cannot be moved.


    The ATARI needs (Help+RESET to push and

    start with B from U1MB) or use the physical

    switch of ATARI to OFF/ON the machine.


    Draco - it is not complaint, just a feedback,

    what is always my intention, not to bother people.


    Thank you for understanding and to care about the "issue".

    Maybe I am wrong, but my intention is to help.


    Have a nice evening,


    1. drac030




      It seems to work woth TD too. I found an Extension disk, though, and can confirm that it does not load properly. I will try to trace it down, but do not expect that it will get fixed in few hours/days.





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