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  1. Quick update. I wanted to give huge thanks to @Hans23. Hans sent out a replacement F18a super fast which worked flawlessly. He was nice and very professional through out the entire process. It's becoming more and more difficult to find people these days that offer such superb customer service. Anyone looking to purchase anything Hans sells or makes can rest assured he will sell you a superior product or he'll quickly correct an issue if there is one. I'm definitely impressed. Thanks again Hans!
  2. You can get your original power supply rebuilt for about half what a new one will cost.
  3. Yep can confirm. If the bottom half of the shield is gone, it will tell you to check U5. I just solder a wire from the center screw hole to ground so shield 13 is always grounded. If memory serves me correctly, I think that was also the fix for the Risky Rick game?
  4. No worries and thank you. This is the second one I've done, first one was in red for another customer. I don't sell them for individual install but only offer them for in house installs. I've been in such a rush I didn't get finished pictures of this one but I did take a snapshot from the video I made for the customer showing the output box lit up. Blue always looks nice. As far as attending the SE Gaming classic in August, I might as it's about 25 minutes from the house. I'm actually planning to take the whole month of August off to get some house renovations done so maybe.
  5. Black screen with a tone is normally either a bad VDP or CPU.
  6. If there's a way to make a no cut solution for these consoles, I'll definitely find it. There's absolutely zero damage done with my output box and it's 100% easily reversible. It's one of my better designs.
  7. I read it. Not sure I agree with the negative stuff said about him from the perspective of others who got blacklisted or whatever. Always two sides to a story and I haven't heard his. Anyways, he's always been nice and super helpful to me and my business throughout the years.
  8. Yep, my mistake. I didn't know that you sold the board until a little bit ago when the customer let me know. We'll resolve this off Atari Age. Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I finished an F18a upgrade for a customer's TI99/4a. It works perfectly for about 10 or so minutes then it goes to a screen that says Matthey Haggarty dev screen and just starts blinking. Sometimes with a tone, sometimes without one. Pulled the computer back apart to see if there's anything I missed or an electrolytic got installed backwards but everything looks fine. F18a is installed into a machined pin socket on the board, not the stock one. The jumpers are set properly. I tried some different power supplies just to rule that out but ran into the same issue. If I let it sit for a few minutes then I can turn it back on and it will work for a little bit and start doing the same thing again. Almost like something is overheating but none of the other chips appear to be abnormally hot. Anyone ever ran into something similar? I've got an email in to Matt but I know he's super busy so I was hoping maybe someone here might know something or offer some help. Thanks!
  10. That's exactly what I do. Print all my labels out with a Rollo Thermal Printer and make sure I run a strip of packing tape over the center address part only and not the barcode. Taping over the barcode too can but not always give the barcode scanner issues reading it.
  11. This^^^^... that's what I WANTED to say but was afraid I might get in trouble. 😁
  12. That's not funny but again it is. Boy someone goofed. If it makes you feel any better, I had a customer's order going to Connecticut from Atlanta that went to Puerto Rico and sat there for a week. I had to get several case managers at the USPS involved to get it moving again. It took a little bit but they did get it moving again. People give the usps a lot of crap and they do goof a lot but if you give em a chance, they'll try their best to get it right. That's why I keep using them.
  13. You check the cpu? Normally I would say power supply first but I assume you've checked that already. Black screen with a tone is either going to be your cpu and or the vdp most of the time.
  14. Thanks, I actually sent them an email before I posted this thread. I should get a reply in a day or so.
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