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  1. All four of my games. I keep my games in the basement where it's cool and dry, so I didn't clean them before I tried them, which was my mistake. I didn't think they could have gotten dirty, since I take good care of all my game stuff. But when I cleaned Cybermorph, it worked. Now that it works however, I can barely play, because every time I move around, it causes bad interference on the tv.
  2. I tried the MK-1602-1 Genesis power adapter on my Jaguar, which worked at first. My Jaguar turned on, even though it red screened, but when I kept trying different games in it to see if it would work, it started not turning on sometimes. I had to try turning it on a few times before it came on, and now it doesn't turn on at all, no matter what game is in it. What could cause that? I'll take it apart and look at it, but I wanted to ask experienced Jaguar hackers here first, what I should look for. If it's relevenant: One thing I noticed during the red screens was that when I pressed buttons on the controller, it caused interference on the tv. I was using a SNES/Genesis RF adapter. I just now thought of this seconds before posting the topic, but I checked the voltage of the power adapter, and although it says it's 10V, my multimeter is showing 13.5V! This seems WAY out of any sensible tolerance range, unless their tolerance is +/- 35% LOL! Anyway, I just found a topic saying that a good cartridge connection is required for the system to power on, so I'll try that, but like I said, it worked, then sometimes worked, now doesn't work. Edit: Great news, it was just a case of dirty cartridges!
  3. Cool, I appreciate it! I've been looking forward to playing my Jaguar for a long time.
  4. 1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I gather, a skunkboard is jargon for the motherboard, right? 2. Also, from your link, it sounds like 10V is ok, unless I'm interpreting what Tursi is saying wrong. 3. How do I tell the version of the skunkboard in my Jaguar? Thanks
  5. I have an Atari Jaguar, but lost the power adapter a long time ago. I've seen people saying the first-gen Genesis power adapter works for the Jaguar, but what about the MK-1602-1 adapter? It's intended for the first-gen Genesis, which requires 9V and 1.2A, but the adapter is 10V and 1.2A. I don't know why they made it 1 volt more, but it's meant for a system that requires 9V, so would it work for the Jaguar? From pictures people have posted, it looks like the same company might have made the same power adapter for multiple companies.
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