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  1. I read it. Not sure I agree with the negative stuff said about him from the perspective of others who got blacklisted or whatever. Always two sides to a story and I haven't heard his. Anyways, he's always been nice and super helpful to me and my business throughout the years.
  2. Yep, my mistake. I didn't know that you sold the board until a little bit ago when the customer let me know. We'll resolve this off Atari Age. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I finished an F18a upgrade for a customer's TI99/4a. It works perfectly for about 10 or so minutes then it goes to a screen that says Matthey Haggarty dev screen and just starts blinking. Sometimes with a tone, sometimes without one. Pulled the computer back apart to see if there's anything I missed or an electrolytic got installed backwards but everything looks fine. F18a is installed into a machined pin socket on the board, not the stock one. The jumpers are set properly. I tried some different power supplies just to rule that out but ran into the same issue. If I let it sit for a few minutes then I can turn it back on and it will work for a little bit and start doing the same thing again. Almost like something is overheating but none of the other chips appear to be abnormally hot. Anyone ever ran into something similar? I've got an email in to Matt but I know he's super busy so I was hoping maybe someone here might know something or offer some help. Thanks!
  4. That's exactly what I do. Print all my labels out with a Rollo Thermal Printer and make sure I run a strip of packing tape over the center address part only and not the barcode. Taping over the barcode too can but not always give the barcode scanner issues reading it.
  5. This^^^^... that's what I WANTED to say but was afraid I might get in trouble. 😁
  6. That's not funny but again it is. Boy someone goofed. If it makes you feel any better, I had a customer's order going to Connecticut from Atlanta that went to Puerto Rico and sat there for a week. I had to get several case managers at the USPS involved to get it moving again. It took a little bit but they did get it moving again. People give the usps a lot of crap and they do goof a lot but if you give em a chance, they'll try their best to get it right. That's why I keep using them.
  7. You check the cpu? Normally I would say power supply first but I assume you've checked that already. Black screen with a tone is either going to be your cpu and or the vdp most of the time.
  8. Thanks, I actually sent them an email before I posted this thread. I should get a reply in a day or so.
  9. Hello all! I'm looking for a reputable arcade graphics printing shop. Google lists quite a few but I was hoping to get some recommendations from people here in AA. Shops members have actually done business with in the past with good results. Thanks!
  10. Okay, whatever you say. I'll ship your console back next week. I'm sending it to you so I make sure YOU get it. As far as I'm concerned this issue is closed on my end.
  11. Hi Al, understood and my apologies for breaking forum rules. Although I wasn't under the impression I was on the attack but more on the defensive. I'm simply defending my business which I've never had one dissatisfied customer since I started doing this over 7 years ago which I'm sure you can understand. User 7800's console will be shipped back to the original address that the console was shipped from. I posted a tracking number here before but I won't post it again. Derogatory statements were made on my Facebook business page under an alias account. I was able to piece together who it was by the location originally on the alias account (before it was changed shortly after I emailed said customer to confront him) and specific time estimates I only gave to him and no one else. It was repeated verbatim on the Facebook comment. In turn, I've terminated the work order. I don't accept any payments up front and only require payment for the work order once it's completed. I only charged the customer USPS Priority Mail Insured return shipping costs and the appropriate Paypal fees associated with the transaction. Yes, my delays are long right now. This is my fault and no one else's. I took on too much work this time around and that combined with parts delivery delays have set me behind. However, I post regular updates on my Facebook business page and I always respond to any customer inquiry in under 24 hours. Most of the time it's within 2 hours since I have a pc in front of me at my work bench. Anyone who's ever done business with me can't dispute this. I work too hard and I absolutely will not tolerate any abuse from anyone. If you have a problem, please contact me. I'm very easy to work with and easy to get in touch with. Ask anyone who's ever done business with me and they'll confirm that gladly. Thank you. Edit: And just so it's known, I'm not Yurkie. He's someone else entirely. I'm not even sure why comments and feedback about my business are on his thread anyway. 😕
  12. If it's within your budget then I would highly suggest investing in an Edladdin arcade controller. I still have one from the very first batch years ago and with regular use it still works like a champ. Ed makes some wonderful and durable arcade controllers.
  13. Hi Orkybork. That is a rather odd looking screen. Do you get that same exact screen every time you turn the console on or does it look different each time? Does it give you the Colecovision screen if you turn it on with no game in it? If it's the same exact screen image each time with or without a game then that wouldn't be a power issue. That also doesn't look like a ram issue either. First thing I would do is change out all the electrolytic capacitors just to rule that out and it's the easiest (and cheap too). Then I would direct my attention to the TMS9928 vdp next.
  14. I think it was an incorrect usb wall charger issue. They're currently in production as we speak and should be available in another month or two. They ended up selling out 4th quarter last year unexpectedly due to high demand.
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