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  1. I sell some silver vinyl stickers precision cut for black controllers. The white ones take a different size. The ones Ecoleco used to sell were paper ones iirc. If your disc is completely missing then you'll need to put some sort of a plastic backer underneath or the screw hole indentions and any glue residue from the original disc will show through the vinyl. Contact me over at ruggerscustoms.com if you're interested.
  2. The'll be sold in a set pre assembled. Shooting for around 10 bucks a pair.
  3. I've repaired more than a few in the past couple of years. I don't think people realize how many volts can be discharged through ESD. Those controller ICs are only rated for 5.5 volts max for operation and a maximum 7 volts before they break down (if my memory from the datasheet is correct but I could be wrong on that, it's been awhile since I read over it for the 74541 chips). As an example, if someone has a charge built up on their person and they get their finger too close to the metal prongs in the port then they can easily push 1 Kv+ via ESD into those chips. TTL logic or not, those chips are going to fry. The Atari 2600s had this issue as well and there is a similar fix in the field repair manual. Crossbow you're a pretty sharp guy so I know you know all this, I'm just putting this out there for those that don't know.
  4. Very good idea. Pulls any esd and runs it straight to ground before it has any chance to hit the controller ics. I actually designed a board that will be sold on Console5's website here in a few weeks. Can also be used on Atari 2600s, etc.
  5. Sorry to hear and I hope things work out for the best. Here's some information that might help for those who sell on Ebay and are concerned with buyers pulling scams. As an example, say you receive your Everdrive back and find out that he opened it up and swapped the pcb out with a Chinese clone. If you contact Ebay, they're going to say something along the lines like "Well how do we know that the you didn't ship the buyer that in the first place?" and will try to rule in buyers favor. So here's what you do and I've done it several times and will keep doing it because internet fraud sucks. Go to https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspxand file a Federal Internet Fraud Report. It doesn't take but maybe 10 minutes. You'll get a case number. Call Ebay back and submit that case number. They'll rule in your favor. They know that sellers won't file false reports with the FBI because that's just silly and not real smart. Oh and the Feds will investigate, it might take a good while but they'll eventually get to it. You're welcome and good luck!
  6. Here ya go! https://console5.com/store/dip40-super-heat-sink-glue-on-thermal-epoxy-style-dip-40.html
  7. Ty sir. I didn't realize that so many game gear parts are interchangeable with the nomad. Make repairs easier now. Thanks again! I don't mess around a whole lot with handhelds so my knowledge on them is limited when it comes to finding parts haha
  8. They are heavy and it's not really worth it. I was just presenting a cheaper and lighter option to the op since he seems to like doing stuff like this for whatever reason. I don't really see the point to any of it but to each his own I guess.
  9. Then there's these too which are a much cheaper and better option if one just can't wait. Some modifications will be needed to make it safe such as desoldering the front screw connector and hard wiring the ac plug and coleco connector inside. I also recommend putting a sheet of mylar in between the bottom of the board and the case and cutting a small piece to cover the open slot where the front screw connector was. Honestly, if you're gonna spend the money and time on this and wiring then it would probably just be better to purchase another used OEM power supply unit off Ebay for 30 to 50 bucks. That is if one can't wait for the USB power supply to be released. Just something to think about. https://www.ebay.com/itm/16A-Arcade-Switching-Power-Supply-110-220V-w-5-Jamma-Multicade-8-Liner-and-more/331317736009?epid=1900452213&hash=item4d24137249:g:oQwAAOSwc6paA4he:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  10. There's a usb power supply by Dragon Box that Console5 will start stocking in the next couple of months give or take with an estimated price tag of around 40 bucks. You can also preorder directly from DragonBox.
  11. The mechanical switch itself. The plastic switch post is broken off so if you want to switch it off and on you have to use a screwdriver.
  12. I just pledged my support for the CV Phoenix! To the guys at Collectorvision, I do apologize that it took me so long to do so. I've been a little tied up and preoccupied with some personal stuff over the past couple of months. Thanks again for all that you guys do for the ColecoVision community!
  13. Hello all! I have a sega nomad and the plastic knob on the power switch is broken off. Other than snatching one from another nomad which I really don't want to do, would anyone have or know where I can get a suitable after market switch in a similar size and design? Or would someone have a spare from a junk nomad that they'd be will to sell? Thanks!
  14. Hey Bryan, sorry to hear things are going so rough atm Hopefully things will smooth out here soon. I never got a chance to openly thank you for your courteous help a while back and for making such a wonderful product. Thank you again good sir!
  15. Yeah, that's not really necessary and I don't have time for all that. I was simply making a statement about my business dealings with him a while back. Obviously he's not available to manage his store anymore for whatever reasons and should be avoided like you stated. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you and I thank you for putting the warning out which would save buyers like me the aggravation of having to go through this as well. Fortunately Paypal has excellent customer service (again speaking from my own experience with them) and you were able to easily get your money back. They will let you file cases/claims against sellers up to 6 months from your purchase which is excellent buyer protection. Glad everything worked out in your favor in the end!
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