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  1. That's a nice choice of a switch. I doubt I'll ever switch to it since I'm partial to my mini rocker. Different choices are good though! Ikrananka, I plan to spam you with pics of colecos with rocker power switches from now on!
  2. Here you go. https://console5.com/store/atari-sega-commodore-coleco-msx-6-1-8m-joystick-controller-project-repair-cable-cord.html
  3. Well I mean it's not going to hurt anything. It's more of an annoyance really. When you put a 10uf on the reset line it can cause a boot delay with console sounds which to me is just irritating. Putting in a 1uf eliminates this delay. The reason they put them in some later revisions is because that's probably what they had laying around in the shop. After a very detailed video showing C5 why you don't want a 10uf on the reset line and what it does, he revised some of his info. The 10uf delay is useful in helping the F18 with booting issues which is why it's recommended in that setup.
  4. Hi there. If the colors fluctuate between slightly off and then normal again then it's some sort of power issues from three possible issues. Dirty power switch, loose power connection at the rear of the console (you can test this by wiggling the power plug and see if colors or graphics change) or you need a full recap. Recapping a coleco is fairly simple. There's three 10uf caps inside the RF module, 3 10uf caps on the board and either a 10 uf or 1uf on the reset line. If you have a 10uf on the reset line and you're not using an F18a mod then make sure to swap it to a 1uf. You can purchase a Coleco recap kit on console5.com.
  5. TMS-RGB Update!!! Boards are here!!! Mobius has his stock of boards for self install and will go on sale tomorrow morning at 9 am US EST. Boards will be 30.00 and can be found here. https://mobiusstriptechnologies.com/…/colecovision-rgb-boa…/ If you would like to purchase his board and have me install it then I will offer a couple of different packages. Prices DO NOT include return shipping and Paypal fees. RGB cables are NOT included. Genesis 2 style jack configurations for both packages will support the following cables from these vendors- RGB Scart https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/…/sega-mega-drive-2-seg… or https://insurrectionindustries.com/…/sega-genesis-model-2-…/ Rad 2x https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/…/SEGA-MEGA-DRIVE-2-GEN… HD Retrovision Cables (image quality and compatibility will vary on HDTV flatscreens. Please check HD Retrovisions website for the HDTV compatibility list or contact CastleMania Games.) https://castlemaniagames.com/…/hd-retrovision-genesis-ypbpr… --65.00 Basic RGB install package includes-- YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN RGB BOARD PURCHASED FROM MOBIUS STRIP TECH! No cut Genesis 2 jack style box. Full recap. Rocker power switch (non illuminated) installed with no cut insert. (This package does not include composite video, only RGB) --95.00 Advanced RGB install package with Composite video (needed for Atari expansion module function) includes-- YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN RGB BOARD PURCHASED FROM MOBIUS STRIP TECH! No cut Genesis 2 jack style box. Full recap. Genesis 2 AV cable. Rocker power switch (non illuminated) installed with no cut insert. SMD AV/Composite board installed. Ruggers Customs Anti-ESD protection boards for 74541 controller ics installed. Console must be in working condition. Additional services like case cleaning, controller refurbishing, 5 volt ram replacement etc. will be extra. No LEDs will be installed but will be available by special request. All services come with a 90 day warranty parts and labor. Feel free to contact me with questions that are not answered here. Different jack options and box options are available if you would like a different setup. Contact me for pricing.
  6. Contact Rob over at https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/ . He might be able to help you or direct you to where can buy one either in the UK or EU. Good luck!
  7. No just the board. The 10uf cap is just a filter for the audio line. I always use a 10uf 16volt cap for the audio line.
  8. I would replace it. The LM318 board is a much better circuit than the Ben Heck mod. The AV boards on Console5 are around 15 bucks or so. If he's out then let me know and I can make a board up for you.
  9. The only time you would ever have to worry if you fried a chip is if you accidentally forget to disable the 12 volt line feeding into Pin 8 on the ram chip. When you remove inductors L2 and L3 then you disable the -5 and +12. Those chips have a threshold of 5.5 volts so anything above that will fry them. Pin 9 will always be 5 volts but on the 4516s that's a non connected pin so it's perfectly fine. So if pin 1 is 0 volts and pin 8 and 9 are +5 then you're fine. Now there is the remote possibility that ESD from you personally can blow a chip but as long as you're being safe then everything should be fine.
  10. @Nateo DM your shipping address and I'll send you another board just to you can rule the board out before purchasing another power supply.
  11. There's nothing wrong with the AV board if that's what you're getting at. I'm also not telling anyone to do anything but merely suggesting. His mod board is wired up correctly from his pictures. He hasn't done anything else to the mobo so things like backward installed caps can be ruled out. He said that his voltages were 11.6v and 4.6v which coming out of an original supply not under load and from the points on the board are lower than normal. Generally an av modded coleco working then slowly cutting out with lower than normal voltage readings suggest a failing power supply which is fairly common. Which is I suggested looking more closely at the power supply or switch or rear power jack connector or all three. Why av "suddenly works" when the rf cord is plugged in, well I've never encountered that so I don't know. If by some odd chance that there is something wrong with the AV board then don't you worry, I'll take care of it at my expense. Ask any of my customers here, they'll tell you I have no problem doing that.
  12. All the av mods use the same circuit that's been around forever. That's actually Mobius Strip Techs board but built by me and sold through console 5. Far better than what's out there now. That ground point that C5 has listed is a dead short to all other ground points on the board so it's more than sufficient.
  13. Well if all your continuity checks are coming back okay then it's something else obviously. Is your power switch clean? That can cause garbled graphics, same with a loose power connection on the rear of your console. If it was an issue with your ram or a bad or broken bus line then the garbled image would be the same each time you power the console on and off. Since it's different each time, that means that it's possibly power related.
  14. I've done hundreds (literally) of these mods and have never experienced what you're describing. After the mod, Pin 1 on the vram should be 0 volts, pins 8 and 9 should be +5 volts or around there. Sounds like you have a broken bus line somewhere. Here are some simple tests from the VDP to the vram chips. https://console5.com/wiki/Colecovision_5V_RAM_Modification
  15. I had a customer a couple of months back that had a similar issue and it turned out the be his power supply. A quick power supply rebuild and good as new. Instead of the Colusb, I would look into HDTV's power supply on eBay. I haven't used one yet but I've heard pretty good things about it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/28-5-watt-ColecoVision-compatible-power-supply-The-best-quality-PS-every-made/114258620533?hash=item1a9a583075:g:EFUAAOSw6ohe5cu2
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