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  1. If it were me I would temporarily solder the audio wire to pin 7 on the audio chip just to make sure you're getting sound from the new chip. If so then remove the wire from pin 7 and solder it to one of the two other points. If you're not getting sound at either c88 or the pin header 2 then there's a fault somewhere in the circuit from the chip onward. Then it's just a matter of breaking out a multimeter and tracing the fault.
  2. Don't tap it from the chip directly. If you do then you won't have sound for your atari module. Tap it from c88 or from pin header 2 on the RF box. Your grounding should be fine as is.
  3. Where are you tapping your sound signal from? All I see hooked up in the pics is composite, Ground and 12 volts on the RF module.
  4. Hi there Eslapion. Right now the going replacement for the 4116s are the 4516s (which I'm fairly certain you're already aware of) but those will eventually become scarce as NOS sources start to dry up. As far as the what you're suggesting, I'm kind of in the works of building something similar with newer parts to replace the 4116 chips all together. Just a few latches, a hex inverter and the static ram chip. All are parts easily available, still in production and will be for the foreseeable future. It's actually based off of the ZX Spectrum ram module iirc and someone actually made a variant for the ColecoVision about a decade ago. It's on my list of stuff to do but my workload keeps pushing it back. However if someone beats me to the punch in making them then I don't think I'd be mad about that at all. As long as they don't make it overpriced. I estimated I could make them and resell them for 15 to 20 bucks a set. That's a worst case estimate, hopefully I could get them lower of course.
  5. https://console5.com/store/anti-static-d9-joystick-port-esd-set-pair-of-2-static-protection-add-on-pcb.html?fbclid=IwAR1f3i2id6Sd6pFVHU8rk6DEF6aYDsEbr5QZ0pMFIkU-crkNNs3uPsuoGms Don't worry about frying your Colecovision controller ICs ever again.
  6. I'll tell you what. If you get it and it doesn't work or you can't get it to work, send it to me. If you pay for any parts that might be needed for any repairs and return shipping, I'll repair it free of charge. It will be my good deed for the month.
  7. A couple things I might add since I repair original colecos daily. The two things that are starting to fail at a high rate are the 74541 Controller ICs and the 4116 Vram. The 74541s can easily be replaced however finding replacement 4116s is next to impossible as NOS sources dried up some time ago. So the 4516s (5v Vram) is really the only logical replacement. The 5 volt ram upgrade isn't really a mod anymore at this point but a necessary modern replacement for failing original colecos. I mean you technically could remove oem ram from another coleco but that's not really viable solution since there's a high chance they could just fail again. Eventually the NOS of 4516s will dry up and another method will have to be used (working on that as we speak). I would advise in the future to code around any modern ic replacements if possible. Or at least be forthcoming with a workaround for systems that have had to be repaired with modern parts. As far as I know, Collectorvision and other companies do this. Just some food for thought.
  8. I guess it's a good thing that I always put the shield back in whenever I do a 5v ram upgrade for a customer.
  9. That is an amazing looking controller Eduardo! Nice job!
  10. I sell some silver vinyl stickers precision cut for black controllers. The white ones take a different size. The ones Ecoleco used to sell were paper ones iirc. If your disc is completely missing then you'll need to put some sort of a plastic backer underneath or the screw hole indentions and any glue residue from the original disc will show through the vinyl. Contact me over at ruggerscustoms.com if you're interested.
  11. The'll be sold in a set pre assembled. Shooting for around 10 bucks a pair.
  12. I've repaired more than a few in the past couple of years. I don't think people realize how many volts can be discharged through ESD. Those controller ICs are only rated for 5.5 volts max for operation and a maximum 7 volts before they break down (if my memory from the datasheet is correct but I could be wrong on that, it's been awhile since I read over it for the 74541 chips). As an example, if someone has a charge built up on their person and they get their finger too close to the metal prongs in the port then they can easily push 1 Kv+ via ESD into those chips. TTL logic or not, those chips are going to fry. The Atari 2600s had this issue as well and there is a similar fix in the field repair manual. Crossbow you're a pretty sharp guy so I know you know all this, I'm just putting this out there for those that don't know.
  13. Very good idea. Pulls any esd and runs it straight to ground before it has any chance to hit the controller ics. I actually designed a board that will be sold on Console5's website here in a few weeks. Can also be used on Atari 2600s, etc.
  14. Sorry to hear and I hope things work out for the best. Here's some information that might help for those who sell on Ebay and are concerned with buyers pulling scams. As an example, say you receive your Everdrive back and find out that he opened it up and swapped the pcb out with a Chinese clone. If you contact Ebay, they're going to say something along the lines like "Well how do we know that the you didn't ship the buyer that in the first place?" and will try to rule in buyers favor. So here's what you do and I've done it several times and will keep doing it because internet fraud sucks. Go to https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspxand file a Federal Internet Fraud Report. It doesn't take but maybe 10 minutes. You'll get a case number. Call Ebay back and submit that case number. They'll rule in your favor. They know that sellers won't file false reports with the FBI because that's just silly and not real smart. Oh and the Feds will investigate, it might take a good while but they'll eventually get to it. You're welcome and good luck!
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