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  1. Classic symptom of a dirty power switch and/or loose power connection at the rear of the console. Clean your power switch and check your power supply connector. There's tutorials on Youtube. Good luck!
  2. This is simply just not true. The Colusb is still very much in production. I have spoken with Mike at Dragonbox and a new supply is in production as we speak.
  3. This is simply just not true. The Colusb is still very much in production. I have spoken with Mike at Dragonbox and a new supply is in production as we speak.
  4. As long as the transformer is in good standing then most oems can be successfully repaired. With quality components installed, serviced oem power supplies should last quite a long time.
  5. Yeah that's my fault, my reflow oven is down here in the shop. I've got the boardhouse in China making them for me as we speak. Was a little delay in production with the Lunar New Year and they just started on my order yesterday. Should be available in a few weeks on Console5's website.
  6. Thank you sir! That's just the dried heatsink compound. It's stringy and I just haven't had a chance to clean it yet. I fixed it earlier, or rather I found out the issue. The power board was outputting the proper voltages when disconnected from the mobo but would drop out to practically nothing when connected. At first I thought short to ground somewhere on the mainboard but decided to hook a coleco 4 pin jack to the mainboard first broke I out the oscilloscope. Hooked a meanwell switching power supply up and she's alive! Hard part is over, just got to rework the power board. The keyboard is completely dead though. No signs of life so I'll have to read up on that. This one has the brown back so I'm assuming it's the membrane type keyboard. Hopefully it's just the chip responsible for the keyboard function and not the keyboard itself. If it does turn out to be the keyboard, is there a source for old used parts like this? I checked eBay but it's just consoles.
  7. The 5 pin din is removed since there's no need for it anymore. That will go back to the customer along with the tms9918 & heatsink. The flat cable had to be cut and folded over to fit through the hole. Then I just soldered all the wires back together inside the box and heat shrinked every wire.
  8. Ty sir! I just have the pics of the power supply board and the mobo out of the case. There's not really anything else to show. The mounting brackets are covered up by the rf shield so no way to get a real good picture of that. Inside the signal box is just the flat cable for the vga, two red led light strips and wires for the audio. After I designed and printed the box, I remembered that composite no doesn't exist with the f18a. So the yellow jack is on there for looks haha. Recapped both boards and the f18a just plugged into the mobo. I had to replace that 9918 single wipe socket with a machined pin socket.
  9. Here is a no cut F18a modded TI-99/4a I did for a customer a week ago. Module is bolted on so no adhesives were used to secure it. Non destructive so no damage was done to the shell and it 100% reversible.
  10. Hello all. Recently, a customer sent me his TI-99/4a for an f18a install. After I was finished, I played around with the console for a while and was hooked. Such a nice little old computer. So, I decided to buy a broke in pieces one to restore for myself. Looks to be intact and in decent shape. Immediately, I noticed a power issue. When the power supply board is disconnected from the main board, it outputs the proper -5, +5 and 12 volts. However, when I plug it into the main board then the output voltages drop to barely under a volt. Nothing is getting hot so this will be a little fun project to troubleshoot and repair. Wish me luck!
  11. I've seen something similar. Some consoles had sprite flicker and other sporadic graphic issues that only showed up in RGB but not composite or RF. Replacing the VDP with another corrected the issues. However, you won't know you have an issue with your vdp until you install the rgb board because like I said it won't show up in composite or RF.
  12. I like RetroGameBoyz. Him and his wife are very nice people.
  13. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.
  14. Hello all! I've been ordering from Bradley off and on for a few years. He always responds to emails on prices and stock inquires. Every transaction has been just like any other from any vendor I've ever done business with. Never been an issue and I always get exactly what I ordered, no mistakes. However, I've never paid with Paypal through him but just by CC via email. I don't know him personally but business wise, he's always been a stand up guy with me. I wouldn't read too much into him not answering emails. I doubt it's anything personal, sometimes they can just slip by. I know, it occasionally happens to me from time to time. If you send emails and for some reason you don't get a response, call him. Someone will pick up the phone there.
  15. Please sign me up for 1 with Pokey+YM and everything else that's included. Thank you! Edit: Case color Red please.
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