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  1. I once considered trying to write a FORTH interpreter for the Jag, it should be fairly easy, since 90% of FORTH is written in FORTH, and you only need a handful of assembly routines to bootstrap it onto new hardware... but then I realised the hassles of trying to hook up a keyboard to the Jag (Skunkboard USB maybe?) and forgot about the whole thing. Besides, everyone would have to learn FORTH then, and they'd still be better off with assembly.
  2. I've been using that tool for years. It's really useful, but for some reason loads and runs from $5000 unlike the more normal $4000.
  3. JIFFI can be driven from the command line, so you can add it into your build script / makefile. Easy.
  4. Never having seen the final "released" version of jag gorf, I've got to ask: what's the difference from the version that's burned into most BJL ROMs?
  5. Battlemorph is pretty awesome. Also most of the homebrews has be freely burnt to CD. I actually really like Vid Grid even though it doesn't have a whole lot of replay to offer (how many times can you watch the same few music videos).
  6. A friend of mine visited the EuroGamer Expo in London today, and found a Jaguar running T2k. http://www.eurogamer.net/expo/ I say running, although apparently (despite it being the first day of the event), he couldn't get the d-pad to work, which is hardly a good advert for the system, but it's still nice to see a Jag in such an otherwise modern and next-gen expo.
  7. Tyrant

    Impulse X

    Looking good. When is e-JagFest?
  8. Entombed was EEEVIL! Great fun, but incredibly hard. There's a cheat program for Entombed (and for Droid, although I couldn't get it to work under Hatari) on STFormat disk 59. I had a look at Droid2 (and have pm'd you the disk image since I can't remember where I downloaded it from), but tbh I wasn't that impressed. The nice tight control and weapons of the first game were gone, and it looked like just another platformer with overly large sprites, but I might give it another go. Again, it doesn't help that it crashed several times under emulation but then Hatari isn't the best emulator out there (I wish someone would port Steem to OSX).
  9. I first played this little gem back in 1992... and I'm really proud to say that I've FINALLY completed it tonight. I'm quite amazed that I managed it actually. I don't really know what purpose this thread will serve, other than perhaps to inspire a few more people to pick up such an excellent game, and maybe start a little discussion about it. http://lgd.fatal-des...view.php?id=482 http://www.stformat....tf37/index.html
  10. It's not rare, surely? I'm not exactly a collector but I've managed to end up with two complete copies, both with the headbands. I don't think I paid more than a tenner for either of them.
  11. Well done. I still don't see the appeal of the game personally, but that kind of speedrun is the kind of thing that should be captured as a youtube video.
  12. Yeah but it won't be cheap. Negotiation that quick shows that the guy knew exactly what he was doing.
  13. Awkward, confusing, and a disappointing reminder that you don't have a VR headset? Yeah, I agree.
  14. WOW that guy saw you coming a mile away. You could have got three times that, easily.
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